Type of Accommodations In Kenya : If you’re going to be travelling soon, you might be wondering what the distinction is between an inn, hotel, and motel. However, did you know that there are a lot of other kinds of lodging as well? Even though they’re all housing options for travellers, these kinds of facilities differ slightly from one another. We’ll go over the most important features of each kind of lodging in this article in order to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your requirements.

What is a Hotel?
The most popular type of kenya safari lodging is a hotel, and even smallest communities will likely have one or more. Although hotel rooms come in all sizes, they usually have one or two bedrooms. The kind of hotel room you reserve will determine whether it has a separate lounge or kitchenette, as well as one giant bed or two single beds. Typically, the room will have a TV, mini fridge, coffee maker, complete bathroom and complimentary sachets for visitors to use.

A hotel will usually have a front desk, lobby, restaurant, fitness centre, and swimming pool, among other amenities. Since they feature a restaurant, visitors can typically take advantage of a continental breakfast buffet in addition to ordering room service over the phone.

Type of Accommodations In Kenya
Nairobi Serena Hotel

Type of Accommodations In Kenya : What is a Motel?
On a kenya safari tour, Motels Compared to hotels, motels are often smaller and offer less amenities. The majority of motels don’t have kitchens and solely provide single rooms. In contrast to a hotel, the front door is typically accessible from the outside of the structure. Motels will have an office on the premises in case you need to check in or out, even though they do not have a lobby. They usually don’t have a restaurant or other amenities, however they might have a pool and provide room service.

For the convenience of Kenya safari travellers who drive, motels are frequently situated close to highways. They are an inexpensive option to obtain a good night’s sleep because they don’t have many of the amenities of a hotel.

What is a resort?
Similar to hotels, resorts provide a wide range of amenities and room sizes. In general, resort rooms are bigger than regular hotel rooms and occasionally have separate kitchens and lounges, much like a small flat. A resort is a location to unwind or have fun, and they’re typically found in picturesque settings such next to a lake, the beach, or the mountains.

A wide range of amenities, including dining options, bars, swimming areas, tennis courts, and golf courses, are available at many resorts. A restaurant and bar may be found on the premises of resorts. Some resorts even have equestrian, skiing, and hiking activities. People typically pick resorts because of the extensive offerings, many of which are located on-site and provide a handy way to explore a location without having to travel far.

Because they frequently include a lot of amenities in the cost of your stay and may frequently be reserved as part of a package with your airfare or rental vehicle, resorts can also be a good value for your money. It is advisable to confirm before making vacation plans because some resorts are only open in the summer, while others are open all year round.

Type of Accommodations In Kenya : What is a lodge?
Compared to hotels or resorts, lodges are typically found in isolated or rural locations and provide a more personal and rustic experiences.The majority of lodges are run by families, and they usually only have a few rooms available. They may feel more like a home away from home as a result, and many visitors value the staff’s attentiveness.

Typically, lodges contain a main lodge building where visitors can congregate for food, beverages, and conversation. There might also be a few cabins available for visitors to stay in on the site. Anybody who enjoys the great outdoors might consider one of the many hotels that offer outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and bird viewing. For those seeking lodging that is less expensive, lodges can also be a great choice.

Type of Accommodations In Kenya
Mara Plains camp

What is an apartment?
An autonomous room housed in a bigger structure is called an apartment. It often features a separate living space, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition to being more economical, they might be a wonderful choice for those who require more space than a hotel or motel room. Apartment living is popular because it offers a more homely atmosphere, which appeals to many individuals. Adjacent to commercial centres or public transportation, for example, are prime locations for apartments.

A gym or swimming pool are examples of extra features that some flats provide. A doorman or security guard might be present for others. Some opt for apartment accommodations over hotels or resorts because they provide greater solitude.
Make sure to enquire about the amenities available in your flat if you intend to stay there. It’s advisable to find out about the rules regarding visitors and loudness levels. It’s crucial to know about any tight regulations that some flats may have on these matters before you make your reservation.

Type of Accommodations In Kenya : What is an inn?
A modest, mostly family-run hotel is called an inn. Compared to larger hotels, inns tend to be more intimate and are usually found in scenic or historic districts. Numerous individuals want to stay at an inn because they value the small-scale setting and the chance to mingle with other visitors. Larger than bed and breakfasts, inns don’t generally provide a complimentary breakfast.

Generally speaking, inns are less feature-rich and smaller than hotels. Although they usually don’t have a restaurant or other amenities, they might have room service. Inns typically provide additional services, such as event organising and local tour arrangements, than B&Bs do. Since inns typically have larger grounds than other forms of lodging, many of them also provide free parking for visitors.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B)
A bed and breakfast is a little, typically family-owned lodging establishment. Compared to larger hotels, bed and breakfasts typically feel more intimate and are situated in scenic or historic districts. Because of the small-scale setting and chance to socialise with other visitors while sharing the grounds, a lot of people opt to stay at bed and breakfasts. In comparison to other types of lodging, bed and breakfasts are typically less private because guests are expected to interact with the owner or operator both upon arrival and throughout their stay. A more intimate experience is what customers can anticipate from bed and breakfasts, which usually have fewer rooms. They may be furnished with antique furnishings and are frequently found in old buildings. They usually lack a restaurant and other amenities, however they might also provide room service.

Type of Accommodations In Kenya : What is a boutique Hotel?
A boutique hotel is a tiny, typically privately owned lodging establishment. Compared to larger hotels, they frequently offer a more distinctive atmosphere and are situated in trendy or hip neighbourhoods. A lot of individuals opt to stay in boutique hotels because they like the chic surroundings and the chance to mingle with other travellers who share their interests.

Typically, boutique hotels feature fewer rooms, so visitors may anticipate a cosier stay. Frequently, they provide distinctive facilities like complimentary spa services or bicycles on rental. They usually don’t have a restaurant or other amenities, however they might have room service as well. Although boutique hotels are frequently more costly than standard hotels, they may give discounts to visitors who stay longer or book during off-peak hours.

What is a Hostel?
For those on a tight budget or backpacking around places to stay, a hostel is a great choice. Hostels provide visitors with basic services like bed and breakfast and are frequently found in busy regions. Hostels offer a social atmosphere and a chance to meet other visitors, which is why many opt to stay there. Some decide to stay since last-minute reservations can be made easily and at a very low cost.

In most hostels, there aren’t many rooms, so visitors should anticipate sharing a bathroom and a bedroom. Prices for hostel rooms vary depending on the size of the room—some may have eight beds, while others may have eighteen. While some hostels might let visitors use the kitchen, they usually don’t have any other facilities like a restaurant. Although hostels are frequently less expensive than hotels, they could also charge extra for amenities like Wi-Fi and laundry.

What is a Holiday Park?
A Kenya safari park provides visitors with the option to rent out independent accommodations like tents, caravans, or cabins. Holiday parks include a variety of amenities, including playgrounds, swimming pools, and barbeque areas, and are frequently found in picturesque or rural locations. In addition to a wide range of lodging choices to fit every taste and budget, many vacation parks also include on-site sports facilities like tennis or mini-golf. Families and companions searching for a laid-back and reasonably priced way to enjoy the great outdoors frequently choose vacation parks.

Which lodging option—a lodge, bed and breakfast, motel, hotel, hostel, vacation park, or resort—should you pick? It truly depends on the ambiance and amenities that you’re seeking. An intimate stay in a distinctive setting could be what you’re looking for in a boutique hotel. A hostel might be a suitable choice if you’re searching for something affordable and communal. There are several possibilities for accommodations that might be ideal for you, regardless of your demands.

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