Zehneria Suites Hotel : Zehneria Suites hotel Is a mid -rangeaccommodation  along karuna road ,in the suburbs of Westland, 4km from Nairobi central and approximately 25 minutes’ drive away from Jommo Kenyatta international airport. . The house is surrounded by lush green landscape, convenient and business friendly to tourists, holiday makers and business travelers who want to explore Nairobi city with its beautiful views and surrounding areas.

Zehneria suites hotel Nairobi consists of 66 sound proofed spacious and comfortable bedrooms with the view of the city and garden that are built in a modern building style with comfort proximity.  Rooms are well decorated and furnished with  high standard en- suite facilities  of flushing toilets, ultra-modern glass bathroom with  hot and cold showers with Bathtubs, mosquito nets , air conditioning ,  extinguishers, Flat screen Tvs,  hair dryers ,satellite channels, glass slided window,  complementary bottled water, free toiletries, slippers mention but few .

Rooms have private balconies, rooftop terraces and sitting areas, you relax while enjoying the stunning view of the Nairobi skyline, Westland and surrounding area.  The beds are queen and king sized and are spread with Fresh, comfortable and soft linen bedding that gives a better night sleep.

Rooms vary  in  categories and different sizes with single beds for individuals , double beds/ twin for sharing  and family rooms  with differed costs ranging from  200$ per night  and above .  SOMETIMES the rate goes high during peak season than in Low season.

Zehneria Suites Hotel
Zehneria Suites Hotel

Zehneria hotel Nairobi offers more services and facilities which include;

The restaurants with The Kitchen with amazing blend Menus serving   different meals both international especially   and African- inspired meals that meets guest’s appetite.  Continental breakfast in the dining, buffet lunch and dinner on the balcony view/rooftop dining area served by well trained, welcoming and organized staff and skillful chefs.

A well- stocked  bar; A well-stocked sundowner  bar with shared lounge offering multiple options  of drinks , local ,cocktail ,soft drinks  , wines,  spirits and international beers,  you sip the cocktail on the balcony while overlooking  the spectacular views of  the city center and surrounding areas.

A blue water swimming pool that cools off the hot afternoon, you relax in water overlooking the stunning surrounding areas.

Services; Free parking space available, offers airport pick -ups and drop-offs,  Laundry  and ironing services are available ,housekeeping is provided , city tour is provided.

Internet hotspot WIFI available in the rooms that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends.  Guests can surf the web using complementary wireless internet access.

Business centers with conference halls that cater for over 100 people for seminars meeting and wedding places for corporate function and honey moon packages etc.

Fitness; Healthy and fitness centers with beauty Spa, Gym that can make you sweat all the stress out , massage services  that will make your skin smooth and sauna that will calm you mind.)

Kenya is the East African country with coastline in the Indian Ocean and Is considered to be the 48th largest country and popular country covering the total area of 580,367KM squared. Kenya is bordered by countries like Uganda in the west, Tanzania in the south, sudan , Ethiopia ,Somalia  and Indian ocean .  Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and There are different accommodation in Kenya; Budget mid- range and luxury accommodation that are convenient, affordable to visitors visiting Nairobi Kenya. Kenya has different areas for travelers to explore the country like  over 23 national parks ,game reserves and sanctuaries; Kenya is the best place for safaris and famous / home of  incredible wildlife especially the big five in Masaai mara national park like;  Rhinos,  Buffaloes, Leopards, elephants  and lions.

There are different activities  to do while in Kenya  and at the hotel which include;  Game drive in different parks of Kenya , you spot different animals especially  the big five in masaai mara national park  , bird watching in the parks , Visiting Nairobi city,   Hot air ballooning in  masaai mara national reserve,  visiting Nairobi national park , national museum , Hells gate  Nairobi safari walk  flying safaris, handcraft safaris,  traditional dancescultural visits  and many amore activities in  different national park.   Kenya is the home of over 47.6 million people speaking different languages   and around 125 ethnic groups in the area. The country is lively mixture of culture, religion and cuisines.  The best time to visit Kenya is during dry season in Jan to March or july to October.

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