Why Visit Murchison Falls National Park? Murchison falls national park is located in the Northern region of Uganda in Masindi district  and it is famously known to be the Uganda’s largest and most exciting national park in the country which covers a total surface area of about 3,840 square kilometers. This national park lies within the East African Rift Valleys and shares boarders with Lake Albert. Murchison falls national park was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1926 and it was later established as a national park in 1952. More so, this national park is one of the top destinations in the country that tourists can ever choose to visit while exploring within Uganda on a safari because it is surrounded with the Murchison falls which are among the major tourists attractions within the park, it also has marshy woodlands, savannah grasslands and woodlands, acacia trees, the borassus palms which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species. However, there are so many other reasons as to why one can choose to visit Murchison falls national park and these include the following below.

Reasons to visit Murchison falls national park.

Tourist attractions in the park.

Murchison falls national park is known to have a variety of number of many tourists attractions that attract the attention of many people to travel from all over the parts of world and some of these attractions include; River Nile, karuma falls, Rabongo forest, the Ziwa Rhino and wildlife sanctuary, Kanyiyo pabidi forest, Karuma village, Kichumbanyobo, Budongo forest reserve, Bugungu wildlife reserve, Victoria Nile and many others.

The Beautiful Scenery of the Park.

Murchison falls national park is surrounded with a beautiful landscapes and scenery that exists photographers to get their phones and cameras and take pictures and record videos. More so, this national park has twin waterfalls which make up the Murchison falls, and there is also the beautiful river banks, the Victoria Nile Delta, water birds, waders, and more wildlife species. More so, Murchison falls national park is has around 145 tree species such as; dombeya, Sausage, Sycamore fig, Borassus palm, Mahogany, acacia and the strangler gigs grow around the forests.

Wildlife species.   

Why Visit Murchison Falls National Park?
Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is good destination to visit while on your adventurous safari because it has large numbers of around 109 animal species, which tourists can sight, see while exploring through the national park. some of these wildlife species include; leopards, antelopes, lions, antelopes, chimpanzees, cape buffalos, Rothschild’s giraffes, bush elephants, bush bucks, Grey duikers, Anubis baboons, spotted hyenas, Jackson’s hartebeests, Bohor reedbucks, Defassa waterbucks, Uganda kobs. More so, this national park is a home to primate species such as; Vervet monkeys, Patas monkeys, wadi monkeys, hussar monkeys and many others.

To see the Rare Rothschild’s giraffes.

Murchison falls national park is also a good place to visit and sight see the rare and endangered Rothschild’s giraffes. Uganda has a number of about 1,500 Rothschild’s giraffes which can only be seen within Murchison falls national park. More so, the other country that has a small portion of the Rothschild’s giraffes is in the Southern region of Kenya.

Bird species.

Murchison falls national park is also considered to be a birders paradise because it is a home to over 500 bird species and tourists touring around this park can get a chance to sight see very many birds such as; Abyssinian ground hornbills, white crested turacos, red-winged grey warblers, red-headed lovebirds, black-billed barbets, red-throated bee eaters, the rare shoebill stork, grey headed, giant king fishers, grey crowned cranes, specke fronted weavers, palm nut vultures, black-headed lapwings, silver birds, Senegal thick knees and black-headed and papyrus gonoleks.

To engage in interesting activities.

Visiting in Murchison falls National Park blesses tourists with great opportunities to participate in different interesting activities where they get to learn new experiences and create remarkable memories. Therefore, some of these activities include; boat cruises which are done in two sessions that is in the morning and in the evening, bird watching, guided nature walks where tourists are always accompanied with tour guides who ensure that the safety of both the tourists and animals, game drives which are also done in the morning and evening, chimpanzee trekking, lion tracking and many others.

Accommodation facilities.

Murchison falls National Park is a cool place to visit because it has many accommodation facilities that are always available for the guests. However, these lodging facilities are always ranged and put in different classes such as; the mid- range, budget, and luxury and this gives visitors a chance to choose where to stay  according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. Therefore, some of these lodges include; Paraa safari lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Nile Safari lodge, Pakuba safari lodge among others. However, tourists exploring in Murchison falls national park can also choose to stay in lodges neighbouring within the park and these include; Twiga safari lodge, Kabalega wilderness lodge, Murchison River lodge, Global village hotel, Tangi safari lodge, Motel Tuku, wild palace safari lodge and many others.

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