Why Luxury Laikapia Is Best : Laikapia has a the supernatural about it which is exceptional in Kenya – we’re not sure how much it’s the vast open spaces with views of the sharp and much glorified Mount Kenya, or the abundance of game, or maybe the fact that in Laikipia you feel like you’re in ‘real Africa’, with a freedom and a spontaneity which is now hard to find in other luxury safari locations. We assume this is the reason why, in terms of elegance, attractiveness, and comfort, Laikipia’s luxury hotels frequently surpass those found in other regions of Kenya. Enjoying a luxurious safari in Laikipia is all about being in nature; it’s not just about stylish furnishings and décor; it’s about truly feeling like you live in Africa, feeling welcomed into someone’s home, and feeling like you belong. This is why so many people return to Laikipia time and time again. The reason to why most tourists go to Laikapia is because of the wonderful and cosy lodges which makes one like not leaving the area. These opulent Laikipia lodges are our top picks.


We may always talk about Sirikoi, but that’s just because it’s truly exceptional. The camp is situated on a marsh, offering views of the plains and one of the most serene water holes in all of Africa. Elephant families can spend hours watching the game come to and go from the water hole, and they eat contentedly amidst the lush grass all day. Recently, Grevy’s zebra graze on the lawn all day, while leopards live in the virgin forest that encircles the back of the camp.

Why Luxury Laikapia Is Best
Sirikoi Lodge


With one of the best water holes in all of Africa for drawing game, Enasoit is reserved for exclusive usage. This amazing camp is fronted by four tiny ponds, and throughout the day, countless numbers of zebra, eland, impala, buffalo, elephants, and other game species can be seen. Lions and jackals stalk the plains surrounding the camp at night. Enasoit is laid-back and provides a genuine Laikipia homestead experience. Having your own little piece of Africa is wonderful, as you will discover. This is a location where one may genuinely unwind while exploring some of the more isolated locations, with easy access to the breathtaking Loldaigas and horses for safari rides.

Segera Retreat.

Segera caters to a specific kind of customer; this opulent Laikipia resort exudes elegance and is essentially a luxurious getaway in the bush; the cuisine is directly from a renowned London restaurant, and the spa and gym are unmatched. The experience is interesting in various ways even though the game is not as dense as it is at Sirikoi or Lewa. This area has a level topography with undulating grasslands, rivers, and waterfalls. Through his own Zeitz Foundation, Segera’s owner contributes significantly to both local community and conservation efforts. Admirable is the private residence, which features an infinity pool that overlooks the plains and two vintage Bentleys and Land Rovers in the dining room and sitting rooms, respectively. All of the employees are really charming, efficient, and have a professional approach to their work. They are also quite friendly.

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