Why do people go to Kenya for a safari? Kenya, which is in East Africa, is one of the most well-liked safari locations on the continent. The renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, the Great Migration, and a shoreline of the sparkling Indian Ocean are all located here. The wildlife watching is spectacular all year long, with frequent sightings of large cats, herds of wildebeest, and a variety of resident animals like elephants, hippopotamuses, antelope, and an abundance of birds. There are several reasons why we would suggest going on a safari in Kenya.

Direct Flights from various destinations

Direct connections between London and New York and Kenya’s excellent accessibility is one of its key attractions of Kenya safaris. Both Kenya Airways and British Airways offer direct flights from London. With Kenya Airways, it takes 13 and a half hours to travel directly to Nairobi from New York. From Nairobi one can connect with light aircraft internal flights, you may reach any national park or reserve from Nairobi with ease. Your safari experience will be maximised. It is also one of the great destination for Family Safaris with its great hospitality with lovely  family Safari accommodation options. Kenya is a terrific family vacation, regardless of the size of the family or the size of the multigenerational group. All ages can enjoy activities at places like the Masai Mara and the Laikipia Plateau. Children have the chance to engage with nature and the wildlife in their surroundings through activities like camel riding, river tubing, and “bush school,” and the guides are incredibly patient. Families will have their own living quarters and private safari guide and vehicle. You now have flexibility in planning your safari.

A great place for wildlife viewing

You can influence things. You will be required to pay national park or reserve entrance fees, as with all safari locations. These pay conservation initiatives and ranger salaries, among other things that contribute to the preservation of the national park. Some safari lodges charge a nominal fee (like $5), with the proceeds going to a particular species of wildlife or ongoing projects. This is especially true of lodges located in private conservancies like the Greater Masai Mara Conservancies. 2 – You can witness seriously threatened species. Several severely endangered species, including the black rhino, grevy’s zebra, lesser kudu, and pangolin, can be found in Kenya.

The northern white rhino is one species in particular that is only found in Kenya. Only two northern white rhinos are in existence today. You may see these two females, Najin and Fatu, in central Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy. You can take a safari there after landing there, or you can combine it with a trip to somewhere else, like the Masai Mara.

Kenyan Climate

A comfortable environment with year-round tourism Kenya has mild temperatures all year round because it is located near the equator. Kenya may be visited all year round, although if you can, try to avoid the wet season between April and May. The vegetation will be considerably denser and greener during this period, making it more difficult to identify the animals. However, you can still go on safari during this time. Additionally, there is a brief wet season in November. The months of June through September are the driest and busiest of the year.10 – A nation that speaks English Kenya’s official language is English. Swahili and English are both spoken by the locals. This is a major draw for many individuals considering where to travel for their African safari vacations. Kenyans are incredibly cordial and accommodating. You will be welcomed in Kenya with a smile from the time you land.

Unmatched safari guides

Outstanding guiding on the continent, Kenya offers some of the top safari guides. Safari camps take great satisfaction in employing some of the greatest guides and most compassionate personnel nationwide thanks to a bronze, silver, and gold guiding system in place. Many of the safari guides will also be locals who have received training and moved up the ranks of the profession. For instance, it is most likely that the head guide began his or her career as a mechanic, waiter, or housekeeper. Flying over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon is one of the amazing safari experiences in kenya. No matter where you fly over, a hot air balloon flight is one of the most remarkable experiences you can have. But flying over Kenya’s grasslands is a tremendously elevated experience. You can view the wildlife below you and gain an understanding of the size of these national parks from the air. You might be able to view the Great Migration herds in their native environment if you fly over the Masai Mara reserve between August and October.

Why do people go to Kenya for a safari?
Kenya Safaris

The Great Migration safaris

Kenya is the best place to view the Great Migration herds between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Although it varies from year to year, the Great Migration herds always cross the Mara River in July and go into the Masai Mara National Reserve. Every year, 200,000 zebras and more than 1.5 million wildebeest go there. They graze on the Masai Mara plains from July to October before returning to Tanzania in October or November. Kenya has some of the wonderful beaches with white sand of the Indian Ocean, this makes planning a twin-safari vacation quite simple. This is just one of the factors that make Kenya the preferred location over other possibilities. There are numerous internal flights that connect safari locations with Kenya’s southern coast, so you may go on a Kenya wildlife safari in the morning and spend the afternoon at the beautiful white-sand beaches at the coast.

Stargazing in Kenya

You can sleep outside under the stars. Of course, Kenya has some of the best animals in the world, but the sky is a feature of Africa that is frequently overlooked. Kenya has very little to no light pollution, making stargazing there very unique. Sleep outs, which are essentially beds on platforms with nothing but the sounds of the bush and the stars above to fall asleep to, are something that many of Kenya’s safari camps and lodges provide. It is a pretty unique experience to take in while on your safari vacation. Six. Exceptional game viewing One of the best safari experiences on earth may be had in Kenya.

Kenya is frequently ranked  the top safari destinations in Africa with Tanzania and Botswana. In Kenya, there are 23 national parks and wildlife reserves, each of which offers a distinctive safari experience. The Masai Mara National Reserve, on the other hand, is frequently cited as being the best in all of East Africa. The research and inspiration for Disney’s The Lion King were conducted at this park, which is situated on the southern border of Kenya and Tanzania. The Masai Mara provides an outstanding safari experience because it is home to numerous big cats, the Big Five animals and the annual wildebeest migration which takes place between July and November.

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