Which Country Is Ruma National Park? Ruma National park is found in the Western region Kenya in Nyanza province and it is considered as the only terrestrial park that covers a total surface area of about 120 square kilometers and stands at an elevated an elevated area between 3937 to 5249 meters above the sea level. This national park lies on the flat floor of Lambwe river valley and shares boarders with Kanyamwa escarpment to the South East and Volcanic plugs of Ruri hills in the North. Stunning landscapes, savanna grasslands, towering cliffs, and riverine woodland, blue shallow bird species among others surround Ruma National park. more so, this national park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1966 and later it was established as a national park in 1983 and it was named after the Kenya’s most powerful wizard and the most feared Germania who stayed around the park. Meru national park is situated in a distance of about 425 kilometers from the west of Nairobi and about 23 kilometers South west of Homa bay and it is also approximately 10 kilometers from the East if lake Victoria and lastly about 30 kilometers from Rusinga Island.

Tourist Attractions in Meru National park.

 Therefore, some of these attractions include;


Meru National park is famously known as the last remaining sanctuary that hosts endangered roan antelopes, which are considered as the Africa’s rarest antelopes and the third among the antelope family in Kenya. More so, the roan antelopes are commonly referred to as “Korongo” in the Swahili language and they are characterized as for being large with black and white patches. However, there are many more other animal species that tourists can be able while they tour around the park and some of these include; several cat, hyenas, vervet, white rhino, impala, Rothschils’s giraffe, impala, vervet monkey, Oribi, bohor reedbuck, buffalo, leopard, jackson’s hartebeest, buffalo, leopards, zebras, honey badgers, topis, hyenas, servals, bohor reedbucks, jackson’s hartebeests, lelwei hartebeests, bush pigs and many others. In addition, it is a home to many reptile species such as; forest cobra, African spitting cobra, Eastern green mamba, puff adder, black-mouthed and many others.


Ruma National park is also harbours around 400 bird species that commonly spotted in the park and some of these birds include; rare blue swallow, kingfishers, sunbirds, African fish eagles, red-necked francolin, crested francolin, speckled pigeon, African green pigeon, crowned lapwing, wood sandpiper, common greenshank, white-browed coucal, swamp nightjar, sunbirds, wood sandpiper and many others.

Which Country Is Ruma National Park?
swamp nightjar

Lambwe River.

Lambwe River is considered as the main water source which is found in the park and it is not only seen as a water source but also acts as a good natural habitat to many wildlife species due to the fact that it is surrounded by riverine woodlands along the banks. Therefore, touring around this lake will bless you with chances to sight see many wildlife species as they come to the river to drink some water and many water birds.

Safari Activities in Ruma National parks.

There are so many intresting activities which tourists can engage themselves in during their free time and some of these things  include; wildlife viewing, bird watching and the best time to sight see many birds is during the rainy season which is between months of March-June and from October to early December, Game drives which are best to use 4 by 4 wheels in order to be able to capture classic views of the park and during these drives, individuals get chances to overlook at animals like; cape buffalos, roan antelopes, impalas, buffalos, stripped hyenas and many others.

more so, tourists can also embark onto boat cruises which are best done on the calm waters of lake Victoria where you get to enjoy the cool breeze of the fresh atmosphere as you watch the sunsets and see some animals and birds while on the launch trips such as; pelicans, African fish eagle, king fishers among others. Camping is one the best things to do and they are many camping sites within the park such as; Twiga campsite, Mabato, Nyati campsites, Korlango site among others. Tourists can also go for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with the park guides to ensure their safety, community visits and cultural encounters and many others.

Accommodation facilities in Ruma National park.

Ruma National park has so many accommodation facilities where tourists can stay after having a long day around the park. However, these lodging facilities are classified into many classes like; budget, mid-range and luxury. In addition, some of these lodges include; Rusinga Island lodge, Mfagano Island, Nyati campsites, the golden rays resort, Ruma river lodge, Oribi guesthouse, ACK guesthouse, Hotel twin brothers, Oyugis hill breeze hotel, Ruma tourist lodge, Hotel hippo buck and many others.

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