Where To Go On A Self Drive Safari In Kenya? : Kenya is an East African country where tourists can opt to visit while on their self-drive tour around the country because this country has beautiful landscapes which individuals can explore through as they get to see very many exciting things along the way hence making their tour a remarkable one. More so, there are very many areas where tourists can choose to take their self drives as they encounter with so many attractions in the country for example;  there are over 24 national parks, 15 national reserves, 6 prime parks and many other private conservancies and all these are ranked as perfect destinations to visit while on a game drive safari because while on these drives, tourists will be blessed with chances to capture avarierty of wildlife species while they are moving from one place to another while searching for food and water for example; these species are usually spotted within wide open fields as they happily graze on the savannah grasslands, lions are commonly seen while hiding in the long grass as they are sneaking up on their prey. More so, tourists can overlook at large herds of elephants as they move gracefully through the valley and many others.

Best destinations to go while on a self-drive safari.  

Tourist planning to visit Kenya on their self-drive safari are encouraged to always choose to rent 4 by 4 wheel vehicles, which are recommended as perfect for these drives because they are high, and have a covered open rooftop, which will grant them opportunities to capture classic views of all attractions. More so, they are also advised to go with a tour guide because they have a lot of knowledge about all the destinations and there major role is to lead them through. In addition, here are some of the safe national parks where tourists can go for Kenya self drive safaris. These include; Amboseli national park, Chyulu hills, Abardare national park, Arabuko sokoke, Hell’s gate national park, Buffallo springs national park, Laikipia plateau, Maasai mara national park, Tsavo west and Tsavo East national parks among others.

Kenya’s national parks are great destinations for families, groups, and people to drive themselves through in order to see animals while on their safari.  Maasai Mara National Reserve in the south of Kenya is by far the best game park in the country where to go for self drives. It is known to be an extension of the Serengeti National Park which is situated in Tanzania. The Great Wildebeest Migration takes place in the Masai Mara National Reserve, where 2 million wildebeest and zebra cross the Mara, Talek, and San Rivers while crocodiles wait quietly to eat. Maasai Mara is an amazing game park all year round, not just during the migration. It is home to huge groups of antelope, zebra, eland, giraffe, elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, and topi, as well as prides of lions, well-fed cheetahs, sleek leopards, and shy rhinoceroses.

Therefore, if you want to get away from the crowds and visit less popular game parks, Kenya as a country has a lot to offer. The dramatic Aberdare National Park has game walks and great fly-fishing. Kakamega Forest Reserve has hundreds of plant and bird species, as well as 400 types of butterflies and 7 types of primates. Saiwa Swamp National Park is home to the rare sitatunga antelope and the endangered black and white colobus monkey.

More so, tourists can choose to take a drive in Ol Pejeta Conservancy where three of the world’s last four Northern White Rhinos live. It is also, where Southern White Rhinos and Black Rhinos live. It is also considered as a Chimpanzee Sanctuary because it hosts large herds of chimpanzees, it is a home to the Big 5 animals, and all kinds of wildlife. There are many things to do while touring around this area, such as tracking lions, going on day and night game drives, walking through the bush, and watching birds. Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a great safari destination for children to visit.

Where To Go On A Self Drive Safari In Kenya
Ol Pejeta conservancy

Tourist activities to combine to the self-drive in Kenya.

Exploring in Kenya on a self-drive safari also grants tourists chances to engage into a wide range of adventure activities where they learn and gain new experiences as they create remarkable memories. and some of these include; water rafting, wildlife viewing whereby they will spot species like; lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, elephants and many others, bird watching, mountain biking, witness the great wildebeest migration, sail on a dhow, hiking, guided nature walks and many others.

More so, individuals can also decide to drive through Nairobi, which is considered as the capital city of the country. there are several ways that the city has changed compared to the previous year’s whereby It has become a cosmopolitan city with western-style shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and specialty stores with everything from hip fashion shoes to traditional German sausages and artisan bakeries therefore making a great place to visit. However, despite this revolution, Nairobi city still has a lot of traditional African charm. More so, there are many local markets where you can buy everything from used clothes to pots and pans at affordable prices. In addition, there are flashy street vendors who sell “real” Ray-Bans and friendly fast food vendors who sell everything from boiled eggs to samosas to watermelon slices.

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