What to wear on a Tanzania Safari :  Preparing for your next safari in Tanzania, including what to wear and what to take, is not difficult. Most likely, your wardrobe already contains everything you require. Here are the right attire to consider while going for a Tanzania safari.

Our outfit suggestions for a Tanzanian safari are appropriate year-round, but they differ depending on whether you’re trekking to the famed Zanzibar Island or scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. Everything you need to know about what to wear on your safari in Tanzania is provided in this article.

What will the weather be like?

You might view the most wildlife in Tanzania during the dry season, which lasts from late June to early October. The ideal times to see the wildebeest calving and migration in the Serengeti are from late January to early February. The main rainy season of Tanzania, also referred to as the “long rains,” lasts generally from March to May.

Recommended Safari Clothes.

It is recommended to wear airy, cosy, and machine-washable apparel. It is recommended to only pack what is necessary because most campgrounds and lodges will wash your clothes for a reasonable fee. Tanzania Safaris are casual; there is no need to dress up for them.

Depending on the time of year, early morning game drives can be fairly cool while afternoon temps can get quite warm, so dress in layers so you can acclimatise to weather differences. Instead of wearing dark blue or black, which tends to attract tsetse flies, use neutral or khaki-colored attire. Wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, insect repellent, and sunglasses are necessities. To avoid mosquito bites after dusk, it is advised that you wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, socks and insect repellent. Here is a list of everything you need to pack for your Tanzania safari, including what to dress. Therefore, you can consult it as you pack for your trip.

T-shirts and tank-tops.

Long-sleeved shirts.


Light long pants or convertible long-short pants.

Warm fleece pullover or jacket.


Heavy sweater, gloves, and toque if traveling in the cold season.

One swimsuit.

Cotton socks and underwear.


One pair of comfortable walking shoes.

One pair of sandals or flip-flops.

Wide-brimmed hat.

What to wear on a Tanzania Safari
What to wear on a Tanzania Safari

What clothing to wear on a safari in Tanzania?

Additional items to bring on your vacation

When visiting Tanzania, you should absolutely bring only what you need. When packing for your trip, you can cross off the following additional necessities from your list.

ATM bank cards and credit cards.


Lip balm and sunscreen.

Little headlight or torch.

Pest deterrent.

Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, if required.

US cash in large and small bills, for the safari itinerary.

Passport Plane tickets.

Policy for Travel Insurance.

Emergency Phone Numbers.

Eye drops, extra contact lenses, and extra pairs of glasses, if needed.

Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.

Tissue paper and a small travel towel.

Camera, extra memory cards, batteries, and charger, if applicable.

Ziplock bags for toiletries, camera equipment, snacks, and so on.

Personal toiletries.

Small first aid medical kit including Tylenol, antimalaria pills, cold and allergy medicine, itch medication, band-aids, stomach ache remedy, antibiotic cream, diarrhea medicine, prescription antibiotic for travelers diarrhea, and any prescription medications.

How should I dress for Zanzibar?

 It’s important to dress modestly if you opt to explore Stone Town or any other area of Zanzibar outside the beach resorts before going on your safari. Short skirts, thigh-high shorts, sleeveless tops, and exposed shirts are inappropriate clothing choices for women. However, knee-length or Capri-length shorts are okay. Men should wear knee-length shorts or trousers.

Lastly, some advice on what to wear on a safari. Comfort is the most important consideration while selecting clothing for a Tanzanian safari. With the help of this advice, you’ll be able to pack the right clothes for your trip and be prepared for your life-altering adventure.

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