What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari Tour : A Tour safari in Africa will take your breath away and change  how you’ll see the world with the beautiful sunsets and the brilliance of the night stars. The best way to experience nature in Africa is to go for a wildlife safari tour, this allows visitors to get close to wild animals in their natural habitat. A safari in Tanzania is so much more than a vacation, it will make you fall in love with nature and embrace its beauty of the wild.

What is a safari?

The word safari is  a swahili word which means a journey  and it is the root of the verb to travel in the East African language. Tanzania stands out to be the best tourist and safari destination in Africa because of its largest National parks, several UNESCO World Heritage Sites  and it hosts the tallest mountain in Africa. Serengeti National park together with other Tanzania National Parks make Tanzania the top safari tour destination in Africa with Serengeti being voted as the Best safari Destination in consecutive years in a row.

The reasons as to why Tanzania is the top safari destination on Africa

  • Tanzania is home to the Great Wildebeest Migration, the largest land animals movement in the world which occurs in Tanzania’s Serengeti National park for nine months a year.
  • In Tanzania while you are o a safari adventure, you can decide to combine it with climbing the tallest mountain in Africa Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Tanzania has one of the rarest gemstones in the world, the Tanzanite.
  • Tanzania is known to host the largest population density of animals in its wide diversity. It is home to the large population of elephants ,you can visit the sanctuary of the endangered black rhino and it is known for its largest population of lions in the world.
  • Though the parks entrance are higher in Tanzania than in its neighbouring countries ,but it is well rewarding for high quality safari experience in Africa.

A safari in Tanzania National park means:

A Safari means a game drive under the guidance of a professional guide to a designated areas. Your driver or guide will explain to you about the environment, the animals and other wildlife species you’ll encounter in your safari and give the opportunity for you to take incredible photos of everything you wish for.

In some specifies location  such as Arusha National park or Tree top walk there are opportunities for a walking safari.  This means you can hike or climb and move as close as possible to the animals in a more sustainable and environmentally safe manner.

Most camps and lodges offer some of the best and most comfortable accommodations and the guests have a chance to enjoy the beautiful African sunset and have a delicious meal after an exciting day.

What is a game drive?

A game drive is an adventure that includes viewing of wildlife in the comfort of a 4×4 open sided safari vehicle with open sunroofs. In most of the times the guests spend between  6 and 8 hours in a safari car viewing animals in the park in most parks they are not allowed to exit their vehicles except in designated areas.

Some of these some guests opt to leave for a sunrise game drive departing early in the morning with hopes of viewing elusive animals such as cheetahs and return to their hotels and lodges during the day to enjoy a swim in the pool and do other leisure activities before their evening hike.

The opening hours for national parks in Tanzania is from 6am to 6pm and you can visit and leave at anytime between this time frame but not necessarily a rule that you must visit at 6am and not leave until 6pm as some people may have the misconception.

Things that make a safari in Tanzania special


Tanzania hold the largest biodiversity of animals in Africa, making it the best location for a Tanzania wildlife safari tour. This is because of the Tanzania’s northern parks and attractions, their diversity and a wide variety of wildlife and the landscape it has to offer.

Ngorongoro crater which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its incredible population density of animals. It has the highest per square meter in the world. Serengeti National park is where tourist can see the wildebeest migration with an option of seeing it from the air either by a chartered plane or a hot air balloon adventure.

In Lake Manyara National Park tourists have a chance of seeing the tree climbing lions, a number of pink flamingos and hoards of bird species ,there are also largest troops of baboons found in Africa. It also have tree top walking safari adventure with a constructed trail on top of trees within the park.

What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari Tour
Lake Manyara National Park

Tarangire National Park has the largest population of elephants in the region, other animals species such as Zebras wildebeest and the predators such as Lions and cheetahs move to Tarangire National Park during the dry season because of the availability of Tarangire River the biggest source of water in the park.

Arusha National park hosts the iconic Mount Meru the second-highest peak in Africa. It offers a walking safari through the grasslands a perfect example for a close up view to giraffes, Zebras and herds of Cape buffaloes under the guidance of a professional park ranger.

A perfect scenery

Tanzania is one of the leading countries in Africa to have set large land areas for the conservation of wildlife which is about 25% of the whole land mass. Here tourist can see nature at its finest the untouched habitat away from human interference.

It is one of the best wildlife photography regions preferred by both amateur and professional photographers. Best photos to capture are plains that seems to stretch forever, a weaver bird constructing its nest on a thorny acacia tree or a photo of the famous big cats such as cheetahs or serval cats.

Availability of comfortable safari cars.

The Tanzania tourism industry has maintained a high level of standards in its services including comfortable safari vehicles equipped with WI-FI Internet,  a fridge for cool drinks, electric outlets to charge devices, air conditioning and extendable tops.

Luxury lodges and Camps

Tanzania is known for its excellent hospitality.  There are many award winning lodges and camps. All the tourists and all other guests visiting Tanzania are sure to have a luxury experience throughout their stay .

There are available Tanzania safari accommodations that offer beautiful swimming pools, outdoor fire pits for night under the stars and top Rated restaurants within the hotels. Rooms are spacious , some have private balconies and verandas for further superb relaxing and breath-taking views.

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