What Is Special About Nairobi National Park? Nairobi national park is known to be special in a way that it has a wide range of open grasslands, backdrops of the city scrappers and it has scattered acacia bush play which act to be good natural habitat to many wildlife species such the endangered black rhinos, leopards, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, buffalos and it also harbours around 400 bird species. Nairobi national park located in the Southern region of Kenya and it situated a few kilometers away from Nairobi city covering a total surface area of about 117 square kilometers. More so, this national park stands at elevated area between 5000-6000 to 1500-1800 meters above the sea level. Nairobi national park was first gazette as a game reserve in 16th December, 1946 and it is dominated with thick woods which are found within the outskirts of the city, rolling plains and valleys, stunning rivers, and it is surrounded with a green lush vegetation, many tree species such as; acacia and other thorny varieties, cape chestnuts among others which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species. In addition, it has a Nairobi animal orphanage, which was founded during the year of 1963, which is known as a rehabilitation centre and where animals get treatment.

How to get to Nairobi National Park.

For tourists planning to visit Nairobi National park can opt to take a drive which covers a distance of about 15.6 kilometers and 28 minutes using the road transport means from Nairobi through A104 road or they can opt to use the air transport and book their flights from Jomo Kenyatta international airport to Wilson airport while they will take a short drive to the park. more so, there are so many entry gates that individuals can use in order to be able to get through the park such as; Mbagathi gate, Maasai gate, Banda gate, Lasngata gate, KWS headquarters, Mbagathi gate among others.

Best time to visit Nairobi National park.

The dry season is considered as the best time to visit within Nairobi National park and it is between months of July to October because it is always hard wet season due to the long rains, which always occur between months of March to May. Therefore, the dry season is considered the best because it is during this period of time when short rains are received most especially during months of October to November hence giving tourists opportunities to sight see so many animals while they gather around the water sources to drink water.

Tourist attractions in Nairobi National park.

Nairobi National park consists many attractions, which lead many people to travel and visit this game park hence contributing a lot towards the development of the tourism industry of Kenya. And some of these attractions include; this national park is a home to over 100 wildlife species which include around 39 lions, 90 rhinos, and 40 amphibians and reptiles such as; leopards, cheetahs, giraffe, hippos, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, grants gazelles, common elands, common warthogs, hartebeests, impalas and many others. this national park harbours around 500 bird species hence ranking it as one of the favourable birding destinations to travel to in the country, a good vegetation cover which has scattered acacia bush, riverine forest, Kifaru ark which is a rhinoceros sanctuary, this park also is well known for the highest population of black rhinos, ivory burning site which is a landmark that symbolizes the conservation of the wildlife. More so, tourists can go through the walking trails at hippo pools and many others.

The Best Time to Visit Nairobi
Nairobi National Park

Accommodation in Nairobi national park.

Nairobi has a wide range of many safari lodges where tourists can stay during their tour in Nairobi national park however, these lodging facilities are ranged and put in different classes such as; mid-range, budget and luxury. In addition, they all provide their guests with good services like electricity, en-suite bathrooms that always have both cold and warm showers, good restaurant that provide guests with both international and local meals, a 24 hour tight security, a 24 hour room service among others. Therefore, some of these accommodation facilities include; the Emakoko lodge, Masai lodge, Ololo safari lodge and farm, red buffalo house hotel, giraffe manor, Doves house and many others. more so, there are campsites which are available for the guests within the park and these include; lion ridge camp which is seen an adjacent camp site which is smaller in size but it is surrounded with a better canopy cover, Nashal lengot camp which offers its guests with many facilities and has running water, Nairobi tented camp, Uhuru camp which is known as a very nice police camp and many others.

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