What Are The popular Museums Found In Kisumu? : Kisumu is a vibrant city, which is situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, and it is famously known as a cultural and an economic hub, which has a rich history and diverse heritage. This port city is a perfect destination that boasts several museums, which provide an insight into the regions past, its people and all the natural winders within the surrounding. There are also a number of beautiful beaches where tourists can visit and relax. More so, Kisumu is ranked as the third largest city, which is located in the western part of Kenya. In addition, in the context below; we will delve more about the Kisumu’s popular museums such as; about their unique offerings while displaying each cultural tapestry that defines different parts of the country.

  1. Kisumu Museum.

Kisumu Museum is one of the notable museums found in Kisumu and it is considered as a treasure trove of all the cultural and historical artifacts. This museum is also seen as a collection of open pavilions, some of which have live animals like fish from Lake Victoria. More so, there are also Mambas, Puff Adders, Spitting Cobras, and other dangerous snakes from Kenya at the museum that tourists can see. Kisumu museum was established in 1980 and it serves as a repository for many regions as a cultural heritage site, which displays the traditions and customs of various communities neighbouring with Lake Victoria.

Kisumu Museum is known to be divided into different sections whereby each is dedicated to a specific aspect of the regions cultural heritage. In addition, each of these sections displays traditional artifacts such as; tools, clothing, many household items hence providing a tangible link to the past. More so, this museums also features as a natural history section due to the biodiversity of the area with Lake Victoria being considered as the prominent feature which acts as a good natural habitat to many species like; various colorful fish species, reptiles and amphibians among others.

Therefore, for individuals planning to visit Kisumu on their safari should not miss out exploring through Kisumu Museum because it is a perfect place where tourists get to learn a lot and there are many interesting things to see in the museum itself.  More so, this museum also has a Luo/Lwa town that focuses on their culture. However, tourists will be accompanied with guides who are known to have a lot of knowledge about the tribes, cultures and customs. In addition, the local people around this area always welcome their guests with their traditional dance performances and singing folk songs among others. The guides will tell you more about this tribe’s culture and customs.

Kisumu museum is known not only seen as a great museum, but also a snake park and an aquarium!

What Are The popular Museums Found In Kisumu
Kisumu Museum
  1. Ber-gi-dala.

Ber-gi-dala acts as a traditional Luo homestead and Luo artefacts has been the most important one so far.  Ber-gi-dala is also seen as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which sponsors an exhibition that shows a Luo man’s house, corrals for his animals, and granary and many others. More so, it visiting this area gives you chances to learn more about where the Luo people came from, why they moved to western Kenya, and what their habits and beliefs are.

  1. Kanam Prehistoric Site.

Kanam is situated near Homa Mountain along the shores of Lake Victoria. It is also considered as an archaeological site which was officially established in 1933 after a mission led by Louis Leakey found a fossil human mandible, Pleistocene animals, and pebble tools. Scientists have recently found fossilized bones at this spot that are between 1 and 6 million years old.

  1. Simbi Nyaima.

The name Simbi Nyaima means “the village that sank.” In addition, it is situated a few miles from Lake Victoria. It is also known to have derived its name from the the  crater lake called Simbi Nyaima that is found within the region and The Luo people give this place a lot of value because of this story below;

People from Simbi were supposedly enjoying their success at the home of the chief when an old woman came looking for shelter and food. However, the boss told her to leave and chased her away. She had no choice but to go. One woman, though, felt sorry for her and gave her food and a warm bath. The old woman told this woman that she and her family should leave the town. As soon as they left the town, a big storm came through and caused it to sink.

What Are The popular Museums Found In Kisumu
Lake Simbi Nyaima
  1. Abindu Community Cultural Centre.

The Abindu community cultural centre is an outdoor culture centre and museum that must visit while exploring around Kisumu. More so, it is a place of worship where Christians go to pray and it also seen as a perfect destination where bird lovers should visit. Touring this centre also blesses tourists with chances to capture classic views of Lake Victoria.

Other Places to Visit in Kisumu,

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary : Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a perfect destination to visit and learn about the local flora and fauna. This sanctuary is nestled along the lakeshores of Lake Victoria which is a home to variety of wildlife species such as; giraffes, zebras, impalas and several bird species. More so, this sanctuary is seen as a haven for orphaned and where injured, animals are taken in order to provide them with a safe environment for rehabilitation. In addition, tourists are provided with educational programs within the sanctuary hence aiming at raising awareness about the wildlife conservation and the importance of preserving and protecting the natural habitats.

In addition, tourists can also tour around other areas like; the Hippo point and Dunga beach which is a perfect place that has a pier, watchtowers, and many fishing boats and there are restuarants, which serve guests with delicious meals as they capture classic views of Lake Victoria.

In summary, the above article answers the question “What Are The popular Museums Found In Kisumu?”

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