What Are The Advantages Of Tailor-Made Kenya safaris? : Sometimes an off-the-shelf safari package does not meet your needs, even with the variety of available packages. Alternatively, custom safaris give you the chance to design a safari that is entirely unique to you, taking into account your interests, schedule, and financial constraints. continue reading this article to know what are the advantages of tailor-made Kenya safaris.

Prioritising your needs is made possible with such customised kenya safaris. This may mean that, for some, their kenya safari will be spent deep within an African wildlife reserve, looking for a rare species of bird. For some, it might entail a trip to an archaeological site or historical landmark nearby. Families travelling will have different needs than couples heading out on a romantic kenya wildlife safari vacation. Families going on Kenya safari should concentrate on organising a trip with kid-friendly activities, and couples are more likely to book accommodations with seclusion and romantic extras. Consideration should also be given to time constraints. You may only have a brief window of time to see the highlights of a place if you are passing through, so you should adjust your safari itinerary to fit this. For instance, a Nairobi day tour quickly visits some of the city’s top sights, including Nairobi National Park, the David Sheldrick Elephant Nursery, and the AFEW Giraffe Centre.

What Are The Advantages Of Tailor-Made Kenya safaris
Nairobi National Park

1:Choice of preferred mode of transportation
You can choose the day and time of departure, the airports and airlines you want to fly with, the mode of transportation, and more when you plan a custom safari. Fly-in Kenya safaris could be the perfect option for those with limited time, while longer car rides might be more than enough for others. With tailor-made kenya safaris, you have total control over the flight and transportation schedule, making for a stress-free vacation that works with your schedule and price range.

2. The assistance of a knowledgeable travel advisor
Professional travel advisors help you organise a customised kenya safari trip that meets your needs. Their extensive and useful knowledge of the kenya safari destination further enhances your safari experience.

Your travel advisor is available for discussions about your itinerary, allowing you to provide suggestions. The travel advisor who helps tourists who want to see the annual wildebeest migration in Tanzania and Kenya is one example of this. When they ask about your preferences, they’ll find out if you want to watch the river crossings or go during the time when wildebeests calve. The consultant should be able to provide you with a timeline for visiting Tanzania or Kenya based on the information that has been relayed.

3. The advice of a qualified personal guide
A professional guide, either a driver/guide who travels with you throughout your safari or a resident guide at the lodges or camps you stay at, will accompany you on game drives in the majority of travel partners’ safari packages.

Ensuring that your Kenya safari experience is customised to your exact specifications will give you ample time to choose and research the ideal tour guide. Maybe a flora enthusiast, an avid birder, or a guide who enjoys interacting with small children is what you need. You can learn about the local way of life from your experienced guide, who can also show you some hidden gems and assist you in identifying wildlife.

4. Use of a private vehicle for the safari’s duration
The majority of the activities in a traditional kenya safari package are prearranged with some room for flexibility. You can reserve a private, dedicated vehicle for the duration of the safari with a custom safari. It gives you more freedom with regard to schedule, routes, and stops. Thus, rather than adhering to a potentially more rigid schedule for the day, you are free to spend as much time as you like at a safari highlight.

What Are The Advantages Of Tailor-Made Kenya safaris
Private safari vehicle

5. Adaptability in selecting safari pursuits
Although an off-the-shelf safari package covers some activities, a regular kenya safari offers many more. As a result, you can include any additional activities you would like, like a hot air balloon safari, horseback riding safari, sunset boat cruise, walking safari, cycling through Sri Lanka’s tea plantations, or white water rafting in Kitulgala, by designing your own custom kenya safari.

6. Selecting the right lodging for your safari
Your personal preference for lodging is not always taken into account by a standard safari package. For instance, guests on a 10-day luxury Tanzania safari package are expected to spend their first day at the Arusha Coffee Lodge, which is included in the safari package. You will have to pay more to find lodging that meets your needs, though, if you decide not to stay at this particular location.

There is a great deal of variation in what can be offered; properties can range from extremely opulent to more rustic, from highly child-friendly camps and lodges to properties with a strong focus on specifics.

The majority of the properties we use are personally managed, with the owners frequently taking a leading role on a daily basis and taking great pride in the guiding services offered by the camp. Finding the ideal “where to stay” balance for every client—be they a small group, family, or couple—is crucial to the success of the endeavour.

Let’s be honest: while some people would only consider extreme luxury, others adore the thought of fly-camping on a fairly basic level (even if it is made extremely comfortable)!

In summary, this article entails information about what are the advantages of tailor-made Kenya safaris

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