Waterfalls In Tsavo National Park : Lugard Falls are the attractive and colorful waterfalls in Tsavo National Park that makes the park to be everyone’s choice to explore: Tsavo national park was sliced into two national parks that are found in the coastal province that is Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks. Tsavo national park is Kenya’s largest national park covering an area of around 22,812 square kilometers.

Tsavo West National Park which is famously and called the ‘land of Lava, springs, Man-eaters and Magical Sunset Tsavo west national park is the second largest national park in Kenya that covers an area of 9,065 square kilometers, the park is rocky park with the characters of rugged wilderness, scrublands, acacia woodlands though the park has got less wildlife.

Tsavo East national park is the biggest national park in Kenya covering the total land area of 13747 kilometers squared. The park is considered as the land of lots of wilderness experience. It is inhabited with rocky bushes that are mostly dominated by the open savannah grassland, acacia forests, riverine vegetation and others where the park animals do feed. Exploring Tsavo national park on your Kenya safari rewards you with the unforgettable safari memories.

Waterfalls in Tsavo national park.

Lugard Falls.

Lugard falls is one of the breathtaking falls located in Tsavo East national park and a fascinating feature that you can explore on a Kenya safari. Lugard falls consists a series of white water rapids, sparkling and is formed in the Galana River, as a result of rocks that blocked the flow of water from Galana river thus resulting rapids that formed into the water falls. Lugard falls was named by a British explorer and the colonial administrator known as Fredrick Lugard who arrive in Mombasa during the period of 1888.

Lugard falls was named after the Britain’s first proconsul of East Africa, Captain Lugard. The Lugard falls are formed as the rapid Galana river plunges into a large pool below creating a heavy sound as it escapes  into a narrow rocky gorge passing through clefts which finally windup in the fall below near Tsavo East national park. Lugard fall is even most attractive especially during the rainy season as that’s the period when the travelers clearly get to observe the falls.

The unique beauty of the site comes from the multi-colored rocks with strips of pink, light grey and white which are catching and elegant. On your Kenya safari to sight the Lugard falls do not get worried there is a parking area at the falls and visitors can either climb around the rocks or walk down the river to perfectly watch the rapids. This is where travelers do watch the beautiful landscape where they get to spot the crocodiles, hippos that are located close to the falls. And the best time to explore or visit the Lugard falls is every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm that is from Monday to Sunday.

Waterfalls In Tsavo National Park
Waterfalls In Tsavo National Park

Lugard falls are well set on the Galana river of southern Kenya and inside Tsavo East national park, on the Kenya safari at the Lugard falls that’s where you get to have endless views including  the Yatta plateau, and the river flows calmly a short distance from here both the upstream and the downstream.

Lugard falls were named by the first explorer to step at the falls, the falls is a historical site good for sightseeing too that is simple to hike but need some level of physical fitness to fully hike to the top of the fall making your safari the most treasured one.

Lugard falls is the most exciting feature and number one the world’s biodiversity strongholds, where it inhabits the various numbers of the wildlife like  the famous big five consists of lion, black lion, Cape buffalo, elephant and leopard in the Tsavo East national park, various numbers of bird species. Lugard falls have best geological ecosystem that are the makeup of the Lugard falls in the north part of Tsavo East national park that is the sheer power of the Lugard waterfall and then your also visit the hippos and crocodiles below the falls.

Activities in Lugard falls.

On your Kenya safari, the tourists who come to Tsavo national park can be experienced with various activities that takes place at Lugard falls including hiking safaris, camping safaris, wildlife safaris, bird watching, nature walks that exposes you to the beautiful area of the falls hence making your safari fully complete.

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