Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank : The magnificent day of love is ultimately upon us, and what more appropriate way to commemorate it than enjoying the day with someone you love? Many individuals nervous away from Valentine’s Day celebrations on account of saving money. But what if I indicated to you might have an unforgettable romantic day and still save your pocket the stress? Here are some of the Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Picnicking at Lord Egerton’s Castle.

The tragic but heartwarming tale of this palace’s founding revolves on love. When Lord Egerton fell in love, he constructed a 4 bedroomed bungalow believing to marry and get settled in with his love enthusiasm there. Now the Lord Egerton’s castle and its grounds are state properties that act as a museum of gathers for local and foreign visitors.

Art Appreciation at Banana Hill Art Gallery.

This could be a great option for a low-cost yet elegant Valentine’s Day if you enjoy African art and helping out local artists. There are many art galleries in Limuru, but the best one is the Banana Hill Art Gallery. You can view and interact with a variety of art collections in this area, the majority of which are made by Kenyan artists. The fact that the gallery is free to visit adds even more value to this location. On the other hand, you could decide to give your loved one an artwork as a way to commemorate the momentous day. It’s also a terrific place to take pictures and have chats, the gallery. One of the contributing painters is now having an art exhibition, which will be up till March. So make your way there and enjoy a beautiful day.

Nature Walk at Crescent Island Naivasha.

Crescent Island in Naivasha can be the ideal Valentine’s Day activity for you if you’re a nature lover searching for reasonably priced yet romantic safari activities.

I believe Crescent Island is a much overlooked location. Envision strolling beside and amidst untamed creatures as you would with urban dwellers. Gorgeous creatures like antelopes, giraffes, and zebras are common, as are the occasional bird, hippo, and monkey. Is there anything more romantic than that? From Nairobi or Nakuru, this stunning location on Lake Naivasha is only a 90-minute drive away. You can interact closely with the animals, take pictures, and have a great time. You may also take a seat and unwind while watching the hippos emerge to feed as the sun sets over the lake. There are picnic and camping areas on the island as well. This can be ideal for you if you’re a nature lover searching for inexpensive yet romantic Valentine’s Day safari activities.

Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank
Nature Walk at Crescent Island Naivasha

Nyama Choma at Kikopey.

Some girls would rather have a platter of delectable cuisine in front of them than jewelry or trips overseas. Consider spending time at Kikopey if your lover is of the latter type. Some of the greatest Nyama Choma selections in the nation may be found at this classic location. Kikopey, which is reasonably priced and situated in Gilgil, Nakuru County, offers you the opportunity to spend time outside with your sweetie. You may enjoy a wonderful dinner and create wonderful memories for the entire afternoon because of the laid-back and peaceful atmosphere of the venue. It’s ideal location for individuals travelling from either side of it is its best feature.

Zip lining at Kompas Ngong Hills.

This one is for outdoor enthusiasts and those who can’t get enough adrenaline. Kompas Ngong Hills is an outdoor sports complex offering affordable rates and enjoyable safari activities. The zip line is one of them. This location provides 200 M worth of thrilling aerial safari experiences, amazing scenery, and amazing enjoyment.

It’s not necessary to become bankrupt in order to celebrate love. All you need to do is be deliberate and in the moment. Thankfully, we have the chance to accomplish it because of our abundant nation. Choose from any of these inexpensive yet elegant Valentine’s Day activities to spend an unforgettable day with your significant other.

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