Types of Accommodation in Kenya

Types of Accommodation in Kenya: Kenya is one of the best destinations in the world to go for an African safari receiving millions of tourists each year visiting the countries for various Kenya safari, the country consists of some of the most fascinating wildlife destinations on the continent such as Maasai Mara national reserve. Maasai Mara national reserve is undoubtedly the best safari destination for Kenya wildlife safaris offering excellent game viewing opportunities. Kenya is a perfect gateway for all sorts of tourists including beginners , honeymooners among others as it offers many safaris such as game viewing, mountain climbing, bird watching, walking safaris, beach holidays among others. 

 While planning a safari to Kenya, accommodation is a very fundamental aspect of your Kenya safari, in Kenya there are plenty of accommodation establishments to choose from and the accommodation is offered in different types as listed and explained below. 

Safari lodges

Safari lodges sometimes plainly referred to lodges are solid structures found in the bush (safari lodges are often situated inside the wildlife parks and reserves), this type of accommodation features structures built from stones, bricks, timber and thatch. The safari lodges in Kenya are large establishments beautifully built to blend in with the surrounding wilderness and landscape.

Rooms in safari lodges are also built in solid materials including the bathrooms, the bedrooms are large and have private en-suite bathrooms consisting of running showers, hot water tap and flushing toilets. 

Safari lodges consist of plenty of amenities in addition to rooms such as swimming pool, separate bar area, lounge, separate restaurant area, fire pits, libraries and gyms and spas.

Some of the safari lodges in Kenya include Amboseli Serena Safari lodge, Ol Donyo lodge, Angama Mara, Elsa’s Kopje, Loldia house, Lentorre lodge, Giraffe Manor, Alfajiri Villas, Segera Retreat, The sanctuary at Ol Lentile among others. 

Permanent camp 

Permanent camps are also referred to as tented camps are another type of accommodation in Kenya used on a Kenya safari, permanent camps in Kenya are often tented either with full canvas tent or structures with canvas walls and roof and floor. When compared to safari lodges, tented camps have a fewer rooms and they feature walk in, exquisite furnishings, elaborated lighting inside the rooms, long decks for wildlife viewing, verandas and comfortable outside seating areas. The rooms have private bathrooms. 

The permanent camps also have communal areas accessed by all visitors such as a bar, library, swimming pool, restaurant and lounge.

Permanent camps offer intimate experience in the wilderness and some of the permanent camps in Kenya include Mara Naboisho, Little governor’s camp, Sala’s camp, campi ya Kanzi, Ekorian’s Mugie camp among others. 


Bush camps are relatable to permanent camps but the difference between the two is in the size where bush camps are smaller in size, bush camps are very private type of accommodation designed and set to give you an optimum adventure in the wilderness of Kenya. Bush camps are situated in the remote areas of Kenya’s safari destinations, sometimes they are built in locations which are inaccessible in some periods of the year most especially in rainy season and in this season they are broken down and rebuilt in the following season (dry season). 

Bush camps are typically surrounded by the wilderness offering a great deal of adventure in highly private environment, the bush camps feature spacious and comfortable beds, a main area and an open private bathroom with showers (running or bucket) and flushing toilets. The open bathrooms at bush camps offer an opportunity to enjoy an open shower under the stars.

Some of the bush camps in Kenya include Mara bush camp, Kicheche Bush camp, Sarova Mara game camp, Muthaiga safari camp, Mahali Mzuri, among others. 

Mobile tented camps 

Mobile tented camps are type of accommodation usually set up in a specific location for a specific event and the camps last for a longer period of time before moving to another location, mobile tented camps in Kenya are best type of accommodation to use on a Kenya safari of watching the great wildebeest migration. The great wildebeest migration is one of the nature wonders of the world and a spectacular event where millions of wildebeests accompanied by zebras, Thomson and grant’s gazelles move from Tanzania’s Serengeti national park to Maasai Mara national reserve. The mobile tented are set in specific locations where best sights of the migrating herds are got as they move from north to the south and east to west.

Mobile tented camps are canvas and they can easily be moved from one place to another, the canvas tents consist of beautiful furnishings including squashy sofas, wooden table and solid beds. Mobile tented camps feature private bathrooms with bucket showers and flushing toilets. 

Some of the mobile tented camps in Kenya to use on a Kenya safari include Natural Habitat private luxury mobile tented camp, Dorobo mobile camp, Nairobi tented camp, andBeyond Kichwa Tembo tented camp, Loisaba Tented camp by Elewana among others. 

Fly camps or mobile walking camps

Fly camps also known as mobile walking camps are usually mistaken for mobile tented camps but they are not similar, fly camps are type of accommodation set up as part of your adventure on a Kenya safari and they are set up for a short period of time often 2-3 nights. Fly camps are very simple type of accommodation on  Kenya safari but they are an adventure characterized of walk in, no frills tents, modest beds raised from the ground, a main area and bedroom tents with private bucket showers.  The main areas in the fly camps are usually a canvas shade tent featuring cushions, colorful rugs and camp chairs. 

Fly camp in Kenya are organized while on a sleep-out expenditure on a Kenya safari, on this experience you  sleep on a bed roller under the mosquito net and the meals are enjoyed around a camp fire or in the bush. 

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