Travel tips to Kenya: While planning your next safari to Kenya, here are the basic travel tips that might help you enjoy your travel and safari as you explore different attractions in this beautiful country. Kenya is one of the most fascinating country worth a visit while on your next Africa safari. Kenya thrills with abundant of tourist attractions raging from National parks, Game reserves, sanctuaries, and conservancies to mention but a few making one of the topmost safari destination in Africa. Kenya covers an area of 224,960Sqare Miles out of which 4,335 Square Miles is occupied by water and the rest is land. Kenya is located in the African continent in the East African side which consists of endless plains, coastlines, hills and many more. One side of the country is entirely bordered by the Indian Ocean while the other border is shared amongst 5 countries including Uganda the pearl of Africa which borders Kenya to the West and to cross between the two countries, travelers use the Malaba border. Kenya as well boarders Tanzania to the South and the 2 countries can be accessed through different border points including Migori border, Narok, Kwale and Taveta. To the north, Kenya borders with South Sudan and Ethiopia and the finally to the East, Kenya borders with Somalia.

Now that you are aware of the countries bordering with Kenya which include Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, it implies that one can easily combine a safari to those other countries with Kenya.

Another important tip to consider while planning to travel to Kenya is the driving. You could be wondering whether you should drive yourself in your own vehicle, hire a vehicle, take a bus, or probably hire a travel agent to take you around. You could probably be wondering how to achieve this best at a low cost. Well, option for self-drive while in Kenya could be a bad idea reason being you do not know the roads very well and the location of different attractions thus could make your travel less enjoyable. I will therefore recommend that while planning your safari to Kenya, you would pass through a trusted tour operator to organize an entire trip for you including transportation (Car, Fuel and guide), accommodation, and all the activities you wish to enjoy during your stay in Kenya. This will save you time and make your adventure hustle free and all you need to do is to pay money and sit back to enjoy the beauty that lies within Magical Kenya. Keeping in Mind that the recommendable vehicles to Use in Various Kenya National parks and reserves are certified 4X4 safari vehicle, you will obviously not need to come driving around in a small car as it will not be allowed in the parks. The roads in the parks are muddy and slippery during rainy season and they become dusty during dry months that a small car many not easily navigate through. Yes, you could be wondering whether it’s better to travel solo or probably join an existing group?, well, travelling as a solo client enables you to enjoy the best of the country since you are your own boss and your driver unlike joining a group where every traveler have different expectations and thus might end up taking up option which you never wanted too but because you have no other options than to adjust to the majority. However, you may as well form own group probably with your friends, relatives and colleagues to share costa and hence minimize on the travel expenses.

Let’s talk about flights,

Well, just like any other Africa destination, Kenya has various Airlines that operate both international and domestic flight to its designated locations in Nairobi city and in the wilderness of different parks and reserves. There are 2 airports including Jomo Kenyatta international Airport, one of the best airport in East Africa. In fact, this is the biggest airport both in Kenya and entire East Africa region. Jomo Kenyatta international Airport is situated about 15kilometer from the city center of Nairobi and it receives different international travelers from various countries. The airport servers over 6 million of passengers from different countries and various airlines that use this airport include Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM, Brussels Airlines, British Airway, Qatar Airlines, Lufthansa, Fly Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Egypt Air, Swiss International Air Lines, and China Southern Airlines. There is as well a cargo Airport known as Eldoret Airport which lands cargo flights form Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Other airports in Kenya include Mombasa airport, Lamu Airport, Wilson airport which is the common airport used for domestic flights to and from Nairobi to different airstrips in various parks and reserves. Some of the airlines operating domestic flights include Rwanda air, Aerolink, Safari Link, Express Kenya and many more.

Travel tips to Kenya
Kenya Airways

Top destination to visit while on Kenya,

While planning your Kenya adventure, keep in mind that the Maasai Mara national reserve is the top safari destination which should probably be on any travel list of a nature and wildlife lover. Maasai Mara is without any doubt the major wildlife safari destination for travelers in Kenya and is famously known for the existence of the great annual wildebeest migration and as well a home to the largest population of animals including the big 5 game. While in Maasai Mara national reserve, tourist enjoy game drives, walking safaris, community tour, hot air balloon and many more.

Apart from Maasai mara national reserve, there is yet a lot of other wildlife destinations to explore in Kenya including Amboseli national park, Lake Naivasha, crescent island, Lake Nakuru national park, Hell’s gate national park, Tsavo national park and many more that are worth a visit for Kenya wildlife safaris.

Explore Nairobi

Nairobi is as well a great city to explore for those who wish to enjoy more of Kenya and learn more about Kenya other than parks and reserves. Some of the things to do in Nairobi city include Nairobi national museum, Karen Blix Museum, Sheldrick Elephant orphanage, Nairobi Giraffe center, the Bomas of  Kenya, Ngong Hills, Nairobi national park, Stedmark gardens and many more. Nairobi city is more of recreation thus suitable for both young and old.

When should I travel to Kenya?

Asking yourself about when to travel to Kenya/ well Kenya can be visited any period of time all year round since the climatic conditions in Africa are always favorable. However, the most recommendable time to travel to Kenya is always during the dry months of the year when the roads are dry and easy to drive through thus Travel tips to Kenya. Besides all hotels, lodges and camps in the various parks and reserves be in full operation unlike in rainy season when some of the lodges

Other than the wild and cities, Kenya got several Kenya stunning Beaches one can explore during their travel to Kenya. Beaches are the best destinations to visit for relaxation and leisure. You will soak in the beach waters surrounded by the beautiful palm trees and enjoying the cool ambiance of the ocean. You can as well take a walk in the white sands, and enjoy all other beach activities like diving, swimming, snorkeling and many more at leisure. Some of the beaches in Kenya are situated in Mombasa, Malindi, coastal and Watamu and they include Nyali beach, Diani Beach, Lamu Beaches, Watamu beach, Vipingo beach, Blue Lagoon Bay, Watamu Bay, Bamburi Beach, Kikambala Beach, Gazi beach, Shanzu beach, Tiwi Beach, Bamburi beach and many more.

Travel tips to Kenya
Lamu Beaches

What else? probably the entry and exit requirements.

Here are travel requirements for Kenya;

  • A Valid Passport with at least 6 months from expiry and at least 2 pages free for visa stamps.
  • A tourist Visa
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Card
  • The Maximum money allowed while exiting Kenya is 100,000 KES
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