Top tourist activities in Amboseli national park: Amboseli national park is one of the popular safari destination in Kenya. Amboseli national park is located in Kajiado County in border with Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro national park thus it is usually possible for tourists in Amboseli national park  to have a view of Mount Kilimanjaro as long as the weather permits. Amboseli national park comprises of both the savanna grassland and woodland with harbors abundant of different wildlife species.

Top tourist activities/ Safaris in Amboseli national park;

Game Viewing in Amboseli national park

Being a savanna national park, Amboseli national park offers the most fascinating game viewing safaris with an opportunity to spot several animals as they graze, hunt and prey among others. Amboseli national park is famously known for harboring a huge population of free grazing elephants thus while on your game viewing safari in this park, you will be able to encounter with several grazing elephants alongside other park dwellers like Wildebeests, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Zebras, Gazelles, Topis, Elands to mention but a few. One may choose to take on an early morning game drive best to spot early risers, hunters and nocturnal animals that best seen early in the morning and late in the evenings. There yet a few day game viewing that rewards tourists an opportunity to watch a high concentration of animals all day long and finally, Amboseli national park as well offers Night game drives.

Top tourist activities in Amboseli national park
Game Viewing in Amboseli national park

Apart from game drives, tourists can as well be able to watch animals on a guided walk.

Walking safaris in Amboseli National park

Amboseli National park is definitely an amazing safari destination in Kenya where tourists have an opportunity to take a stretch in the nature, climb some hill, walk to the swamp and many more. During the walking safari in Amboseli National park, tourists are rewarded with an encounter with lots of wildlife, stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro and many other beautiful attractions.

Birding and bird watching in Amboseli national park

With over 400 species of birds, Amboseli national park is one of the true birder’s haven where tourists are in position to record a good species of these birds including the endangered species like Shoebill stork, Laser Flamingo bird to mention but a few. Other bird species to spot on your birding safari in Amboseli national park include greater flamingo, African jacana, long-toed lapwing, yellow-necked spur fowl and many more. The best way to enjoy birding in Amboseli national park is by carrying along a pair of binoculars and hire an experienced birding guide who knows the best birding spots in the park. The best season for birding is throughout the month of October, November and December when birders have an opportunity to spot the Migratory birds.

Photography and Filming in Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is such a breath taking safari destination to visit for your photography and filming safari in Kenya. Imagine filming the park with a stunning drop back of the Free standing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which makes it a paradise to explore and capture all of the stunning sceneries that thrive with in Amboseli national park and the neighborhood. You can film both the wildlife species including the free roaming Elephants, and the nature.

Camping in Amboseli National park

Camping is such a breath-taking safari activity enjoyed in Amboseli National park. The most fascinating part of camping in Amboseli National park is that it enables you enjoy staying in the wild surrounded by nature and as well get an opportunity to spot the nocturnal animals and hunters which are usually active at sunset.

Top tourist activities in Amboseli national park
Camping in Amboseli National park

Masai community tour in Amboseli National park

While on your next Kenya safari to Amboseli National park, you may choose to have a village tour to the neighboring Maasai villages situated just outside the park. The Maasai people are a famous tribe with a rich culture and have not been influenced by other tribes in anyway making is worth a visit while on your safari to Kenya’s Amboseli National park.  These people are famous for their cultural practices including their ways of living where they majorly rely on cattle products like Milk, blood, and meat, dressing code, shelter (Manyatta) to mention but a few.

Getting to Amboseli National park,

Now that you already know the best tourist activities to enjoy while on a Kenya safari to Amboseli National park, you as well might need the information about how to access the park.  Well, Amboseli National park can be accessed both by road and by air depending on the choice of the tourists. The driving distance to Amboseli National park depends on the location of the tourist. For instance Amboseli National park is situated about 365Km from Nairobi the capital City of Kenya requiring about 5 hours’ drive to get to the park. Tourist can as well get to Amboseli national park from other parks such as Tsavo East national park and Tsavo west national park which takes about 6 hours’ drive to get to Amboseli national park.

Apart from by road, Amboseli national park can as well be accessed by air where tourists take a domestic flight from Wilson airport to Amboseli airstrip. One can as well take a flight from other destinations in Kenya including Maasai Mara national Reserve and Tsavo national park to mentioned but a few. Some of the airlines offering domestic flights to Amboseli national park include Mombasa Air safari, Air Kenya, Safari link. All you need for your entry into Kenya is a valid passport which is at least 6 months from expiry, Tourist Visa and in case you wish to explore different countries in East Africa on your safari, then I would recommend that you obtain an East African Tourist Visa. Ensure that you get in touch to know more about the entry requirements into Kenya.

Where to stay/ accommodation in Amboseli national park;

Amboseli National park has a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from Budget, Mid-range and Luxury to cater for various travelers depending on their budget. Some of these lodges include; Amboseli Eco Camp, Tawi lodge, Tortilis camp, AA lodge Amboseli, Porini Amboseli camp, Kibo safari camp,  Zebra plains, Sentrim Amboseli Lodge, Amboseli Serena lodge, Ol Tukai lodge Amboseli, Satao Elerai camp and many more.

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