Top Things To Do In Zanzibar : Zanzibar is the right choice for every traveler to explore the destination. Zanzibar has got a lot of things that can be done from the destination, Zanzibar is good for everyone. Zanzibar is the best way to adventure the Africa’s richness, with crystal waters, sandy beaches, wildlife, and diverse culture and among many others that make the destination to be a beautiful safari destination for a safari. This gives you the opportunity to explore all the hidden places in Zanzibar.

Top things to do in Zanzibar.

Wander the Maze of stone town.

Wander the maze of stone town is the best thing to do in Zanzibar, which is known as the of town of Zanzibar city, the city of the Zanzibar archipelago. The Stone town offers the travelers with the best definition of Zanzibar because that’s where you can soak yourself with Swahili culture and the ever present cool atmosphere.

To enjoy fully Zanzibar you get to a Zanzibar-style hotel, where there are tons of great and reasonably priced ones like beachfront hotel, with reasonably price that is a short distance from Forodhani Gardens, or seafront hotel that is close to the ferry terminal. More so, there is Park Hyatt that is right set on the beach, or Emersion spice that is very good and traditional Zanzibar-converted merchant’s house.

Watching Acrobatics and Capoeira on the beach.

During the evening times in Zanzibar some local boys perform acrobatis and capoeira on the beach outside Livingstone Beach Restaurant in the Stone Town. The place can be busy with the locals and the tourists while enjoying the early evening light and splashing about the water of the island. Tourists can be rewarded by the crowd of the amazingly young superstars start backflipping and somersaulting all the way down to the water.

Buying spices and Fabrics at Darajani market.

On a safari to Zanzibar you can purchase yourself awesome goods from Darajani market in the center of Stone Town. Here you find the vendors selling all the kinds of the best spices, clothing, mobile phones, plastic goods, oils, fresh breads, fruits, vegetables, meat and during the early of the days you can buy fish. There can be some foods solf like samosa and chapatti to give you strength as you keep on moving around and you are therefore remained to chat and enjoy the bartering process because the Zanzibar people are such friendly to interact with.

There is another place in Zanzibar where you can buy yourself the spices that is Masa Japanese restaurant that is located above the Post office on the Shangani street.

Shop till you drop.

Zanzibar offers you shop till you drop in the Stone Town where the area exposes you to plenty of the commodities where the travelers can purchase themselves products like jewellery, paintings, wooden carvings, Maasai bracelets, Zanzibar chests, tasty spices and among many others. Many of the shops sell the mass-produced stuff that are located everywhere in Africa, but on a safari you can grab yourself a unique item that is very unique where you will be like that ‘I bought this from Zanzibar’.

Top Things To Do In Zanzibar
Stone town

Learning about Slave trade.

Zanzibar is easily described as a destination with a melting pot, blend of Indian, European heritages, African, that creates a unique cultural mix on the beautiful island. Among the reasons to why Zanzibar is known as dark past is because everyone knows of the atrocities that took place in the destination. Zanzibar was a major trading hub of various things including slaves where hundreds of thousands of people were trafficked through Bagamoyo. On the mainland to be sold in Zanzibar then they could be shipped to east or the west with many passing through Liverpool in UK and among other countries.

On a safari to Zanzibar you can visit salve monument and old slave market and visit the house of David Livingstone the important personnel in the abolition of slave trade.

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