Top Luxury Views In Kenya : In Kenya, safari accommodation has something to offer everyone. Kenya’s wildlife in its most unadulterated state can be experienced at the traditional, authentic tented camps. You will fall asleep to the sounds of the bush around you with your sides blanketed. These tented camps are genuinely among the most lavish, despite the name “camp” not always connoting luxury. continue reading this article to know more about the top luxury views in Kenya

In Kenya, luxury tented camps and safari lodges significantly enhance the whole safari experience. The lodge managers, chefs, housekeepers, and guides will take exceptional care of you. They will get to know you, enjoy a traditional beverage over the campfire every night, and see to it that all you take with you when you go Kenya are lifelong memories. With so many options, we’ve compiled a list of the top luxury views in Kenya to help you decide where to stay while on an African safari.

Angama Mara.

One of Kenya’s, if not all of Africa’s, greatest views can be found at Angama Mara! Perched atop the Oloololo Escarpment, it commands a panoramic view of the Mara Triangle’s grasslands. Given its name and design, “Angama” (which translates to “suspended in mid-air” in Swahili) couldn’t be more fitting. Compared to typical Kenyan safari camps, the lodge is bigger. Angama Mara is divided into two sections, each housing 15 tented accommodations called “camps.” There are dining rooms, lounges, outdoor spaces, libraries, and vistas in each location. A gym sits between the two camps. You will get breathtaking views of the African wildlife from your tented room and the entire site.

Top Luxury Views In Kenya
Angama Mara

Ol Malo Lodge.

Ol Malo lies in central Kenya, on the Laikipia Plateau. Being an owner-run safari lodge, you get a warm welcome and a sense of belonging the moment you arrive. Ol Malo’s vistas over the Laikipia plains and the range of safari activities it offers are its key draws. At Ol Malo, you can engage in horseback riding, camel riding, bush walks, hikes, and even private helicopter excursions, in contrast to other safari locations where your options are restricted to game drive. Furthermore, the rooms are incredibly distinctive and elegant, including an array of conveniences and unusual decor that genuinely capture the beauty of the surrounding surroundings.

Giraffe Manor Kenya.

One of the most talked-about safari lodges in all of Africa is Giraffe Manor, which is a part of the Safari Collection. Nairobi is home to Giraffe Manor, which is a favorite spot to stay because most visitors begin and end their safaris in this city of Kenya. Giraffe Manor is an overnight stay where you may feed these Rothschild giraffes and have breakfast in the luxurious lodge with them. With all the contemporary conveniences and impeccable service, food, and attention to detail, it has a decidedly colonial feel and design.

Saruni Samburu.

In terms of layout and construction, this safari lodge is among the best. On central Kenya, Saruni Samburu is situated on a private concession outside of the Samburu National Reserve. The act of being outside the national park has advantages and downsides. There’s no feeling of space and independence like living at Saruni Samburu, even though it requires a one-hour drive to reach the park’s game viewing area. The lodge’s layout, which centres around massive rocks and kopjes, creates an eye-catching entrance as soon as you arrive. It boasts views over the entire savannah, a spa, large baths, and a swimming pool.

Top Luxury Views In Kenya
Saruni Samburu

Sasaab Lodge.

This gorgeous resort, Sasaab, is situated outside of Saruni National Reserve. Since this is a property in the Safari Collection, you can be sure that the guiding, cuisine, lodging, and design will be of the highest calibre. Because the Samburu National Reserve is home to uncommon animals known as the “Samburu Five,” game viewing there is unique. These include the Somali ostrich, the long-necked gerenuk, the Beisa oryx, the reticulated giraffe, and the Grevy’s zebra. The lodge features a modest gym and spa area, a common swimming pool, well-appointed ensuite bathrooms, and private plunge pools for each of its suites.

Kichwa Tembo Camp.

Adjacent to the Mara Triangle, Kichwa Tembo is an excellent tented camp. It offers a luxurious accommodation with a stunning safari and modern style, in addition to an amazing location with lots of resident species and Great Migration sightings (during the July to October window). Since the lodge is a member of the and beyond network, first-rate accommodations and guidance are assured. There are many rooms, but in order to accommodate everyone, they have been divided into standard, superior, and superior view tents.

Naboisho Camp.

This fantastic safari camp is situated within the Naboisho Conservancy within the Greater Mara Conservancies. Asilia’s portfolio includes Naboisho Camp, which provides tented safari accommodations that are both modest and opulent. Although the camp offers modern conveniences like a swimming pool and roomy, luxurious safari tents, the focus is primarily on the guiding and the actual safari experience. You’ll think you have the Maasai Mara all to yourself while on a walking safari or wildlife drive in this exclusive conservancy. Big cat lovers should especially visit the Naboisho Conservancy, which is home to several resident lion prides.

Lewa Safari Camp.

Lewa Safari Camp, a part of the Elewana Collection, is situated north of Mount Kenya in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. A game drive in this conservancy will feel entirely private because it encompasses 65,000 acres of private protected territory. Eleven spacious ensuite tented rooms with thatched roofs and large ensuite bathrooms comprise the camp itself. Lewa Safari Camp offers the opportunity for you to contribute to regional conservation initiatives, including those that protect endangered black rhinos.

Campi ya Kanzi.

During your visit to the Chyulu Hills, Campi ya Kanzi, an award-winning boutique resort, is a stunning eco-lodge. Because the lodge is located on Maasai land, it actively engages with and supports the local population. There are six luxurious cottages with individual verandas and luxurious ensuite baths.

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