Top Attractions in Nakuru County : Nakuru county is the best safari destination in Kenya, Nakuru is renowned as the birding paradise that the county contains Lake Nakuru which is famous for the flamingos, Nakuru is a hidden gem with plenty of the wildlife which attracts a variety of the tourists in the county without forgetting the second-largest surviving volcanic crater in the entire world which is called Menenagi.

Top attractions in Nakuru County.

Menengai crater.

Menengai crater is located on the northern side of Nakuru and it is known as the extinct volcano in the entire East Africa, the Menengai crater has got the surface area of 90 sq. km, and height of 2490, the crater is so deep and the mountain is surrounded by the nature reserve with a variety of diversity in it, this is a major attraction to be sighted on a safari in Nakuru county.

Top Attractions in Nakuru County
Menangai Crater

Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a birding paradise well known in the entire country, the park is a home of over 450 bird species, and the park also is a home of over 50 species of mammals and a variety of flora. Lake Nakuru National Park has got the four mammals of the five big mammals only lacking the elephants, and other animal species to be spotted includes Rothschild Giraffes, impalas, zebras, olive baboons, waterbucks and among others. The bird species to be sighted in the Lake Nakuru National Park includes the Fish eagles, storks, Hammerkops, Marabou storks, Yellow-billed Pelican and among others.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a premium national park ideal for hiking, bird watching, game drives, picnic on a safari, the park has got Black and White Rhinoceros which makes the park to be visited by a variety of the tourists.

Lake Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru is the first bird sanctuary in the entire Africa, basically to protect the flamingos, Lake Nakuru is located 4 km south of Nakuru town. Lake Nakuru is a soda lake that elevated about 1754 meters above the sea level, the Lake Nakuru is rightly positioned at the center of the Lake Nakuru National park surrounded by the huge white salt crusts. Flamingos are best seen from May to June and these can be best photographed above the lake which can be absolutely gorgeous as these can be inform of the dazzling ribbon of pink.

Olkaria Geothermal Hot Spa.

Olkaria Geothermal Hot spa is a stunning spa that is located at the center of Hell’s Gate National Park in Nakuru county, the spa is such attractive and this is a natural hot water that collects in a pool, and here the hot water can be from the different wells and in the form of the hot steam that cools though the collecting pipes and after it can be collected into the main pool that has higher temperatures between 30 to 400C and accordingly that’s why the spa is called geothermal, Olkaria Geothermal Hot Spa is such attractive and it is the largest on the African continent. The hot water in the spa is medicinal and health wise that is it softens the skin, detoxing the skin, healing of the skin diseases like the skin irritations and many others.

Lake Elmentaita.

Lake Elmentaita is a safari destination in Nakuru county, this is also known as the soda lake in the Great Rift Valley between Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha that is the lake is a birding haven with over 610,000 average birds of more than 450 species of which 80 are waterfowl have been counted in the area, bird species including the flamingos, at the same time the lake shore is an important area where the animal species can be spotted including the zebra, eland, gazelle, warthog, Rothschild giraffe, colobus monkeys. Among the bird species to be spotted on Lake Elmentaita includes flamingos, ducks, kingfishers, Northern puffback, Pallid harrier, Maccoa duck, Shining sunbird, Long-tailed widowbird and many others.

Hells Gate National Park.

Hells Gate National park lies south of Lake Naivasha in Nakuru Kenya, the park is known for its wide variety of the wildlife safari and for its beautiful scenery that includes the Fischer’s Tower and central Tower columns and Hell’s Gate Gorge, also Hell’s Gate National Park is a home to the five geothermal power stations at Olkaria. This is one of the few chosen savannah reserves where you can leave your vehicle and explore with you physical appearance, the park has got wildlife like Thomson’s gazelles, giraffe, impalas, hartebeest and among others.

Top Attractions in Nakuru County
Hell’s Gate

Lake Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha is a birding haven in Nakuru county where the lake inhabits over 400 bird species that mostly includes the lesser and greater flamingos that do flock the lake thus forming bright pink blanket across the lake’s surface as this attracts millions and millions of tourists to the lake to spot and observe the flamingos. Lake Naivasha on the other hand is famous for its high populations of the hippos where there are over 1500 hippos in the area and on your safari here you are guaranteed to see one, Top Attractions in Nakuru County

Kariandusi Museum.

Kariandusi Museum is as well-known as the major attraction in Nakuru county this is the perfect safari destination that displays the excavated fossils and the stone tools, the archaeological Kariandusi museum provides the tourists with the information on the history of the humankind biological and the cultural evolution, this adds spices during your safari in Nakuru county. It’s believed to be the first Acheulean site to have been found in Situ in East Africa with the hundreds of Bolas and Acheulean hand axes and stone artifacts can be sighted here, minus everything Kariandusi museum offers the super landscape with beautiful views of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Elementaita.

Mount Longonot National Park.

Mount Longonot National Park is situated in Nakuru county and it is one of the 23 famous game parks in the East African country of Kenya, The park is within the Great Rift Valley and it’s the tourism destination with the famous volcano, Mount Longonot, the mountain’s crater, a small ecological forest, several wildlife and a variety of the bird species and among others. Mount Longonot National Park gets its name from mount Longonot which is the most popular attraction in the park.

Apart from the above, Nakuru county is the most popular safari destination with much attractions including the Crescent island game sanctuary, Mbweha camp, Crescent island, Hyrax Hill Pre-Historical Site, Crater Lake Game Sanctuary, Makalia Falls campsite, Ol Doinyo Eburru, Lake Oloiden, Hippo Point Wildlife conservancy and Dodo’s Tower, Elsamere Nature Reserve, Lord Egerton’s Castle, Kigio Wildlife Conservancy, Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranch House Bistro, Westside Mall Nakuru, Golden Life Mall Nakuru, Platinum 7D Lounge, Buffalo Mall Naivasha and among others, plan a safari to Nakuru County you will enjoy the best with

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