Top 10 Reasons To Visit Lake Nakuru : Lake Nakuru national park is one of the best national parks to visit in Kenya, the park is known to be a home to pink flamingoes and a large population of rhinos.

Lake Nakuru national park is located in West central of Kenya in Nakuru Town, the park protects Lake Nakuru which is one of the rift valley lakes at an elevation of 174 meters above the sea level.

Are you planning to visit Kenya for a Kenya safari, here are the 10 reasons to why you should put Lake Nakuru on top of your list.

  1. Rhinos in Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru national park houses a rhino sanctuary hosting 80% of them being white rhinos and 20% being black rhinos. On your safari to Lake Nakuru national park, you will witness all these rhinos grazing freely in the savannah plains.

You will also see other animals including the rare Rothschild’s giraffe and many birds including flamingoes.

Rhinos are enormous mammals that are only second in size to elephants, they are also part of the big five family. Both white and black rhinos require water to survive thus they must constantly be near a water body whereas white rhinos forage in grassland areas.

  1. Pink Flamingoes in Lake Nakuru national park

Lake Nakuru national Park is famous for huge population of pink flamingoes including lesser and greater flamingoes, these flamingoes congregate on the shores of Lake NAKURU to feed on the cynabacteria that inhabit in its alkaline waters.

Lake Nakuru national park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves a crucial stopover and breeding ground for many species of birds.  The park hosts the two types of flamingoes in Africa that is the lesser and greater flamingoes which belong to the Phoenicopteridae family of brightly colored wading birds that live in alkaline and saline lakes and lagoons.

Flamingoes usually feed on insect larvae and algae that gives them the pink hue, high waters of Lake Nakuru shrink the birds’ ideal breeding and feeding ground.

  1. The Baboon Cliff

The Baboon cliff is situated in North Western region of Lake Nakuru National park, the park is renowned for its friendly baboon families that you will be able to see during your Kenya safari at the baboon cliff.

The Baboon cliff is also a great point to view Lake Nakuru for a high point.

  1. Makalia Falls

Lake Nakuru national Park is bestowed with rocky ridges that are raised high above the park’s ground level to give the inimitable views of Lake Nakuru, the birds, animals as well as the surrounding.

Makalia falls are small water fall on Makalia River which is known to be seasonal and flows into Lake Nakuru conjoined with other two rivers that are Enderit and Njoro rivers.

  1. Bird watching

Lake Nakuru National Park is a birder’s haven which makes it a great site to visit for bird watching safaris in Kenya, the park is a home to over 500 bird species including critically endangered species, near endemic species and globally threatened species. These birds include Gray Crowned-Crane, White-backed Vulture and Rueppell’s Griffon. Vulnerable species include Abyssinian Thrush, White-headed Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture, Greater Spotted Eagle and Imperial Eagle. Near threatened species include Maccoa Duck, Lesser Flamingo, Black-tailed Godwit, Great Snipe, Bateleur, Crowned Eagle, Pallid Harrier, European Roller, Sooty Falcon and Gray-crested Helmet shrike among others

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Lake Nakuru
Flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park

The perfect time to visit the park for bird watching is from November to April which is a breeding season and many birds are in full plumage.

  1. Game viewing in Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru national park is one of the best destinations in Kenya to visit wildlife viewing since it hosts a variety of wildlife including rhinos and the rare Rothschild giraffes.

Game viewing in Lake Nakuru national park are done in a safari vehicle with a well-trained tour guide and some of the animals to look out for include rhinos (black and white rhinos), Rothschild giraffes, cape buffaloes, spotted hyenas, zebras, gazelles, leopards among others.

Night game drives in Lake Nakuru national park – refers to the special safaris done the night and with a help of a spotlight you will be able to see animals like leopards, hippos, lions among others.

  1. Hiking

Hiking is a wonderful experience to do in Lake Nakuru national park and it leads you to Malaika falls, this hike is strenuous but provides you with the required physical exercises and experiences of hiking.

  Malaika Falls are situated on River Malaika in the north part of Lake Nakuru national park, the hike offers you scenic views of the site and the beautiful cool breezes from the waters that falls on the cliff for up to 10 meters, Top 10 Reasons To Visit Lake Nakuru

  1. Horse riding

Horse riding at Lake Nakuru national park is an exceptional safari activity offered outside the park at the 3rd party site at the flamingoes stables that is situated on the perimeter of Lake Nakuru.

Horse riding offers you a close encounter to animals as you meander through the outside of the national park, Top 10 Reasons To Visit Lake Nakuru

  1. Boat safaris

Boat safaris are a great activity to do in Lake Nakuru national park, this safari experience is done in a small boat on Lake Nakuru with capacity of 7 to 8 people. This activity offers you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the lake, many animals as well as water birds including flamingoes.

  1. Camping

Lake Nakuru National Park offers great opportunities for camping, the bushy vegetation provides you with the best camping experience in Kenya and a great spot to place your tent beneath the tent.

During the camping experience, you will enjoy the fresh lake breeze and also view animals that will come nearer towards the tent.

Accommodations in Lake Nakuru National Park

There are several accommodation facilities in Lake Nakuru National Park ranging from luxury, midrange and budget. These include

  • Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge
  • Vienna woods Hotel Nakuru
  • Hotel Wagon Wheel
  • Sarova woodlands Hotel and Spa
  • Hotel Luna Resort
  • White Guest House
  • Legacy Hotel and Suites
  • Sandalwood Suites Nakuru
  • Claire de lune moonlight Hotel
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