Things To See In Arusha, Tanzania : Arusha City of Tanzania is a beautiful city in Tanzania situated at the foot of the beautiful Mount Meru, Arusha is famously known as the safari capital of Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit as it is a a stopover for safaris to Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area which are found in the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit.

Arusha is a bustling city filled with an interesting mix of markets, chaotic traffic, old colonial buildings and modern conveniences such as coffee shops with WiFi and a number of great restaurants.

 Highlights of Arusha City

  • Arusha City is a gateway city to a number of Tanzania’s safari gems including Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  • Arusha City is situated at the foot of Mount Meru, the city has a temperate climate and lush surroundings.
  • Arusha City has a chequered history from Maasai to German to British and back to Tanzania occupation thus providing an interesting mix of architecture and history.
  • Arusha City has a lively nightlife with many restaurants and night clubs
  • Arusha is referred to as a shopping mecca with various markets selling everything from brightly coloured fabrics and curios to car tyres
  • The City has many Museums and galleries to discover the history and marvel at the art of the area, Tanzanite straight from the source and the Meserani Snake Park situated just outside Arusha.

 Though Arusha is often referred to as a stopover on the way to doing a Tanzania safari to destination in the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit, it more than a stopover. The city has plenty to see and do during your stay, the city presents a mix of colonial and modern architecture intersected by chaotic roads filled with friendly Tanzanians.


Arusha City offers a wide array of places to go and many things to do, there are many coffee shops and restaurants and the town has a lively nightlife.

If you want to experience the authentic, bustling, busy African town, consider staying a day or two in Arusha City and here is what to look forward to

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is a great meeting point for both locals and tourists situated in the centre of the town, according to the Urban legend, this is the middle-point between Cape Town and Cairo. However, it is completely untrue but a great story nonetheless.

 Central and Maasai Markets

The chaotic and vibrant markets of Arusha City sell array of items from meat and fish to fabrics and electronics. Maasai Markets have a wide array of curios and Africa art, they are normally crowded and busy but they are a great way to experience real Africa.

Note: Beware of pickpockets and be prepared to haggle.

 The Cultural Heritage Center

The Cultural Heritage Center is located on the Western edge of Arusha long Dodoma Road – about 10 kilometers right after the first roundabout from Arusha Town, opposite Soko Mujinja a famous market in Arusha.

The center features a museum building at its center with modern architectural design boasting arguably the biggest collection of African art in this area. Items showcased in the museum range from woodcrafts, statues, masks, furniture, utensils to famous antique doors from Zanzibar and beautiful embedded paintings and photography.

The center also features a spice centre, restaurant, shops and a garden scattered with incredible sculptures.

Tanzanite Experience

The Tanzanite Experience offer visitors a tour in the world’s only Tanzaite Museum with the finest collection of gorgeous gems that are mined in Tanzania. Also learn about the history of Tanzanite and you can buy some of the beautiful gemstones and jewelry.

 The Boma Museum

Things To See In Arusha
 The Boma Museum

This Museum was originally a fort built by the Germans in the early 1900s, the Museum chronicles the colonial history of the town and the tribal history of the area. The museum houses the Natural History Museum with fascinating information on the archaeological and paleoanthropological sites in the area and its wildlife.

Shanga Centre

Shanga is a fabulous centre incorporating a workshop for disabled artists who make beautiful glasswork, beadwork, jewellery and clothes, boutiques and an open-air restaurant.

Shanga is situated on the Dodoma Road

 Meserani Snake Park

The Meserani Snake Park is situated a little further out of Arusha, the park allows visitors to see a wide range of snakes, learn about them and even get a chance to hold them, the site also has a small Maasai Museum and Camel rides.

Getting to Arusha City

Arusha is served by two airports that is Arusha Airport and Kilimanjaro International Airport, these airports handle daily flights from local, African and International airlines from numerous destinations. Arusha Airport handles daily flights from numerous local destinations.

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