Things to do in Mwingi Game Reserve : Mwingi Game Reserve is a hidden jewel located in the northern region of Kenya, nestled within the Meru Conservational Area (MCA). It is renowned for its wild, adventurous, and untouched beauty. This reserve, which spans around 745 square kilometres, is one of the four contiguous, protected areas that make up the MCA, the other three being Kora National Park, Bisanadi National Reserve, and Meru National Park. Let’s investigate what makes Mwingi Game Reserve a special place to visit:

Game viewing

Mwingi National Reserve is often frequented by kenya tours  and kenya safaris tourist due to a variety of game from nearby parks because it is surrounded by other reserves. The Mwingi Reserve is home to a variety of animals, including caracals, elephants, hippopotamuses, leopards, lions, and other antelope species. Conventional game watching is incredibly restrictive, with no accommodations offered.

Hiking kitui Hills

These serve as Kitui Town’s main feature. The main summits of the Kitui Hills are more than 1,000 feet higher than the hills and ridges on Kitui’s northern side, and they are all concentrated within five miles of the fault zone’s southern edge. Kitui Hills are a notable feature that dominate much of the landscape, standing in stark contrast to the low-lying, relatively flat, tropical forest that stretches eastward to the Tana River. Furthermore, the hills’ surrounding area receives more rainfall, which properly differentiates its vegetative profile from that of the predominantly parched plains.

Hike Ngomeni Rock

This is located halfway between Ukasi Hill (south) and the southernmost point of Mwingi National Reserve (north). The impressive Ngomeni Rock, which spans 3 km2 and has a rock-catchment dam at its base that holds eerie still water, is the site’s most well-known feature. With over 200 breathtaking rock formations, Kitui County is home to several spectacular stone beacons. The Ngomeni Rock is a visually striking geological feature that rises 620 metres above the surrounding terrain.  Along with a great floral diversity, this rock features grass-adapted varieties of flowers. Established in 1955, the Ngomeni Rock Water Catchment functions as an essential water buffer. From Mbuvi, which is located 49 kilometres east of Mwingi, one can travel 14 km north to Ngomeni.

Visit George Adamson Bridge

Constructed during the years 1986 to 1990, the steel-framed George Adamson Bridge near the northern boundary of Mwingi Game Reserve, which divides Meru National Park and Kora National Park by traversing the Tana River, is a heartfelt homage to the renowned conservationist and reformer George Adamson. It also serves as a universal gateway to Kora National Park. Of course, Joy Adamson wrote the 1960 novel Born Free, the archetypal story of “Elsa the lioness,” here. George Adamson, often known as Bwana Simba, is honoured for his courageous work transforming and conserving Kora National Park. The gorgeous Adamson’s Falls, Grand Falls, and Kora Rapids are all around the George Adamson Bridge.

Things to do in Mwingi Game Reserve
George Adamson Bridge

Camel riding

Many of the Masai people who live in this area own camels, and they offer guests a safari experience where they can ride a camel and explore the park while on a nature walk. Along with seeing the neighbouring villages, you can also arrange for a camel safari.

Adventure fishing

Fishing on the Tana River and safaris to nearby national parks and reserves because fishing yields a wide variety of fish species.


This is the spot to stay if you truly appreciate thrilling camping adventures. You will be rewarded by the wilderness with an amazing camping experience. Since there isn’t any lodging in the park, the two options available are to camp or drive to Meru Reserve for those who would prefer lodges.

Boat ride in Tana River

A trip by boat on the Tana The river offers a plethora of benefits, such as up-close views of several bird species and crocodiles.

The attractions of Mwingi Game Reserve

Wilderness Habitat: Provides a spotless experience for a wilderness safari.

A designated wilderness area where fly camping, fishing, and camel and horses safaris are permitted.

Adamson’s Falls: A picturesque cascade that enhances the reserve’s natural attractiveness.

Tana River Boating and Fishing: Tana River offers boating and fishing options. Former residence of Joy and George Adamson is Kampi ya Simba.

Elsa the lioness’s grave, well-known from the novel and film “Born Free.”

The best time to visit Mwingi Game Reserve

You might be curious about the ideal time to visit Mwingi National Reserve. Located in the Mount Meru region of north-eastern Kenya, often known as the Meru Conservation Area (MCA), is Mwingi Reserve, one of the three Kenya reserves. The borders of this reserve are shared by Kora National Park, Meru National Park, and Bisandi National Reserve.

There are rivers, acacia trees, and open savannah that make up the majority of the 755 square kilometre Mwingi reserve’s terrain.  An estimated 440 million square km make up the Meru Conservation Area. Although the wet season can make the roads extremely difficult, any time of year is often the best time to visit Mwingi National Reserve. Due to the high grass and the fact that some animals hide in bushes and there is an abundance of water, wildlife tends to spread during the wet season, making it harder to notice them. The absence of lodging options during the rainy season makes it difficult to camp nearby. The intense rain has an impact on driving routes too. Getting across the terrain is easy with a 4 x 4 safari vehicle.  However, because the grass is green during this rainy season, amazing images can be taken, providing an excellent result, for people who enjoy photography.

What to note

Due to the extreme heat and humidity, make sure you have extra water with you when visiting Mwingi National Reserve, which is located on the hotter side of Kenya. To truly see this park to its fullest, allow yourself at least one day to fully explore every location. I love spending a night at the park. Please take note that the park does not currently have any lodging available. To get to Meru, you’ll either need a game drive safari or camp at the reserve.

Accommodations in Mwingi National Reserve

Due to a low number of visitors, the reserve has limited lodgings. One popular choice is camping.

There are Kenya safari accommodations and  lodging options in Mwingi, Thika, and Meru National Park, as well as adjacent cities.

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