Things to do at ol Pejeta Conservancy : Ol Pejeta Conservancy is a popular tourism safari destination in the Laikipia county between the foot hills of Aberdare and Mount Kenya. Ol Pejeta conservancy is amazing Kenya wildlife safari that provides a sanctuary for the great apes, and it generates the income through the wildlife tourism where by the conservancy is the stunning safari with the a variety of the black rhinos sanctuary, the conservancy also has got the sweet waters chimpanzee sanctuary that inhabits the orphaned, abandoned, rescued chimpanzees and remaining the only safari destination in Kenya where the tourists can spot the chimpanzees, the conservancy also hosts the big five mammals that makes it the most high safari destination.

Activities at Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Canine anti-poaching unit visit.

Tourists who visit the Ol Pejeta conservancy do experience the most special safari activity the canine anti-poaching unit safari and this is where the dogs are imperative in the anti-poaching efforts and each of the dog at Ol pejeta’s K9 unit has a different specialty from the tracking the scent of a poacher, to the detecting ammunition and attacking and detaining suspects.

Things to do at ol Pejeta Conservancy
Canine anti-poaching unit visit

After an insightful tour about the training these animals undergo to become the anti-poaching patrollers, you can play a game of human canine hide and seek while trying to dodge the canine and finding a pot to hide within the Morani information centre. On a Kenya wildlife safari to the Ol Pejeta the tourists do interact with the dogs and the tourists are restricted to six people per group, and as well the activity does not favor the children below the age of 12 years, so the dogs are trained from the particular specialty from the detaining potential suspects and while searching down to track the scent of a poacher.

Lion tracking.

Lion tracking safari in Ol Pejeta Conservancy is one of the most amazing activity that one should never out miss in the Laikipia region because it is such exciting wildlife experience on this planet. The conservancy being the most highest predator densities in Kenya and the lions being the dominant in this group, so lion tracking is the best safari that fits for every tourist, here the lions have been fixed with radio collars and you will help to track collared lions using the receiver and gather the information about each pride member and the data that you get all goes directly to the Ol pejeta’s ecological monitoring unit and will help you to find the possible solutions to the challenging of the conservancy’s lions.

Tourists enjoy the safari with the guides on how to conserve the lions as well you can help them to gather the information needed to monitor the lions, while identifying the various features like nose spots, ear tears which is the good way to learn about the fascinating lions and as well getting to spend time with them in the bush.

Junior ranger programme.

This is the best programme when you decide to do a safari with the kids between the ages of four to twelve years as this will keep them to be entertained on a safari. The junior programme involves your children to get involved and become the rangers of the day after purchasing for them the Junior ranger pack and these packs involves the book filled with the most fun activities loved by the children, without forgetting the colouring with the crayons and stickers. The children get to venture around the conservancy as they get to answer the questions that are found in the books as they go, after finalizing with the venture the tourism team at the Morani information centre with be asked to repeat the venture while explaining and after winning they will be presenting with a certificate, range hat, and many items to show that they the rangers have honored them with.

Running with rangers.

Tourists who visit the Ol Pejeta conservancy are impressed with the mazing safari to be fit, this is where the tourists join the rangers and take the 5 to 7km in a run and there is creation of  a group of 6 people and the tourists do enjoy the most amazing safari activity run that follow terrain across the plains and this run is rewarding where the tourists can as well spot the rhinos, elephants on the way, in case you get tired you are required to stop and rest as the rangers do their pushups or getting a  vehicle that follows to take you, for this activity therefore you are reminded to bring a hat, drinking water. And after a run you are welcomed with a cup of coffee and learn more that is how to keep the wildlife safe in the conservancy.

Things to do at ol Pejeta Conservancy
Running with Rangers

Riding with the rhinos in the endangered species enclosure.

The safari activity is done by the tourists on a safari, where the tourists meet the northern white rhinos this is done in the morning or late afternoon on a horse ride when the endangered species enclosure. This safari activity takes you within 600 acre endangered species enclosure that can be accompanied by the knowledgeable staff of the Ol Pejeta’s safari horses, the rides will take you on a journey through a predator-free area set aside by Ol Pejeta for the recovery of the northern white rhinoceros.

Where to stay at Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy has got various accommodation facilities that are categorized into the Budget, Mid-range, and luxury accommodation that provides the most suitable and comfortable accommodation that includes the Kicheche Laikipia camp, Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Ol Pejeta safari cottages, sanctuary Tambarare, sweetwater tented camp, Porini Rhino camp and among many others.

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