Things to do at Kereita Forest in Kenya : Kereita is a settlement in Kenya’s Central Province, a few kilometers from Kimende town, into the Kereita village, is a forest maintained by the Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO). One can find trails into the forest as well as a waterfall. Un exploited by the humans, and not, much of tourist flow, it is very serene and pristine. There are lot of trees with medicinal value and more than 200 species of birds, also it’s known as the haven for the Bird-watchers.

Kereita forest favours the tourists who comes to pay the visit to the forest with several activities to be done by them during their safari.

Zip lining.

Zip lining is the main event during your Kenya safari to Kereita Forest Kenya, This is an action-filled recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable on a protective seat or a belt between two points and generally on a valley that exhibits spectacular sceneries.

Things to do at Kereita Forest in Kenya
Zip Lining

 How long is Kereita Zip lining.

The 2 lines are 750 meters, the 6 lines are 2.2 km.

The Zip lining is a high adrenaline activity, here you are not advised to wear the loose footwear such as the crocs, sandals, and then you enjoy the soothing and the air quality and a respite from the city. Zip lining gives tourist the best memories during a safari to Kereita Forest Kenya.

Zip lining charges.

Please note that all the prices are equal for the citizen, Resident, Nonresident.

The six Line Tour Adult Ksh 2,800/US 28

The two-Line Tour Adults Ksh 1800/USD 18

Children under 1 meter 40 centimeters Ksh 600/USD 6

Paint Ball at the Kereita forest.

The paint ball here you select your team well and go on a mission, imagine you are going to rescue your kid brother or sister and get on the best gear and duck those ‘’Flying bullets’’ just like in the movies but be  careful. Take the precautionary measures and do not be carried away to start pulling unnecessary stunts. Every member of each group count and how you participate matters on which team will win, shoot or simply be spluttered in sticky paint. The maximum number of player is 1 to 10 pax.

Things to do at Kereita Forest in Kenya
Paint Ball at the Kereita forest

Painting ball charges.

Adult: Ksh 1750/USD 17.5 Child: Ksh 1600/USD 16. 100 Paintballs, Additional 50 paintballs at Ksh 500/USD 5.

Fly fishing.

The forest offers fantastic location for you to try your hand at fly-fishing. The Gatemayo River is well stocked with the beautiful rainbow trout, a popular game for fly fishers. The river is surrounded with pools and rapids that provide a tranquil to fish in peace and quiet. New to fly fishing and would like to get the best experience at your first try out on the river? Not to worry, our professional instructions will guide you on the art of spinning and baiting the fish. The experience would not be complete without getting a chance to cook and enjoy the trout that you have caught.

Mountain Biking.

Kereita forest offers mountain biking to the biker lovers who likes riding in rough terrain. This needs you to have the strength of bike handling, balancing and resilience. However if you know what you are doing, this will give you an exhilarating experience. Racing in the forest in those enchanting routes in a diverse landscape of lush green grass that cover the hills and the winding tracks.

Mountain Bike charges.

Time: Adult: 1 Hour Ksh 1000/USD 10 Child 800/USD 8

2 Hour Ksh 1200/USD 12 Child Ksh 1000/USD 10

4 Hour Ksh 2000/USD 20 Child ksh 1,700/ USD 17

Archery at Kereita Forest.

Archery is shooting, and this is perfectly done through doing enough practice, and consistency is paramount in everything you do, during the archery, engrossing experience, then Kereita Forest Kenya gives you the exactly what you what.

Archery charges.

Adult: Ksh 1,200/USD 12 Child: Ksh 1,100/USD 11.


Camping in the Kereita forest Kenya gives you the more thrilling than camping in the national parks. Here you connect with nature in the most natural way possible. The camping is safe, you will have a guard, bonfire and you can order food from their restaurant avoiding the hustle to cook. Camping in Kereita forest gives you the wild nature experience as you enjoy the cool breeze of Africa during camping.

Camping charges.

Camping Fee Adults Ksh 1000/10 Child Ksh 500/ USD5

Guard for the Night Ksh 1000/USD 10

Guard for the Day Ksh 600/USD 6.


Footgolf is an interesting game in Kereita forest, to say the least the players kick the ball to score in a hole. Just like the way you would play golf only this time you will be using your foot and not a Golf stick to kick the golf ball into the hole. No soccer or Golf skills needed, go play the game and have fun in the forest with your friends, family.

Footgolf charges.

Adult: 1 Hour Ksh 1000/USD 10 Child: Ksh 1,100/USD 8

Adult: 2 Hour Ksh 1,600/USD 16 Child: ksh 1,100/USD 12.

Horse riding.

Horse riding at the lush green grass in and out of the forest in a different but incredibly thrilling way. Here you can get the feeling of a cowgirl or a cow boy while with the experience guide will be at your disposal to assist you whenever you need a hand in during your activity.

Things to do at Kereita Forest in Kenya
Horse riding

Horse riding charges.

Time: Adult: 30 mins Ksh 1,800/USD 18 Child 1300/USD 13

1 Hour Ksh 2,200 Child Ksh 1,700

4 Hours Ksh 5,000 Child Ksh 4000

How to get to Kereita forest.

Kareita forest can be accessed in different ways from Nairobi to Kereita forest.

About a 1-hour drive from Nairobi. The other word to mark is the Total Petro station in Kimende. This is where you branch off the Nairobi Nakuru highway and the final and most important is the underpass tunnel.

Just after branching off the Total Petro Station. After taking the underpass, now you can relax, you are already at your destination since the road signage to the Kereita Forest Kenya is well marked.

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