The Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Kenya : Discover the hypnotic natural phenomenon of Kenya’s waterfalls, a gift from Mother Nature. The waterfalls are most beautiful when it is raining. The Kenyan mountain ranges are home to some of the nation’s most breathtaking natural waterfalls.

Kenya is one of the best African safari destination famous for its White-sand beaches, five-star resorts, wildlife safaris, and a rich cultural heritage.  Thanks to its wonderful hiking trails and waterfalls, it’s also the ideal vacation spot for outdoor enthusiasts. So keep reading if you’re looking for the top waterfalls in Kenya to visit while you’re here. Here are the breathtaking waterfalls that characterize Kenya’s landscape:


Ten fantastic waterfalls in Kenya are listed below. It features Kenya’s tallest, most secluded, and closest to Nairobi waterfalls, as well as swimming holes.

  1. Karuru Falls, Aberdares

The deepest part of Aberdare National Park is where Karuru Falls is. With a height of approximately 273 meters, it is Kenya’s tallest waterfall. Despite having three levels (117 meters, 26 meters, and 130 meters), only the first is clearly visible.

Join a local tour group in Aberdare National Park if you enjoy hiking and stop by this magnificent waterfall. The Matubio West Gate is where most tour groups enter the falls. If you plan to hike further than the observation point, make sure you have the proper hiking gear on and enough water with you.

Alternatively, you can drive to a nearby public parking lot for a breathtaking view of the waterfall and its surroundings. Overall, Karuru is one Of Most liked waterfalls in Kenya and is worth visiting. Since Karuru Falls are only a few hours away, visitors can stay in Nyeri or Nairobi.

  1. Ngare Ndare Falls, Timau

In the northern part of Kenya, Ngare Ndare is a lush forest and a hidden gem. The forest is home to many native trees, a hiking trail, a canopy walk, and a variety of wildlife, in addition to several lovely waterfalls. The blue waters that flow from Mount Kenya plunge from rocky cliffs to create stunning swimming holes.

Visitors to Ngare Ndare can go hiking, track elephants, jump off cliffs into pools, or take a peaceful stroll along the 500-meter canopy walkway, in addition to swimming and chasing waterfalls.

Taxis are readily available in Nanyuki town to take you to Ngare Ndare Forest. Follow the Nanyuki-Isiolo road and take the left fork after Timau town if you’re driving yourself. Then proceed along the dirt road until you reach the forest gate, where you can find guides who will help you get to the waterfalls. You can stay and eat at Olepangi Farm or Sieku Glamping while touring Ngare Ndare Forest.

  1. Thomson Falls, Nyahururu

Near Nyahururu town, there is a breathtaking 74-meter waterfall called Thomson Falls. It is regarded as one of Kenya’s best waterfalls and is well-liked by both locals and tourists from other countries. Stop at Thomson Falls if you’re looking for a waterfall in Kenya where you can hike to the base. There is a platform where you can take in the natural beauty of the area.

While there, make sure to take pictures with Kikuyu traditional dancers and speak with them directly to learn more about the community’s culture and history. The nearby gift shop is another place where you can buy souvenirs.

  1. Zaina Falls, Nyeri

There are numerous things to do in Nyeri County, such as touring coffee and tea farms, hiking through forests, and climbing Mount Kenya. One such activity is a trip to the enchanted Zaina Falls.

The waterfall provides visitors with a fantastic off-the-beaten-path experience and is situated at the edge of the Aberdare Forest. Zania Falls is one of Kenya’s most stunning and underappreciated waterfalls. During the dry season, swimming is possible despite the drop to about 30 meters below.

The Trout Valley, which is less than 3 kilometers away, is a great option if you’re looking for somewhere to eat and stay while visiting Zaina Falls. You can camp the night at their serene riverside grounds and eat delectable meals like fried trout with ugali (a traditional kind of stiff porridge) at their restaurant. Near the waterfall, there is a lovely campsite as well. The Kenya Forest Service wardens who oversee it also provide tour services to the falls.

  1. Gura Falls, Aberdares

A little over a kilometer away from the stunning Karuru Falls in the Aberdare National Park is Gura Falls. Despite being deep within the forest, the waterfall is visible from the Karuru Falls observation point. Hikers can make the long journey along the Gura River to the base of the waterfall and take in the breathtaking natural attraction.

 Unlike most waterfalls in Kenya, Gura Falls is not close to any restaurants or lodging options. However, from Nairobi, which has countless places to stay and eat, one can travel to the waterfall in a single day.

Joining a hiking trip from Nairobi is the best way to reach Gura Falls. A number of local tour Operators including Focus East Africa Tours, provide trips to the falls and can also design tailored tours to suit your particular requirements.

  1. Sheldrick Falls, Shimba Hills

Elephants and the sable antelope are just two of the many animals that can be found in the Shimba Hills National Reserve’s grasslands and forests. Sheldrick Falls, a magnificent waterfall that is about 21 meters high, is also located there.

 Being the only waterfall in Kenya’s coastal region, the magnificent Sheldrick Falls is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors.

 Go to Shimba Hills National Reserve and enjoy a leisurely 2-hour walk in the forest to reach the waterfall. Despite the path’s obvious markings, a Kenya Wildlife Service warden is advised to accompany you because elephants are frequently seen near the track.

  1. Oloolua Nature Trail Falls, Nairobi

One of Kenya’s top locations for hiking, camping, and picnicking is the Oloolua Nature Trail. It has a cave, a stream that feeds one of the best waterfalls close to Nairobi, a quiet path beneath towering indigenous trees, and all of these things.

 Visit the Oloolua Nature Trail if you enjoy peaceful surroundings and the outdoors. You can stroll, jog, hike, or just unwind next to the lovely waterfall. Take a bus or drive to Karen Shopping Center and then to Oloolua Nature Trail (via Karen Road) to get to the falls from Nairobi’s city center.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Kenya
Oloolua Nature Trail Falls, Nairobi

There are many distinctive lodging options in the Karen suburb, including hotels, eco-camps, and vacation rentals.

  1. Ragia Falls, Lari

To reach Ragia Falls, the most stunning waterfall in Kenya, you must take a moderate hike along the Ragia Forest trail. Swimming is encouraged at this magnificent waterfall, which is conveniently located.

 Ragia is a true hiking paradise, in addition to the waterfalls (there is another one in the forest). Beautiful scenery, dense forests of bamboo, elephant trails, and a cave used by the Mau Mau freedom fighters during their fight for independence are all present there. Joining a day trip led by a local hiking company like Focus East Africa Tours is the best way to see Ragia Falls.

  1. Chania Falls, Thika

One of Kenya’s most magnificent waterfalls is Chania Falls. Due to its close proximity to Nairobi, it is a practical attraction for tourists looking for a quick getaway from the city. About an hour from Nairobi, the waterfall is situated off the A2 just after Thika town. It is best seen from the renowned Blue Post Hotel and is about 20 meters tall.

Since Nairobi is only about an hour away, there are many hotels and resorts in Thika, making it a great place to stay if you also want to explore the lodging options there. The Spoon Zoom Restaurant is among the top dining establishments close to Chania Falls. Its menu offers delectable dishes like wet-fried fish served with ugali and kachumbari (a salad made of fresh tomatoes and onions).

  1. Fourteen Falls, Kilimambogo

The stunning Fourteen Falls are a collection of 14 waterfalls that line the Athi River’s width. The 27-meter-high waterfall provides visitors with an amazing view. During the rainy season, the 14 successive falls combine to form a stunning and roaring waterfall.

 The picturesque waterfall is situated off the Thika-Garissa road, close to Kilimambogo town, about 65 kilometers from Nairobi. I highly advise combining a visit to the Fourteen Falls with a hike up the nearby Mount Kilimambogo trail if you enjoy hiking.


There are other waterfalls in Kenya that are worth visiting in addition to the ones mentioned above. Even though the majority aren’t particularly tall, they give visitors a chance to take in the beauty and fresh air of the outdoors. These includes:

  • Nithi Falls, Mount Kenya
  • Chepkiit Waterfall, Eldoret
  • Tigoni Falls, Limuru
  • Karura Falls, Nairobi
  • Rapids Waterfall, Sagana
  • Adamson’s Falls, Meru National Park
  • Paradise Lost Falls, Kiambu
  • Makalia Falls, Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Lugard Falls, Tsavo East National Park


Which is the best waterfall in Kenya? The best and most picturesque waterfalls in Kenya are found in the Aberdare National Park, specifically Karuru Falls.

 What time of year is ideal for visiting Kenya? The high season, which runs from June to October, is the ideal time to visit Kenya if you want to see waterfalls. Additionally, the Masai Mara National Reserve’s great migration takes place during this time.

 Where in Kenya are the best waterfalls located? The best waterfalls in Kenya can be found in Aberdare National Park. Karuru Falls, Gura Falls, and Zaina Falls are a few of these.

Which Kenyan waterfall is ideal for lovers? When looking for a stunning waterfall close to Nairobi, Kenya, couples and solo travelers should visit the Oloolua Nature Trail Falls.

Which is the largest waterfall in Kenya? The tallest and highest waterfall in Kenya is Karuru Falls, which is located in Aberdare National Park and rises 273 meters.

 Which Kenyan off-the-beaten-path waterfall is the best? Visit Ngare Ndare Falls, Gura Falls, Ragia Falls, or Karuru Falls if you’re looking for a waterfall in Kenya that isn’t on the beaten path.

Which waterfall is the best near Nairobi? The best waterfalls nearby Nairobi are Oloolua Nature Trail Falls and Karura Falls.

 Where in Kenya are the best waterfalls located? The best waterfalls in Kenya can be found in Aberdare National Park. Karuru Falls, Gura Falls, and Zaina Falls are a few of them.

Which waterfall in Kenya has the clearest water? The water at the waterfalls in Ngare Ndare Forest is the clearest. They are also ideal locations for cliff jumping and swimming.

Which Kenyan waterfall is the safest? It is safe to visit all of Kenya’s waterfalls. However, due to their remote locations, most waterfalls advise visitors to travel in the company of knowledgeable guides.


While many tourists visit Kenya for its beaches, historical sites, and wildlife safaris, there are also a number of waterfalls that are unquestionably worth exploring. I advise going to Oloolua Nature Trail Falls, Ragia Falls, and Karuru Falls. Take a trip to Nanyuki and check out the waterfalls at Ngare Ndare Forest if you have more time. If you’re in Diani, you should visit Sheldrick Falls at Shimba Hills National Reserve because it is an incredible waterfall.

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