The Nairobi rescue Centre for the wild: Nairobi animals orphanage is in Nairobi national park in Nairobi City, Nairobi county Kenya.It was established in 1964 under Kenya wildlife service to serve as a treatment and rehabilitation centre for wild animals,is the oldest animals orphanage in Kenya and located in Nairobi national park, which is one of the world’s largest wildlife park located in an urban city. It is one of the best family safari destinations in Kenya for educational purposes. It accessible by tarmac Road,just being 7 km from Nairobi City centre.

 It is Located inside Nairobi National Park, Nairobi Animal Orphanage is just 20 minutes from the center of Nairobi. It is in this orphanage  that the animals rescued from the wild are recuperated back to health after being either injured or abandoned. It also serves as a educational and training facility. The animals from the orphanage are subjected to medical examination and necessary treatment and when they are grown-up or have fully recovered from injury they are released back into the wild.. Each of the animals in the orphanage has been taken there by park rangers and been provided with medical treatment. After that, they get placed in an individual rehabilitation program, giving them a second chance of life.

Nairobi Orphanage, also known as the Nairobi Safari Walk, gets an average of about  200,000 or more tourist each year. The Orphanage is an educational part of the trip to Nairobi National Park. It primarily serves as the cheapest safari tours  for common Kenyans including many school going children who may not be able to visit the park.The orphanage is one of the most famous attractions in Nairobi and one of the best places to visit in Kenya.

The Nairobi animals orphanage being just within the Kenya,Capital Nairobi receives hundreds of thousands of Kenya wildlife tours safari lovers.It is also one of the most visited places in kenya and tourist attractions in Kenya. Nairobi national orphanage is exciting close-up experience with the wildlife and also knowing that these animals are survivors. While being there, you don’t need a guide. All animals’ cages are labelled with information for you, from the smallest bird to lions. The labels mention their stories, how they were rescued, where they came from, who took care of them in the orphanage, and lastly whether they were injured or abandoned. Suggested Tours Game drives in Nairobi National Park are offered in the morning and afternoon when the animals are most likely to be active.

Animals guaranteed to see during a visit to Nairobi animals orphanage

It hosts a good number of lions,cheetahs, hyenas jackals, serval cats , rare sokoke cats, warthogs, Leopards,various monkeys,baboons and buffaloes.There are also various birds like parrots,guinea fowls, crowned cranes,and Ostriches.

 Major activities in the orphanage

1: It is here where you will have a close up view of the wild animals

2 :You will be able to learn about the wild animals adoption programme from the Kenya wildlife service staff.

Activities to be done at the Nairobi animals orphanage

  1. Bird watching- Being in and orphanage bird watchers can have a closer acces and perfect view of variety of birds.
  2. Close up view of the wild animals-The orphanage offers detailed labelled information about the animals in each cage of where they were rescued from,age abandoned or orphaned etc .
  3. Photography – A perfect chance to take close range glipse of wildlife. A perfect opportunity to take a photo of or with the wild animals.

Entrance fees

This being in a protected area inside a park is offers a perfect hub to most East africa safari tour companies.There are charged entrance fee as follows:

 The Nairobi rescue Centre for the wild  
 The Nairobi rescue Centre for the wild  

            Adult’s                 child

Citizens          ksh 250                   ksh 125

Residents      kshs 250                  kshs 125

Non residents  25 USD                   15USD


Nairobi Tented Camp is the only accommodation inside the park. Located in the west of the park, it includes nine luxurious permanent tents. Meals are served in the dining tent or in the bush, under the skies and stars. It is an unforgettable experience.

Being just around the city offers a very wide range of accommodations to stay ranging from midrange  to the most luxurious lodges and hotel.Some of the available accommodation facilities near the animals orphanage nairobi are:The Boma Hotel,Mercury Nairobi Upper Hill,Eastland Hotel,Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill,Double Tree by Hilton Nairobi etc

 When to visit Nairobi animals orphanage

Nairobi animal orphanage area is in a well protected area with properly modernised road network is accessible throughout the year with the climate being hot and dry from January to March and hot and wet April to June and warm and wet July to October,  The Nairobi rescue Centre for the wild

The best time to visit Nairobi Animal Orphanage is all year-long, as the park has mild temperatures.

Being in the city’s capital,  Nairobi animals orphanage is where you’ll find the differs cultures of the Kenya.It is here where you can have a chance to interact and learn about Kenya’s diverse cultures, conservation, a glimpse of town and village life without living the city.It is best for all sets of safari lovers and a boost to Kenyan tourism industry.

It is best for a day  visitors to Kenya or when on a transit to other parts of the world.It is one of the most cheapest  Family safari tours in the city and a perfect chance to discover kenya safaris brim.

How to get to the Nairobi animals orphanage

Naitobi animals orphanage can be accessed by road with either self drive or by taking a public transport get matatu  or a bus at the Nairobi Railway Station. Take the one headed to Rongai, it will charge you KES 40.There is  Private Transport,You can request an uber or take a cab to the orphanage.

It is also possible to get to the park using public transport: just hop on the bus—Matatu 125 or 126—from Nairobi Railway Station, both of which drop you at the main gate. The journey from the station takes around 35 minutes

Things to carry along during the visit to Nairobi animals orphanage

1: hats – to protect you from the sun

2: sunscreen– to protect your skin from sunburns

3: sunglasses– to protect your eyes from too much exposure to direct sunlight.

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