The Beautiful beaches in Kenya : Kenya is renowned worldwide for its game reserves, Game parks and wildlife safaris. However, Kenya too boasts of a shimmering coastline along the Indian Ocean which is home to incredible stunning beaches. There are plenty of activities which range from unspoiled beach resorts ,thrilling water sports and secluded sites which makes the Kenyan beaches among the best in Africa. It has a lot to offer which includes breath-taking views.

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, it is in neighbouring county of Kwale. Diani Beach is one of the best tourist destinations and the best beach holiday safari destination in Kenya. It is a major beach on the Indian Ocean at the coast of Kenya in Eastern Africa, it has been voted as the best beach destination in Africa for the fifth time since 2015. Diani Beach stretches 17 kilometers long from the Kongo river to the North and Galu beach to the South, its southern point of reference is an Old Baobab tree. The indigenous inhabitants of the area are the one of the Mijikenda group known as the Digo. Today the region is inhabited by Kenyans of various ethnic communities who have settled and lived in the area due to tourism related activities.

There is a small airstrip Ukunda Airstrip which is located  between Diani Beach area and Mombasa- Lunga Lunga road. The vegetation of the inland is numerous palm trees which is synonymous with the coastal areas. Mwachema River pours into the sea at Diani Beach. The region is known generally for its coral reefs ,black-and-white and white colobus monkeys from the nearby Shimba Hills National Reserve.  The Beach has restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and several shopping centres.

Diani Beach is very popular kitesurfing ,jet skiing and snorkelling location in Kenya. The 16th century Kongo Mosque is also located at the Northern Diani Beach  where Kongo river flows into the ocean separating Diani beach from Tiwi.

Bamburi Beach

Bamburi beach is known for it being a calm beach that boasts ,soft sand and calm waters. It is one of the best ideal destination for a family safari vocation. The  beach is a haven for sun lovers and sand seekers and it is a must visit for anyone who enjoys swimming ,walking or unwinding on the beach. Bamburi Beach offers everything you expect from a beach.

Bamburi Beach is also known for its  Night clubs ,restaurant and the modern hotels that are abundantly found here. The beach is also known for water sport activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling  with also camel rides being a prominent activity here. The beach offers some relaxing peace with self.

Bamburi Beach is located on the coast of Mombasa in Kenya. The beach is open to the public all round the year with no entry fee.

Nyali Beach.

Nyali is a sub county within Mombasa city, it is located on the north of the mainland of Mombasa County. It is connected with the Mainland by New  Nyali  Bridge. Nyali is popular with its many high class hotels, restaurants of modern standards along the white sandy beaches making it a popular destination to both local and foreign tourists.

The Beautiful beaches in Kenya
Nyali Beach

Nyali has a westernised set up of residential areas, supermarkets, a cinema multiple ,shopping malls, Banks, schools and post offices. There are also other interesting places to visit in Nyali such as Mamba Village the biggest crocodiles farm in Africa.  Numerous embassies and caves and some of the most prestigious academic institutions.

Nyali is renowned tourist  destinations for its calm waters , accommodations facilities ,its coastal bordered with white sand beaches protected by a coral reef and divers favourite destination .Mombasa Marine Reserve managed by  Kenya wildlife service is also found within  the Nyali region. Some of the renowned luxury hotels in Nyali seaside are Sai Rock hotel &Spa, Sarova whitesands, Nyali Beach Resort, Voyager Hotel, Reef Hotel, Mombasa Beach Hotel. Some of the entertainment tourist sport activities are Beach Volleyball, windsurfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, jet skiing ,sailing among others.

Lamu Beach

The rich history island is located in Lamu County at the Kenyan coast, shores of Indian Ocean.  Lamu is a distinctive beach and cultural travel destination in Africa. It has history that dates back to 14th century.  In 2001 Lamu Old Town was honoured as a world Heritage site by UNESCO to signify the important cultural assets which are found here. Lamu island has another island within it with Pate and Manda Island are the two larger islands. The access to these islands is primarily by boat with only a small channel separating the islands from the mainland Kenya, The Beautiful beaches in Kenya

Lamu archipelago is a has best beautiful beaches and islands are to be found in the North, where the pristine beaches stretches foe miles which makes it an attractive beach destination. Lamu with its accommodation options is a perfect complement to an East African Safari. Between Mombasa and Lamu there sits Malindi and Watamu . Watamu is located South of Malindi is a charming are with world class hotels and beautiful white sand beaches.

Lamu is a popular holiday beach destination in Kenya with yellow fine sandy beaches, blue lagoons and fabulous dune landscapes. There is a lot of peace and friendly Arabic cultures are some of the highlights of Lamu archipelago.  There are plenty of tourist hotels that perfectly blend with the vegetation in their thatched roofs. The beautiful islands, the sandy beaches, the Swahili culture, Arabic influence the cool breeze from the Indian Ocean gives Lamu a relaxed experience.

Tiwi beach

Tiwi Beach is located southwards of Mombasa town. This is a remote and secluded beach compared to the other beaches in the coast region. The beach stretches for several kilometers with white sandy beaches. Swimming is a bit difficult but there are small pools at the beach where one can bathe. The ocean’s flow of tides bring algae and sea urchins so it is not recommended to swim without shoes, The Beautiful beaches in Kenya

There are palm trees that grow along the beach of Tiwi beach and there is no proper infrastructure nut one can rent a sling chair and an umbrella. Within the shores of the Tiwi beach there are small cafes with fresh seafood.

The beach is a perfect place for some water sports and snorkeling and diving. Coral reefs are located 50 metres away from the beach, it can be accessed by boat ride. It is best for bird watching because of its many bird nests found in the area.

The Tiwi beach can be accessed by a taxi or public transport.

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