Tambach museum in Kenya : Tambach museum  is situated along the Tambach town, in Elgeiyo or Marakwet County it lies approximately 42 kilometers from the Eldorest town, and lies at an altitude of 6500 feet at the top of the Elgeiyo escarpment. Tambach Museum has the most spectacular views of the Elgeiyo and Tambach Escarpments to the tourists on a Kenya safari, the Tugen Hills, and the Kerio River in the Tambach which explains the cultural life and the political structures of the Kalenjin community, it also reflects the region as a home to the world famous long-distance runners.

Tambach town was the oldest town in Kenya and it was established as  early as 1920’s as a British colonial center of administrating the Elgeiyo and Marakwet people for much of the colonial from a  tiny village to abust urban center and a very pretty one by the end of 1950’s. Due to the presence of the British, but later today the historical buildings that the British people used are now the cultural landscape are treasured as the monuments and formed part of the heritage of the Marakwet of Elgeiyo county, the Tambach museum was conceived by the National Museums of Kenya in 2002 as the museum was established to protect the Tambach heritage site and the culture of the Keiyo and the Marakwet people due to the fact that the Tambach has a rich cultural heritage.

Tambach museum in Kenya
Tambach museum in Kenya

Tambach museum is a special safari destination in the area, in that it is the first museum exhibition in the entire Marakwet county which was established to promote the heritage activities and hence forming the part of the North Rift Circuit as a major safari attraction in this county, the Tambach museum led to the development of the place during the colonial and even the independence period led to the growth of the place.

Tambach museum is so stunning about the description of the culture by exploring both the past and the present cultures of the area and direct the cultures of the inhabitants of the Keiyo and the Marakwet, on a Kenya Safari it is necessary to get to know the Tambach museum and you get feed up with the inhabitats of the Keiyo and the Marakwet, as a guest you will look at the lifestyle, livelihoods and the traditions in the context of the surrounding the Keiyo valley. Tambach Heritage Town Exhibition is the premier exhibition for the museum and it was funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kenya through the efforts by the AFRICOM (International Council of African Museums)

Also the tourists on the safari to the Tambach museum will get engaged in the various collection of the museum like the documentation, research, education, exhibition of the cultural heritage of the local community, to the public and as a national museum, Tambach museum was opened on 31st March 2012.

On a Kenya wildlife Tour, do not forget to visit the most famous and the only first museum exhibition in the entire country that aimed to promote and develop the heritage activities and form the North Rift Circuit which is also the major tourism attraction in the place, these led to the development of the Tambach town during the colonial and independence period of which now its renowned to growth.

Best time to visit Tambach.

The best time to visit Tambach in Kenya is from January until December that’s when you can be having a pleasant or the warm temperature and the limited till mediocre rainfall, the highest average temperature in Tambach is 800 F in February and the lowest in 700F in July.

Climate in Tambach.

Tambach has the tropical monsoon type of climate prevailing, therefore the average temperature in Tombach is when most precipitation (rain or snow) falls, the average monlty climate data in Tambach is based on the data from the past 30 years.

Tambach museum in Kenya
Climate in Tambach Kenya

The average annual temperature for Tambach is 450 degrees and there is about 321 inch of rain in a year, it is a dry for 224 days a year with an average humidity of 72 % and an UV-index of 5.

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