Skydiving safari at Diani Beach Kenya is the magical experience that is done over the coastline in Diani. This is the most amazing safari activity that is such blissful it’s the sport of jumping from an airplane using a parachute. If to say, if you have ever thought about sky diving, stop thinking and do it, its wonderful experience and worth every a bit of it skydive Diani are professional and experienced and ensure you are very comfortable. Kenyan coastline is one of the finest scenery in the world, its beaches are breathtaking and provide an imaginable safari experience when you view from the above.

Skydiving is such awesome Kenya wildlife safari experience and it’s the better way to explore the over 10 km long Diani beach than to get a birder’s eye view when you are 12,000 feet above the ground that gives you the breathtaking moments, skydiving in Diani beach is one of the very few places in the world where every jump is a beach jump and the weather is almost always fine, you can even jump barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt, nothing beats the thrill of a free-fall, sky diving safari is the most amazing in Diani promises and adrenaline rush as you fall at 200km/hr. Skydiving in Diani is perfect for the first time divers this creates the great safari moment in everyone’s life who does the activity and it’s so rewarding.

Skydiving safari at Diani Beach
Skydiving safari at Diani Beach

Skydiving safari in Diani is enjoyable as this starts with the briefing on how you are going to run the activity with proper safety, because the brief takes the student through basics like how to exit the plane and how to man oeuvre the freefall, however the instructor will be in control during the jump. After the briefing the divers board a plane for 15 minutes flight under the clear and clean sky, and over a stunning rim of the white sand below, this is the most gorgeous short flight over the beautiful mainland below as the plane flies higher to gain the altitude for the jump.

Diani is the most spectacular drop zone in the world, and is one of the only a handful of locations globally that offers beach landings, this is the best safari where you can explore the southern Kenyan coastline is the most magical safari experience that if you have never done it before to try about it and enables you to experience and the gain the breathtaking scenery with friends and families. The addition of skydiving to Diana’s tourist offering is helping to make Diani beach destination of choice in East Africa even Africa at large.

Things to know about skydiving.

When carrying out the sky diving at Diani beach you are therefore recommended to choose the most comfortable clothes like trousers are most recommended ones compared to skirts or dresses, then here the shoes are not required at times the firmly tied sneakers are the best, though you will be walking over hot tarmac to get to the plane.

The people heavier than 100 kgs may not be able to skydive, so it is recommended if you want to do skydive and you’re having more than 100 kgs you are therefore required to do exercises in order to try reducing the weight such that you can enjoy the activity.

Skydiving safari activity requires you to reasonably fit to the sky dive that is you must be able to lift both your legs up for landing.

In case anyone who is below 18 years who would wish to participate in the activity will be required to bring theory parent’s or legal guardians written consent to do the activity of skydiving since it can be under age.

Skydiving safari does not allow anyone under the influence of the drugs and alcohol to dive.

The travelers who carry out skydiving are not required to exceed 24 hour prior to Diani skydiving because it is not the required and recommended time for skydiving.

How much does skydiving cost in Diani Beach Kenya.

Each sky diving tandem jump costs USD 350 per person and in case you would like the instructors to capture videos and photos of your experience you will be required to add USD 100 per person.

Skydiving safari at Diani Beach
Skydiving safari at Diani Beach

The 350 USD per person is inclusive of a safe briefing and the sky diving instructors, a 20 minute scenic airplane flight above the magical Diana beach, a 40- second fall and finally a 5-minute parachute descent with a soft beach landing.

Best time to do skydiving in Diani Beach.

The skydiving tandem jumps start from 8 am in the morning because that’s the period when there are the clearest skies, even if the forecast for a day looks less than desirable, the morning is typically jumpable, and morning hours generally have the lowest wait times.

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