Samburu special five is the highlight that contributes a lot on a Kenya safari, the Samburu special five or the rare animal species are such attractive and incredible, these animal species are only found in Kenya. Samburu special five includes the Beisa Oryx, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk. Nothing beats a Kenya safari like spotting the special five in Samburu National reserve, while they are moving in the grasslands of the reserve. These special five members in Samburu National Reserve can be best observed and spotted during the game driving safari, nature walks, horseback riding and among many others in the reserve.

Samburu special five.

Grevy’s zebra.

Grevy’s zebra is the most attractive and the largest among all other types of zebras. The Grevy’s zebras have got the plain zebra cousins because they have got the large and round ears and as well as the close-set stripes, fawn-coloured muzzles, white bellies. These gives you the best safari memories in Samburu because after spotting them you can be showered by the love of nature.

Samburu special five
Grevy’s zebra

Kenya is the most amazing safari destination in the entire Africa where the tourists who explores Kenya sights the Grevy’s zebras in their large numbers. In the entire world Kenya is the most recognized country with almost 90% of the Grevy’s zebra compared to other countries Somali, Ethiopia, Eretria and among others.

Reticulated giraffe.

The reticulated giraffe is the among the unique creature and also the special five in Samburu National Reserve. The reticulated giraffe has got the distinctively pattern red giraffe subspecies, as their familiar brown and white, brick-like pattern known as the reticulated pattern, gives them their name. The reticulated giraffe are unique being the tallest land mammals, they have got seven elongated vertebrate in their necks, as well as like other animal species.

Somali Ostrich.

Somali Ostrich is sometimes known as the blue-necked ostrich during courtship the necks and legs of the males are always blue instead of flushing pink the necks of the Somali Ostriches are such broad with the white and the tail feathers are white as well in color. Though these Somali ostriches the males differ from the females where the males are browner. Somali ostrich is native bird in Kenya, these are known as the fascinating bird species in the world declared as a distinct bird in 2004. These are the flightless bird species due to their body that is large.


Gerenuk is one of the interesting member of the special animal species, with some of the features that are borrowed from the giraffe and the antelope herds, with the similar body like that of the antelope, though its smaller and wedge-like, compared to the thinner, longer one of antelopes. Gerenuk have got the fairly long necks that that look like that of the camels or giraffes. The horns on the soley male heads that are ornamental, with the spiral carvings on their lengths with the horns that are short and thick S-shaped.

Samburu special five

The male gerenuks are heavier than the females where the males between 30 to 60 kgs then the females weigh between 20 to 50 kgs. Gerenuks can be known as the hardy animal species the reason being the animal species live in the dry areas and that is the only one Samburu National Reserve.

Beisa Oryx.

Beisa Oryx is the Beisa antelope, the Beisa Oryx is a beautiful antelope is quite with the grey coat and black and white stripes. Beisa Oryx is such beautiful antelope that features the thin and the straight ringed horns that are found in the both sexes, where the horns are about 75 to 80 cm with the perfect size that makes it the potential combination.

These are such incredible antelopes that do survive only in the harsh conditions by harnessing their ability to store water by raising their body temperatures, the animal species are best seen during the game driving safari in Samburu national reserve, though like any other antelope, they run so fast as well.

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