Safari Excursions in Zanzibar : Zanzibar is one of the best travel destination to explore while on your next African safari. Below are the major safari excursions to enjoy while on a Zanzibar safari. Zanzibar is an Island situated in the Indian Ocean with other Islands including Pembe Island and other small islands. Zanzibar Island and the neighboring Tanganyika merged together to create the Republic of Tanzania in the year 1964. Zanzibar Island consists of small ridges, palm trees, and stunning vegetation cover and as well as the beaches that all decorate the entire island with beautiful and relaxing scenic views suitable for both adventure and relaxation. Zanzibar Island receives an average rainfall from 1,500mm to 2,000mm per annum well distributed across the entire Zanzibar Island. The short rains are seen during the months of October, November and December while long rains are experienced in the months of March, April and May. The vegetation cover of Zanzibar Island consist of scattered forest which harbor some wildlife such as monkeys, leopards, antelopes, duikers, civet cats, African pig and many more. Most of these animals are seen in Jozani forest reserve one of the forest and natural forest along Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar Island has a lot to tourists while on their African safari to Zanzibar. These Safari Excursions in Zanzibar include and not limited to;


Dhow Sunset Cruise

Dhow Sunset Cruise: Dhow Sunset cruise is such a breath taking and fascinating Safari Excursions in Zanzibar to enjoy while on your next Tanzania safari to Zanzibar. This enables tourists to step on the deck of the dhow and sail along the beach while enjoying the stunning sunset cruise over the horizon. It is such a relaxing and refreshing experience enjoyed by several tourist on a beach excursion along Zanzibar. This Dhow Sunset cruise sets from Serena Inn Zanzibar in the late afternoon hours and takes tourists along the coast as you view the turquoise waters, watch people in the beautiful stone town but surprisingly when you get closer to the city you realize that the people you were viewing are just a memory. You will then be enjoying the music while sipping on your cocktail, Soda, wine or any beer of your own choice all these accompanied by the surrounding stunning africana beautiful sceneries. While on a Dhow Sunset cruise, there is a local guide who accompanies tourists and as well offer some response to your different inquiries about the Stone town which you will be viewing while at the dhow. Worry not about anything while on board as you enjoy your Dhow sunset cruise as all the crew onboard are very experienced and ready to ensure that you have a memorable and refreshing experience while enjoying the breath taking sceneries at the comfort of your seat. Safety is the first priority and you will hence find that all the vessels are well equipped with the life jacket and any other equipment necessary to ensure that you have a safe sailing.

Safari Excursions in Zanzibar
Dhow Sunset Cruise

The Jozani forest tour

The Jozani forest: Jozani forest is such a natural forest reserve situated between Uzi bay and Chwaka Bay. Jozani Forest reserve protects stunning fauna and flora species that thrill along Zanzibar Island and it is covered by stunning evergreen thicket and swamps which protects different wildlife species. Jozani Forest reserve is the best destination in Zanzibar to see the Red Colobus monkeys which are the major primates of this reserve. Other animals to look out for in Jozani Forest reserve are the deer and probably chameleons. Trust me, choosing to spend your entire day in Jozani Forest reserve is unforgettable and breathe-taking experience to enjoy at least once in a life time.

Kizimkazi dolphin tour

Kizimkazi dolphin tour: This kizimkazi dolphin tour is as well one of the best excursions to enjoy while on a Zanzibar safari tour. Kizimkazi dolphin tour can take a half day or full day depending on what clients want. This is done in the southern Zanzibar about 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive from stone town. Upon arrival, tourists then embark on a boat ride for about 10minutes to the point where these Dolphins are. Tourists will then enjoy swimming and playing with the dolphins in water as you enjoy the beautiful coral reefs, different fish species with stunning colors, and many other aquatic wildlife. Later in the afternoon, tourists are rewarded with a full afternoon at the white sandy beach relaxing before returning to their designated hotels for overnight. This is a full day adventure.

Nakupenda Island Tour

Nakupenda Island Tour: This is as well such a breath taking Safari Excursions in Zanzibar best for anyone regardless of age. This island is a beautiful destination for tourists who wish to relax and explore while enjoying the beautiful sceneries along this Island. While on this Nakupenda Island Tour, tourist will get to know more facts about this fascinating Island which was known in the 1880s to 1905 to have been a hiding place for the Arabs that were involved in human slave trade. Thus would hide along this Nakupenda Island as they wait for their cargos to be shipped.

Safari Excursions in Zanzibar
Nakupenda Island Tour

Tourists while on this Nakupenda Island Tour, enjoy a dhow cruise to Bawe Island where they as well enjoy guided snorkeling to watch beautiful colored fish species and the coral reefs. After enjoying Snorkeling, tourists then embark on a dhow cruise back to the shores. Bird lovers are rewarded with stunning views of plenty of bird species. Later on, enjoy your lunch and spend your afternoon gazing at the beach and finally embark on your drive back to your reserved hotel to grab a night rest.

Nungwi Village Tour

Nungwi Village Tour: While on a Zanzibar safari excursion, it is very necessary to visit the villages and get to know more about the life style of the locals. And this time round, I recommend a visit to Nungi Village of the best villages situated in the Northern part of Zanzibar. The major reason of taking on this safari excursion is to get deep insights of the lifestyle of the villagers and close your day with beach relaxation at the White Sands in the Northern part of Zanzibar. The best time to take on this Nungwi Village Tour is during the morning hours with a golden opportunity to visit the fish market where different fish species are displayed for sale including the Dorado fish, Puffer fish, Tuna fish, King fish and many other aquatic animals all caught along the coral reefs. During this Nungwi Village Tour, tourists as well are rewarded with views of endangered sea turtles, and many other fascinating attractions in this Nungwi village. There is yet an adventure into the boat yard where tourists can spend time with the boat yard owners and get to learn all the details about how these dhows are made right from collecting the woods to joining the body and finally to launch the finished dhow. This tour can as well take you a full day to fully enjoy this Nungwi Village Tour to maximum.

Prison Island Boat Trip

Prison Island Boat Trip: Prison Island is one of the famous islands in Zanzibar and it takes about 30 minutes cruise on a motorized boat to get to this beautiful Island situated in the western part of Zanzibar. Prison Island as the name states was earlier used as detention area when the slaves that would disobey them would be detained during the days of slave trade. Prison Island by then was known as Changuu but now it has become one of the top tourist attractions to visit while on Zanzibar safari excursion. The name changed from Chunguu to Prison Island to commemorate the act of the Arabs who detained disobedient slaves. Prison Island was then constructed by the by then president in 1873 and named it the present Prison Island. A safari excursion to this Island enables tourists to get to know all the detailed information about this Prison Island. Apart from the history of slave trade, Prison Island is as well one of the best places to visit for the tourists who love white sands. Prison Island is also a best spot for Snorkeling and Scuba diving. Why not explore this beautiful Island.

Safari Blue Boat Trip

Safari Blue boat trip: Safari Blue takes a full day safari excursion. This adventure requires the tourists to hire the best equipment for snorkeling, an experienced guide as well as an instructor and be ready to spend an entire on a safari blue boat trip. This activity starts early in the morning at 8:30am with a hotel pick up and set off on a cruise to the south west of Zanzibar to Fumba village which is roughly 40 minutes. While in Fumba village, tourists ready for safari blue boat trip are briefed about the adventure, given the life jacket and then get onto the dhow to begin the adventure exploring the Menai Bay while watching the beautiful and playful dolphins. Be sure to see dolphins while on this Safari Blue trip. The next adventure will be to drop the anchor at the sand bank where snorkeling equipment will be fitted and then get ready to enjoy a thrilling guided snorkeling session. You will then sail back to Fumba village arriving at the sunset at around 5:30pm. You will finally connect back to your hotel for a relaxed night.

Spice Island Tour

Spice Island tour : Zanzibar Island is one of the major producers of different natural spices and these species are planted along the spice Island. The Island has become famous ever since the Slave trade was abolished. Taking on this 3-4 hours tour along the spice Island in Zanzibar enables tourists to indulge in different spices. While on your next safari excursion to Zanzibar, kindly do not miss out this breath taking excursion of visiting the spice farms where you will be able to smell, feel and see unique and carefully selected species. You as well have a greater opportunity to purchase these spices direct from the source hustle free and at a cheaper price.

Safari Excursions in Zanzibar
Spice Island tour

Stone Town City Tour

Stone Town City Tour: Yes, you cannot say that you visited Zanzibar when you missed out the historic stone town. Stone town is such a beautiful and rewinding city in Zanzibar that thrills with fascinating old Arab structures of houses and mosques, bazaars and many other beautiful attractions each with its unique design. While on your next Zanzibar safari excursion, take an adventure into this stone town, walk around the streets of this city where you will admire plenty of artwork that was done about 200 years ago and now. In fact everything in stone town city appears new from the moment you step your foot in it to the time you exit the town. A stone town tour is basically a walking safari where tourists get a golden opportunity to visit the Fort Jesus, House of Wonders, the slave market, the craft shops, and many more but all in all, the architectural design of the buildings in Stone town is rewarding to watch. Throughout the walk, an experiences safari guide will be able to explain any question bending in your mind so feel free to exhaust anything you wish to know about stone town. This is a half day adventure thus you can do any other activity before or after the stone town city tour.


Zanzibar Island is undoubtedly such a stunning and fascinating safari destination with the best beaches not only in East Africa but in African continent. You surely need to spare some time and take on your next Africa safari. Zanzibar Island can be visited along but can as well be combined with wildlife safaris to different parks in Tanzania such as Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, and many more. You can as well combine your Zanzibar trip with wildlife viewing safari to other neighboring countries in East Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo. For Instance, you can combine gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo with a visit to Zanzibar Island.

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