Safari Activities In Watamu Marine National Park : Watamu Marine national park is located in the Northern region of Mombasa, which is ranked to be the second largest city in the country. This national park was established in 1968 with a main purpose of protecting and conserving all the wildlife animals and it is famously known as a complex of marine and its tidal habitats, which are found along Kenya’s North coast, which is home to a variety of bird species, fish species, dugongs and turtles. More so, there is a white sand beach, which is good place for snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing, and glass bottomed boat tours, which gives you a good experience while on a safari in Kenya.

Things to do in Watamu Marine National park.

Watamu Marine National park  is a traveller’s dream place for many people due to that the fact that touring around this game reserve gives one opportunities to engage in so many interesting activities  as they have a great marine experience and some of these activities include the following below;

Bird watching.

Watamu Marine national park is endowed with large numbers of bird species that tourists can also spot while they tour around the national park and these birds are best spotted within areas like; Mida creek, Dakatcha woodland, whale island, and around the Sabaki river mouth. Therefore, some of these are migrant and water birds which include; myriad egrets, terns, plovers, sandpipers, flycatchers, warblers, sunbirds, flycatchers, orioles, shrikes, common bulbul, bright yellow canaries, lizard buzzard, black kite, white brown coucal, speckled mouse bird, lilac breasted roller, kingfishers, Ospreygolden palm weaver’s and many others.


Watamu Marine national park is one of the best destinations where to go for the best fishing activities because it has a variety of the marine life, which ranges from the small fish to the bigger fish. In addition, the protected waters of Watamu are perfect and act as the breeding grounds for many fish. And some of these fish species that can be available for the fishers to see include; whale shark, spear fish, green sea turtles, angle fish, sword fish, sailfish, marlin, wrasse fish, lion fish, Octopus, crocodile fish, drummer fish, batfish, marlin damsel fish, marlin and many others. However, individuals should note the best prime season for fishing is between months of December to March.


Watamu Marine National park is considered as the greatest coral reefs, which has sea gardens that are surrounded with over 150 species of hard corals, and soft and touring around this park gives you chances to spot fan corals, brain corals and sponges that attract large numbers of over 1000 fish species. more so, the clear waters of watamu offer an excellent visibility to the snorkers and there are around 20 prime dive sites which are situated at about 30 minutes off the shores and these dive sites include; blue fin diving, black marine diving centre, turtle bay dive centre, watamu goggle boat, watamu fossil reef and many others.

Safari Activities In Watamu Marine National Park
Watamu Marine National Park

Apart from the above-mentioned things, there are more activities that one can do while they tour around Watamu Marine National Park and these include; dolphin watching where tourists are always accompanied with tour guides, turtle watching where tourists get to observe and learn more about the turtles as the rehabilitated turtles are released to the sea in large number. More so, they can choose to sail on the traditional Arabic dhow where tourists get to capture classic views of beautiful features like; birds, fish and many others.

Best time to visit Watamu Marine National park.

Due to the fact that Watamu Marine National park is located near the Equator hence which makes its climate warm all throughout the year. However, it is noted that the best time to visit in this park is between months of October to April when individuals can get to have a good experience and create good memories as they participate in all the activities above.

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