Rhino tracking in Akagera National Park : The beautiful Akagera National Park is the only savannah national park in Rwanda and the only place where you will see the Big Five including rhinos, Akagera National Park also known as Parc National de l’Akagera is located in Eastern Rwanda along the border of Rwanda and Tanzania.

The park covers an area of 1,200 square kilometers with 1/3 of the park dominated by a complex system of lake and linking papyrus swamps and is the largest protected wetland in central Africa. The park comprises of three eco-regions that is savannah, mountain and swamp.

Akagera National Park is home to a variety of wildlife including giraffes, zebras, antelopes such as cape elands, chestnut – coated impalas, lions, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, elephants among others.

Rhino Tracking is one of the newly introduced Rwanda safari activities in Akagera National Park, this activity offers you a chance to walk with the rhinos in the bush and see them up-close.

Each morning, the visitors will join the rhino trackers to track down the rhinos on foot to monitor them for their security and gather information about them and their health.

Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park takes place in the vast Kilala plains in the north of the park, the area is home to 30 rhinos of white rhino species that were introduced into the park at the end of 2021.

  White rhinos are grazers that is they feed downward on grass and the grassy Kilala plains is the ideal environment for them to thrive in. On the other hand, black rhinos are browsers feeding upward on leaves of tree branches that is why they are found in the south of the park that is dominated by acacia woodland and forests.

On the rhino walk in the company of the rhino monitors will give you a chance to learn about the rhinos and other wildlife which you will encounter along the way, the walk also offers you a chance to discover and see wildlife in a close range which is a very different experience from while on the vehicle.

How does one plan to do the Rhino tracking/trekking in Akagera?

Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park is only available to guests staying at the Karenge Bush Camp – a seasonal tented lodge found in the north of Akagera National Park overlooking the splendid Kilala plains.

If you are planning to do a rhino tracking experience in Akagera National Park, make it a point stay at Karenge Bush Camp.

Note: Karenge Bush Camp does not operate a whole year, it normally closes in April and November to mid – December.

Rhino tracking in Akagera National Park
Rhino tracking in Akagera National Park

Seeing the white rhinos is only done in the North of the park, the trips in Akagera National Park while trips in Akagera National Park start through the South of the park which has the entrance.

What is the cost of rhino tracking in Akagera national Park?

Rhino Tracking in Akagera National Park costs USD 75 per person, the experience takes a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people.

Is rhino tracking safe?

If you are concerned about your safety as you approach rhinos on foot, rhino tracking in Akagera National Park is very safe. White rhinos are not aggressive animals, they will tolerate your presence as long as you do not approach them too close.

This is in contrast to the black rhinos that are famously known for being very aggressive and dangerous. On the start of the experience, the rhino trackers will guide you guide on the safe distance to keep from the rhinos and how to behave when near the rhino during the briefing session.

Another frequently asked question about safety while rhino tracking in Akagera National Park is “the danger of encountering other wild animals such as lions, elephants and buffaloes which are deemed dangerous”. The trackers are knowledgeable about the possible other wildlife you may encounter and a plan a trail that is safe for walking. The team will also include armed personnel that can fire in the air so as to scare away an errant animal, however this is very unlikely.

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