Reasons To Why You Should Explore Kenya : Travellers who experience an African safari fall in love with the continent and its animals, making it the perfect “once in a lifetime” experience. Continue reading this article to know the reasons to why you should explore Kenya.

Kenya remains one of the top safari locations, having been among the first. These are my top five recommendations for things to do in Kenya.

Private Conservancies.

The National Parks are a very well-liked and reasonably priced vacation destination, but their popularity has a cost. Due to its popularity, there are a lot of tourists visiting these places, and you might see convoys of minivans surrounding the same animals. “Conservancies” were created to provide a more upscale experience, controlling the number of visitors while housing them in intimate safari camps. A Nairobi-based tour company called Game watchers Safaris was instrumental in the establishment of some of Kenya’s earliest conservancies on Maasai community territories. Here, they first built Porini Camps to house tourists in 1998 on property they had leased from the locals close to Amboseli National Park. Olare Motorogi and Naboisho Conservancies, also in the Mara, came next in 2004. Ol Kinyei Conservancy came next.

In Kenya, much of the wildlife is located outside of the parks due to the parks’ relatively limited size in comparison to the larger ecosystems of which they are a part. These outside buffer lands, which are essential to the parks’ sustainability, are typically used as communal grazing fields. However, land use has been quickly shifting during the past ten years. It took a while to visit with the community and ensure them that they would not be losing their land when Game watchers Safaris established each conservancy. Instead, collaborating with the business would present a chance to generate revenue from the land lease payments and jobs in their Porini Camps. The conservancy model demonstrated to the locals the value of their wildlife and the possibility of protecting and profiting from it by working in conjunction with a safari firm.

Reasons To Why You Should Explore Kenya
Lake Nakuru National Park

Incredible Wildlife.

You may nearly always see some of the more common grazing animals in Kenya, including buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, eland, giraffe, gazelles, impala, and waterbuck, no matter which park or reserve you choose to visit. Despite being widespread, you should not undervalue the enjoyment you will derive from witnessing them in their native environment.

Although they can be seen in most parks, lions, leopards, and cheetahs are more frequently seen in the Mara and Mara Conservancies. The greatest places to watch elephants are Selenkay and Amboseli, whereas Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Nairobi National Park, and Lake Nakuru Park are frequently visited by rhinos.

Even though everyone wants to see “The Big Five” (the lion, African leopard, rhinoceros, African elephant, and African buffalo), there are a tonne of other, lesser-known species as well as an amazing array of birds that can be seen in the various parks that are equally fascinating to observe. Apart from the conventional safari drives, you may also experience a sunrise balloon safari above the Maasai Mara, go on a guided walk, or mount an equine and explore the area.

Great Migration.

Herds of nearly a million grazing animals, including zebras and wildebeest, cross the border from Tanzania into Kenya’s Maasai Mara national reserve from July to October. They must cross the Mara River as part of their journey, and what draws visitors from all around the world is their struggle to swim across and then scramble up the riverbanks.

Consider travelling during the off-peak months to avoid the crowds and increased costs. Every year, between January and March, there is another migration, which is one of Kenya’s best-kept wildlife secrets. This sight is not a northward migration of wildebeest from the Serengeti, but rather an eastward migration from the plains of Loita to the Mara, passing via the conservancies of Ol Kinyei, Naboisho, and Olare Motorogi.

Reasons To Why You Should Explore Kenya
Great Migration

Eco-friendly Accommodation.

Tented camping is the best option for experiencing a true “Out of Africa” feeling. After spending the day observing wildlife, a “safari shower” is a pleasant experience. When you request it, staff will heat water and deliver it to you in a bucket that is ready to use whenever it’s convenient for you. You quickly pick up on adjusting the water supply to your own requirements! Instead of swimming pools or spas, eco-friendly “bush camps” have a crew of committed locals who work nonstop to make sure you have the greatest possible wildlife experience. Your stay will be enhanced by small details like hot water bottles to warm your bed at night, fresh home-cooked meals served in a cosy “mess tent,” and early morning tea brought to your tent.

The modest, cosy Porini safari camps are all managed according to ecologically responsible practices that are especially created to have the least possible impact. The camps are made entirely on solar energy, have no permanent buildings, and heat their water using unique, sustainable charcoal briquettes. The majority of visitors like it as a means to unwind from daily life and our digital culture.

Beautiful Beaches.

A leisurely couple of days by the water is the ideal way to relax after the excitement of a safari. Many of the safari parks provide direct flights to the coast, or you can take a connecting trip via Nairobi.

Kenya boasts a vast and stunning coastline, with long expanses of immaculate sand softly flowing into turquoise waters. Diani Beach provides deep-sea fishing and watersports, Watamu and Turtle Bay provide an amazing coral reef that draws divers, and Lamu Island is a honeymooner’s paradise. There are boutique residences, guest houses, and hotels to fit every budget. The family-run Water Lovers Beach Resort on Diani Beach is one of my favorites.

The Italian owners are enthusiastic about the region and everything it has to offer, and their guest rooms have a touch of the Mediterranean.

In summary, this article entails the reasons to why you should explore Kenya

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