Reasons to why Kenya is the Best Place to Travel in Africa :Kenya is a blessed country with the great diversity, both physically and culturally. Kenya is one of the Africa’s most popular safari destination for very good reasons, with the most blissful Indian Ocean beaches, craggy mountains, lush forests and wildlife-rich savannahs, minus everything there are number of the endless beautiful places to visit Kenya which makes it a different destination among others in the entire world. Kenya is one of the world’s magnificent wildlife destinations, with its parks, reserves and private conservancies are home to some of the highest and most diverse populations of the wildlife on the planet, also travelling across vast landscapes bathed in soft morning light, your African dreams unfold before your eyes.

Reasons to why Kenya safari is the best place to travel in Africa.

Diverse wildlife.

Kenya is gifted with various wildlife in that includes the big five mammals like leopard, buffalo, lion, rhino, elephant, these are such impressive and they are majorly found in national parks and reserves of Kenya like Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Tsavo National Parks and among others, not only that there are other various wildlife that can again be spotted in Kenya in the parks, reserves, conservancies  that includes the zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, eland, waterbuck, impala and among others these rewards you after spotting them from their natural habitats, Reasons to why Kenya is the Best Place to Travel in Africa.

Reasons to why Kenya is the Best Place to Travel in Africa
Flamingos in Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourists at the same time can enjoy spotting the different, attractive and beautiful bird species that are also found in Kenya with the famous and popular pink flamingos that are found in Lake Nakuru as these makes tourists to enjoy their birding safari in Kenya, minus the flamingos the tourists who visit Kenya enjoy spotting of other bird species in the national parks, reserves through bird watching safaris, nature walks, game driving and among others.

Great Migration.

Kenya is known for its natural wonders, that is from July to October over millions and millions of the wildebeest, thousands of zebras, gazelles and other animal species move from Serengeti National park in Tanzania to Maasai Mara National reserve in Kenya as they cross the Mara River while swimming across and then clamber up the riverbanks that attract tourists worldwide, though on the way many can be predated by the crocodiles from the river Mara.

Tourists always witness the great migration as is makes their safari the most meaningful after spotting the wildebeest in Maasai Mara National Reserve and it gives the tourists the best safari experiences in Kenya, Reasons to why Kenya is the Best Place to Travel in Africa.

Beautiful beaches.

A Kenya safari can never be complete minus exploring and relaxing at the beach, Kenya’s coastline with the long stretches of the pristine sands leading gently turquoise water, Kenya is so charming due to the fact that it borders with the Indian Ocean, with the various beaches it makes Kenya a complete Kenya safari. Kenya has got the most popular and spectacular Diani beach which offers the best watersports and deep-sea fishing, then Watamu and Turtle Bay provides the tourists with the spectacular coral reef attracts divers, without forgetting Lamu which is the perfect destination for the honeymooner’s. Tourists enjoy the variety of the beach resorts especially on Diani Beach, and attractive accommodations with rooms that have Mediterranean touch and the Italian owners are passionate about the area and all that is has to offer.

Reasons to why Kenya is the Best Place to Travel in Africa
Diani Beach

Eco-friendly accommodation.

A Kenya safari becomes charming with a tented camp, this is where the tourists enjoy the real meaning of experiencing the African safari, these eco-friendly accommodations though they have no swimming pools or spa facilities but you can be blessed with the best wildlife experience, nothing beats like from early morning tea that can be delivered to your tent, then hot water bottles to warm your bed at night and delicious home food enjoyed in the very comfortable ‘’mess tent’’ all combine to enhance your stay in Kenya.

Most of the camps whether, small and intimate safari camps are such environmental friendly with no impact, like using solar power for lighting and heating water with the special eco-friendly, sustainable charcoal briquettes, this makes the most of the tourists enjoy their stay and always Kenya as the best safari destination because its exceptional.

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