Reasons to explore Machakos : Did you realize that Nairobi is not as old as Machakos? Ten years before Nairobi assumed that role in 1887, it was founded as the British colony’s initial administrative hub. This was a position that Machakos had held until the Lunatic railway line’s routing stole it.

This was reportedly due to the railway line passing 24 KM (15 MI) too far from the town, which prevented it from being Kenya’s first capital city. The town’s status as the oldest administrative municipality in East and Central Africa was unaffected by this, nevertheless.

Apparently, Machakos was denied the opportunity to become the first capital city of Kenya since the railway line planned to pass 24 KM (15 MI) away from the city.

Machakos is a bustling town these days, “the place to be,” as they say. It makes sense that it hosted the well reported peace negotiations between Sudan and the United States that led to the July 20, 2002, Machakos Protocol.

Breathtaking Scenery.

Machakos is renowned for its breathtaking landscape, which is highlighted by many hills, some of which provide excellent areas for hiking and camping. The most remarkable feature is the portion of the town’s eastern flank that faces northward: the Iveti Hills.

Machakos is renowned for its breathtaking landscape, which is peppered with several hills, some of which are excellent locations for hiking and camping.

There are legends about how the famed Kamba prophetess Syokimau predicted the arrival of white men on the hillsides by speaking and flying like birds and by using the intestines of birds as a means of transportation.

The untamed landscape of Machakos County is breathtaking. The other location, Iveti Forest, is well-known for its picturesque peaks, pine and cedar trees, and the breathtakingly gorgeous vista that makes for a worthwhile walk at dawn or dusk. From that vantage position, you can take in the breathtaking views of Mombasa Road and Machakos Town, which are wonderfully illuminated at night. The second-highest peak in Machakos County is the woodland.

Artsy Heritage.

Wamunyu is the best location to witness the fabled Kamba artistic legacy. Some of the most exquisite wood sculptures in the world may be found at Wamunyu.

  1. An Air of Deep Mystery.

Machakos is a mysterious and fascinating place. Consider the location on Kituluni Hill in Kaloleni, which is close to Ngelani. Locally referred to as Kya Mwilu, it is well-known for a mysterious occurrence in which water defies gravity. Although the mechanism behind this is yet unknown, it is eerily beautiful to witness in motion.

The McMillan Castle lies within the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park. The enigmatic house, which occupies an area equivalent to three basketball courts, has left the locals perplexed for more than a century over why a childless couple felt the need to build such a large home.

Reasons to explore Machakos
Explore Machakos
  1. Possibility of Extremity.

If jumping from a few hillsides is your thing, the majority of Machakos’ hills offer fantastic opportunity to try out some extreme activities, including paragliding, in addition to their picturesque appeal.

Machakos is named after Masaku wa Munyati, a prominent Kamba chief and seer, according to local Kamba tradition. Sultan Hamud sent Masaku to Kamba country in 1816, where he lived at Kiima Kimwe, also known as the Hill of the Dew.

It is stated that after one of the brothers killed a woman in Sultan Hamud, he and his kin were running from approaching customary justice. It was customary to execute a woman from the offending clan in order to make amends.

The entire clan set out in the dead of night to reach Kiima Kimwe, their new home, as Masaku and his people were unwilling to lose a daughter in this manner.

Don’t forget to check out the well-known People’s Park. The park provides excellent room and atmosphere for a variety of activities.

Make sure to stop at the well-known People’s Park. The park provides excellent room and atmosphere for a variety of Kenya safari activities. There’s an outdoor amphitheatre where events can be held, and there are plenty of playgrounds among the large areas.

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