Reasons for exploring Mount Kilimanjaro : Approximately 50,000 individuals travel to Tanzania each year to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It draws climbers, hikers, and everyone in between as the highest peak in Africa. From the mountain, there are breathtaking vistas. You will have numerous chances for taking photos of stunning vistas, unique animals, and beautiful vegetation.

When you visit Mount Kilimanjaro, you’re exploring one of the world’s recognizable natural wonders. Ascending and descending the mountain will expose you to nearly every kind of climate. You will have an incredible sense of accomplishment when your safari is over. 

1. it’s one of the seven summits.

The Seven Summits are 7 of the world’s most famous mountains and the tallest mountains from each of the 7 continents. This includes mountains such as Mount Everest in Nepal and Denali (formerly Mount McKinley) in Alaska, United States.

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the simplest mountains to scale out of the Seven Summits. No specialized equipment, ropes, or prior climbing expertise are required. People ranging from ages 6 to their mid-80s hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in the past.

But this doesn’t mean there aren’t dangers. It’s essential you get ready, listen to your body, and pay attention to your surroundings while climbing any mountain. 

2. A very well-maintained mountain.

Park rangers make every effort to make sure that no rubbish is left behind. All bags entering and exiting the park are weighed by park rangers, who also impose fines on hikers whose bags are excessively light.

The mountain lacks roads and only has a maximum of seven routes. Every trail has outhouses to keep waste off the path. The routes are always immaculate despite the large number of visitors to Mount Kilimanjaro each year. 

3. See fascinating wildlife.

Buck bucks, tree hyraxes, elands, and several primates, including baboons, can all be found here. With any luck, you might spot a honey badger, black rhino, or bush baby during hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. 

4. Remote and accessible.

Mount Kilimanjaro offers a lonely wilderness, situated near the wild Serengeti. It is, nevertheless, also quite reachable. There is excellent support infrastructure surrounding the mountain, including options for accommodation, gear stores, and ground transportation.

There are numerous rooms and locations to set up camp as you up the mountain. As previously indicated, hikers may assist keep garbage off the route by using the basic outhouses. As you trek up Mount Kilimanjaro, you may take in the beauty of an isolated but cosy wilderness. 

5. Mount Kilimanjaro is a natural wonder.

At the warm equator of the planet is Mount Kilimanjaro. However, snow covers its lofty summits.

The peak is surrounded by a verdant forest. But there are miles and miles of arid savannah just outside the forest.

This mountain is a natural marvel due to its diversity of climates. In just one week, hiking can take you through a steamy tropical forest and up into the wintery heights. Every day as you go, the plant and animal life will alter dramatically.

When hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, there are two really special and fascinating species that you simply must see. They are Africa’s tallest tree, the magnificent Kilimanjaro tree, and the stunning elephant flower.

6. Study climate change.

Scientists researching the consequences of climate change are among the hordes of hikers on Kilimanjaro. The mountain’s fast melting glaciers and snow peaks 80% of which have disappeared since 1912 are the biggest indicator.

Researchers also look at the biodiversity of the mountain’s many climates. The populations and behaviours of the mountain’s flora and fauna are impacted by climate change. Any scientist studying climate change must visit Mount Kilimanjaro. 

7. Feel a sense of accomplishment.

Not everybody is able to Summit Mountains. And even fewer reach the summit. Reaching the top of this mountain is as much of a feat as reaching your other significant achievements. You can sign your name in a hidden journal once you’ve reached the summit. You can write your name in the secret notebook on Uhuru Peak to become a part of history. 

8. Contribute to the local economy.

Numerous residents run regional businesses, serve as hiking guides, manage motels, and grow food in the region. By going to mount Kilimanjaro, you can help one of the world’s poorest countries’ local economies flourish. 

9. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro for a worthy cause.

People also climb this mountain primarily to promote awareness or for charitable purposes.

A few disabled persons scale Mount Kilimanjaro to demonstrate that their condition need not be a barrier to their passions or prohibit them from pursuing their goals. You have the chance to show altruism by hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Plan your visit to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a must-see safari destination for everyone who enjoys trekking, feels driven to achieve great things, or wants to give back to the community.

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