Oloolua Nature Trail, is the spectacular safari destination in Nairobi Kenya. Oloolua nature tail is popularly known as the nature destination where there is presence of the waterfall that is such amazing where the tourists enjoy listening to the roaring of the water. Oloolua nature trail provides the tourists with the best safari experience in the calm and conducive environment. Oloolua nature trail is the fun nature gateway in the middle of Karen, with bamboo garden that feels the tourists very comfortable during their safari time while during in the trail.

Oloolua nature trail is located in Kenya in the Karen neighborhood in Nairobi in the beautiful of the indigenous tropical dry Oloolua forest in Kenya. This is the best and amazing safari that you can ever get in your life while experiencing and enjoying being in the presence of the gorgeous Oloolua forest that is located in Kenya. On a safari to Kenya while visiting the Oloolua Forest, it as well got the institute of the Primate Research (IPR) in Nairobi that is also located about 20 km from the Nairobi city center in the Karen suburb.

Attractions on Oloolua Nature Trail.

Tourists who come for the safari at the Oloolua nature trail do enjoy sighting the various and different attractions that are found in the forest that makes the tourists safari the most incredible and spectacular one with the unforgettable safari memories.

Natural cave.

Natural cave is such unique and awesome that can be found. This is such impressive with about 37 meters long deep in to the forest surface, and in Kenya’s history the cave was nice used by the Mau Mau fighters during the colonial periods. Currently the natural cave inhabits various wildlife including both the animal species and the bird species especially the bats and other inclusive small mammals.

Bamboo resting point.

For the tourists who happen to visit the Oloolua natural trail do witness themselves the most magnificent monocot grass species that has made the atmosphere of the area invites you to take a rest and at the same time to reflect and embrace the nature in the very silent world. This gives you the ever best Kenya safari experiences while you’re in the cool environment.

Beautiful waterfall.

Oloolua Nature Trail
Oloolua Nature Trail

Inside the Oloolua nature trail there is presence and the most breathtaking waterfall with the fall draining into the Mbagathi River. On a safari to the trail you cannot get tired being at the destination because the roaring sound from the waterfall gives you the most precious time while you’re at the waterfall. Combing the trickling water and the cheeping birds in Nairobi. Are the your stories to tell you about the meaning of what nature means together with the whispering sounds which are  such automatically sets you into the serene nature mood hence making you different with a smile after admiring nature.

Papyrus swamp.

The papyrus swamp is such attractive for most of the tourists who come on a Kenya safari as this evokes reflections on the religion and ancient worlds. In the past history that happened, the Egyptians first made paper from this plant, and it’s in Kenya where it was got majorly found in the swampy wetlands and requires the special conservation efforts.

Best time to visit Oloolua Nature Trail.

Every time you can tend to visit and explore Oloolua nature trail, but the best time to visit the destination is during the period from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day from Monday to Friday. Then for the case of the weekends and including the public holidays is from 9:00 am to 08:00 pm.Thats the period when there are no more overcrowding of people that are found in the trail. And in that period that’s when the tourists tend to get the chance the Oloolua forest very well and get the chance of sight the various features that are found in the forest.

Entry charges

Category Citizens (Ksh) Non-Residents (Ksh) Residents (Ksh)
Children 100 300 200
Adults 200 600 400

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