Nyali Beach is situated on the peninsula of mainland that slopes down next to Mombasa Island, a little distance south along the coast from Mombasa Beach. Its lovely white sands extend in a wide ribbon for several kilometers as it curves north-easterly around the peninsula’s southern coast.

Nyali Beach, which is a part of the Mombasa Marine Reserve, is comparatively unpopulated. Its waters are both safe and peaceful, offering plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. At the southern end of Nyali Beach, there is also a natural cavern known as the Lord Shiva Gombeshwar Caves, which is Sayed to increase the fertility of women who visit it. It is near several high-end hotels and a plethora of eateries.

Nyali Beach
Nyali Beach

When families travel from urban Mombasa to the coast on weekends and holidays, Nyali Beach become busier. Nyali is renowned for its opulent hotels, stunning residences, and miles of white sand beaches. Nyali is famous for having great tourism potential due to its tranquil waters, lodging options, and white sand beaches and sea that are popular with divers.

It has developed into a relatively westernized residential area since its inhabitants don’t need to cross the crowded Nyali Bridge to get to the crowded Mombasa center because it is home to all of the essential necessities of life, including supermarkets, cinemas, retail malls, banks, schools, and post offices.

Tourist Activities in Nyali Beach

The Mamba Village, the largest crocodile farm in Africa, Nyali Golf Club, several embassies, and some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the coastal region are just a few of the notable locations in Nyali Beach.

Relax on the beach: Enjoy the pristine sand and relax on the shore. Look for Shiva Cave at the beach’s southernmost point; it is said to improve tourists’ fertility.

Visit the Tamarind Restaurant for dinner: Tamarind Restaurant, which has beautiful white arches and overlooks the harbor, is situated here. Tamarind seafood salad, black pepper crab, and twice-cooked pork belly are all on the restaurant’s exquisite menu. Additionally, you’ll want to sample the desserts, the alcoholic coffees, and the mangrove oysters.

Workshops and Cultural Center in Bombolulu: The Company creates fine crafts and offers vocational training to people with diverse physical abilities. Visit the studios and store to purchase textiles, leatherwork, jewelry, sisal bags, and carvings.

Mamba Village Crocodile Farm: Visit the largest reptile farm in Kenya to view 5m-long crocodiles in all stages of development, from newborns to 100-year-olds.

Cafeteria: The tastiest cakes on the coast may be found at Cafesseire in Nyali City Mall. Additionally, the area is distinctive due to the breezy, laid-back climate. Brunch options on the cafe’s menu include bagel sandwiches and heartier mains like masala fish. Enjoy Tuskers, lattes, and fresh fruit juice.

Indian Nyali Beach: Indian and Western meals are both available on the extensive menu at Splendid View Restaurant. It is related to the original Mombasa branch.

Getting there

After departing from Nairobi international airport (NBO), drive or take a flight to Mombasa airport, then take a taxi or shuttle minibus to Nyali Beach.

The best time to visit

All year round, the weather is pleasant at Nyali beach. On average, temperatures range from 28 ° (in July) to 33 ° (in February). The sea is always a pleasant temperature. The temperature ranges between 25° and 29°. November, April, and May are the wettest months. The months of August, September, and October are ideal for visiting Nyali Beach. The greatest time to visit Kenya’s Nyali Beach is during the dry season, which lasts nearly the entire year with the exception of a brief wet season from late April to early June.

Nyali Beach
Nyali Beach


The beach also has a ton of tourist-friendly entertainment venues and activities, like beach volley, windsurfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, and much more. There are numerous luxurious hotels along almost the entire seaside, including Nyali Beach Resort, Voyager Hotel, Reef Hotel, and Mombasa Beach Hotel.

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