Ngare Ndare forest is located in the Timau Meru Country Kenya, it’s one of the most thrilling attractions, which is known as a lush indigenous forest at the northern foothills of Mount Kenya, the Azure pools glisten at the bottom of the waterfalls and 200 years old trees stretch into the canopy supporting a rich variety of the bird and animal life. Ngare Ndare forest is safari destination where it is avital corridor that links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Northern Kenya to Mount forest reserve, and one which elephants have been using for the centuries. Ngare Ndare means the ‘’waterfall of the Gods’’ in Maasai is very rightfully named.

The Ngare Ndare Forest Trust exists to ensure sustained conservation and development of the surrounding communities. In the maintaining the forest as a key water tower in the northern Kenya, communities are involved in the decision making to conserve wildlife and natural resources while improving their livelihoods.

Ngare Ndare forest

Attractions in the Ngare Ndare Forest.

Bird species.

It is a birding destination with over 429 of birds, with the 356 being the resident bird species, of which some are the migratory bird species. The rare spectacular birds like Hurtlabs turaco and the Narina trogon, White-headed vulture, can be found here in the forest and many more bird species, the tourists can be able to view various beautiful bird species in the forest.

Animal species.

Ngare Ndare forest has got the big five animal species that includes the leopard, rhino, lion, buffalo and the rhino, in the forest there are other small animals like the bush bucks, waterbucks, warthogs, hyenas and many more, the forest on the side is a home to the most elusive monkey, the colobus monkey. It contains more animal species which makes the tourists to enjoy the nature species in the forest.

The blue waters and waterfall of the Ngare Ndare forest.

Viewing the in their blue state is a highlight for everyone, and viewing the magnificent awesome waterfalls, that’s why it is worth visited even when they are not blue especially during the rainy seasons, then at the shallow end of the pool gas a good spotting site,

Ngare Ndare forest
Hiking to the waterfalls

Activites done at the Ngare Ndare forest Kenya.

Hiking safaris.

Hiking  to the pool takes about 50 minutes with 2 brief stops along the way, it is a quite an easy hike compared to the Mount Longonot. It can be amazing to reach at the blue waters, where the guests are welcomed to plunge into the freezing waters of the main waterfall and pool, where the tourists can swim from there.

Canopy walkway.

Canopy walkway is such amazing activity done by the tourists on Ngare Ndare safari, though it can be such scary in some parts, the activity is more stable and loved than the Lekki Conservation centers, and during the canopy walkway the tourists can get the chance to view some animal species like the elephants and many more. Ngare Ndare is one of the few forests in Kenya with an increasing canopy cover, due to the annual planting of over 50,000 indigenous tress from the Nagare Ndare Forest trust ( NNFT ) tree nursery.


Ngare Ndare forest has got no accommodation facilities in the forest, camping is the best option where the tourists can stay during their time at the Ngare Ndare forest, so  the campsite is located in a clearing in a busy area so no stunning views here. There is also provision of the camp fire to the tourists due to the coldness.

Best time to visit the Ngare Ndare Forest.

It is best visited during the dry season which is the best in the months of June to October and December to March. With the climate change happening at times this can be a deal or miss. This is, during the dry season the roads to leading to the forest are more easily accessible especially if you do not have the 4×4 vehicle and the pools maintain a beautiful turquoise blue colour, during the rainy season, they can be having a brown hue and a 4×4 vehicle is necessary to navigate the roads.

Entrance fees for Ngare Ndare forest.

Residents and the Kenya adult citizens pay Ksh 2000 per day for the entrance fees for the forest, pools and the canopy walkway, while the non-residents adults pay Ksh 4000.Then children between the ages of 10 and 15 pay the half of the adult prices, then there is a Ksh 1000 guide/ranger fee and a Ksh 500 car entry fee per group.

Then if you opt to camp inside the forest, the charges for that are Ksh 3000 per person for the resident and the citizens, Ksh 5000 for non-residents and Ksh 1000 for an armed ranger. Children also pay half the price.

Where to stay.

There are various accommodations that are prepared to the tourists who come that are arranged into the Budget, Mid-range, Luxury and as well as camping options that includes the Sweetwater’s Eco-Farm and Cottages, Sieku Glamping and many others.

Ngare Ndare forest
Sweetwater’s Eco-Farm

How to get to the Ngare Ndare forest.

This can be accessed from Nairobi to the forest.

By Road transport.

Ngare Ndare Forest is located about 4.5 hours away from Nairobi, from the Nanyuki town the Ngare Ndare forest is another hour’s drive and then you reach.

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