Nairobi Kenya’s Capital Top Tourist Attractions  : Nairobi is the largest capital city of Kenya, this is the most beautiful and creates the stunning magical of Kenya to the tourists who come to visit the country and it seems that the city never relaxes, the Nairobi city is such thrilling with all the boundless energies and it is a thriving place where all the human necessities be found in fact the city satisfies everyone who comes on a safari because it got all the needs and provides the most incredible attractions. Nairobi is a favorite place to stay, live, tour and it has got the friendliest and caring people to associate with during your safari.

Nairobi has got the strong attractions that will answer your safari, it gives you the best safari experience while enjoying the most breathtaking environment of the city as these gives you the unforgettable safari experiences. Nairobi is such rewarding in every safari that you wish to carry from there like the luxury honey moon, business trips, wildlife safari and many others during your time in Kenya.

Nairobi Kenya’s capital top tourist attractions.

Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park is the top head safari attraction in Nairobi, various tourists do travel that is both the international and local tourists to Nairobi to enjoy the wildlife in Nairobi National Park this is such amazing to tourists, the park is located 7 kilometers from the city. Nairobi National Park explains to what the nature of Kenya is, through taking you to the most Kenya wildlife safari in the park.

Nairobi Kenya's Capital Top Tourist Attractions
Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park offers the tourists the great opportunity to learn what you can expect to see across the country and offers the tourists the most awesome of the Kenya’s great animal species, also some bird species that are over 400 bird species can be spotted by the tourists in the park without forgetting the most rewardable and attractive local tree species. Nairobi National Park is the most unique national park in the world that is its location is close to the city center do not miss up your safari to Kenya to see the most attractive and the top head attraction in Nairobi.

Nairobi National Park is also known as the rhino sanctuary, with a collection of the more endangered species, the park is famous for rhinos, lions, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes and many more the park is also famous as an ivory burning site, during 1989 President Moi ignited the tons of the elephant tusks and rhino horns from here to boost the wildlife conservation, and currently the place is a historic site. The most rewarding moment is a safari walk in the park as this gives you the most loved wildlife spotting on foot, walking around Hippo Pools, and at the park’s main gate you can bond with the orphaned baby elephants and rhinos at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Nairobi National Museum.

Nairobi National Museum is the amazing safari attraction located in Nairobi which has got the most information about Kenya’s history and the culture, the museum is managed by National Museum of Kenya where it preserves, protects, collect, store, conserves, prepares the Kenya’s past and present culture of the natural heritage of the country. Tourists who visit Nairobi are rewarded with the most interesting Kenya’s art gallery, Temporary exhibitions, botanical gardens, nature trails, shopping, dining facilities and among others.

Nairobi National Museum as well it is known as the educational way to spend a few moment on a city stopover, the museum displays the diverse natural history of the country that is more than 900 stuffed birds and mammals, fossils from the Lake Turkana, the ethnic displays from the various Kenyan tribal groups, and exhibits. The museum also displays the geology gallery with the most impressive collection of the rocks and minerals and therefore the tourists do learn about the plates and the life cycle of a volcano, Nairobi Kenya’s Capital Top Tourist Attractions .

Nairobi National Museum is well equipped and provides all what the tourists deserves, in that also the tourists do purchase the combination tickets that includes the entrance to the snake park where the tourists do explore almost the Kenya’s snake species and reptiles, Nairobi National Museum provides the tourists with the nature trip because it has got what it required for a tourist to see in the real nature.

Nairobi Kenya's Capital Top Tourist Attractions
Nairobi National Museum

Bomas of Kenya.

A Nairobi safari cannot be complete minus visiting the Bomas of Kenya, because this preserves, promotes and maintain the rich and the diverse cultural values of the various ethnic groups of Kenya, Bomas of Kenya is among the top tourist attraction in Nairobi because it portrays the true cultural values of the country in their pure format, on a safari to the Bomas of Kenya the tourists enjoys the various  displays of the traditional and colorful dancers and spread over many areas, Bomas of Kenya also displays the various and thrilling mud huts and the former traditional Kenyan homesteads which gives the tourists the unforgettable memories.

Bomas of Kenya is amazing place where the tourists get to learn the lifestyle, art, music, crafts and the culture of each tribe of Kenya, the complex combines a recreated traditional village with the homesteads or bomas as each one reflecting the culture of a major ethnic group, the tourists do enjoy the various traditional dances and songs that are performed by the different teams in the large theater, and hence making the tourists to enjoy the audience participation.

Nairobi Kenya's Capital Top Tourist Attractions
The Bomas of Kenya

Nairobi Railway Museum.

Nairobi Railway Museum gives you the entire moments to how Nairobi city came into the existence, this is situated in the old railway building along the Uhuru highway, the Nairobi Railway museum provides all the wanted information that is the main gallery, the resource centre, wagons, coaches, an auditorium and an outdoor collection of the locomotives, this is a such embracing that should not be missed on a safari in Kenya.

Nairobi Railway Museum celebrates the rich history of the railroad in Kenya and hence impacting on the Kenya’s development, the museum has also got the fascinating collections that includes the train and ship models, pictures from the original construction of the Uganda Railway, railway magazines, maps and drawings, silver service set used on the overnight trains to Mombasa. Also a collection of steam locomotives and the rolling stock are also set and the tourists do view them like MV Liemba that was built by the Germans. The most amazing exhibit is the carriage used to hunt the man-eaters of Kima in 1900 that is Captain Charles Ryall, a colonial officer, positioned himself in the carriage to shoot a lion.

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