Mombasa Beaches : Mombasa is the astonishing safari destination famous for its super beaches in the world, Mombasa destination is majorly visited by the by both the local and international tourists who come to Kenya, Mombasa gives the travelers the best and unforgettable Kenya safari memories due to the fact that Mombasa borders the Indian Ocean it has got the collection of the award-winning beaches that are mostly recognizable and visited including Diani beach to be the most popular one.

Mombasa beaches.

Mombasa beaches are located in the Mombasa’s coastline that is divided into two mainly parts that includes the North coast and the south coast, the latter of which is accessible through a ferry service from the North coast.

The North coast has got four famous safari beaches that has got the various attractions and mostly the tourists do select them as their main beach safari destination in Mombasa because they are such incredible and attractive that includes;

Nyali Beach.

Nyali beaches are so quite popular to the travelers in fact the beaches are so close proximity to the city center that means that the water quality is not pristine, the beach gives the guests the ideal for long walks.

Mombasa Beaches
Nyali Beach

Nyali beach has got the calm water that attracts the tourists to the beach, during the safari at the beach the travelers can enjoy the safari activities like visiting bombolulu workshops and cultural center, visiting the Mamba village crocodiles farm, having a meal at Tamarind restaurant,

Bamburi beach.

Bamburi beach is stunning beachfront property offers the most secluded views of the Indian Ocean and the beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind, is approximately close to the city, with the most conducive water quality compared to the most of the safari beaches in Mombasa, Bamburi beach is mostly crowded during the weekend times where the travers do come to hang around with their families, friends especially the downside of the beach, because of the most white sand and the palm trees that gives the most happiness to the tourists on a safari and a beach vibe, with the strip of pale sand, backed by the palm trees and flowering beach convolvulus and lapped by the shallow turquoise water.

English point.

English point is the least popular beach, though this gives the tourists the most breathtaking views of the Indian ocean and also old town to the guests but the beach is not an ideal for swimming, also it has got the smaller beach in size compared to the rest of the beaches but the guests can be filled with the best views ever at the English point that gives the tourists the unforgettable memories on a safari.

Shazu beach.

Shazu beach gives the tourists the most charming white sand and the palm trees where the tourists enjoy the natural beauty and the real meaning of the beach safari because of its less crowdness compared to Bamburi beach and Nyali beach.

The south coast.

The south coast in Mombasa has got the main and two notable beaches that includes Tiwi beach and Diani beach.

Diani Beach.

Diani beach is the most popular and the best beach in Kenya though it has been recognized as the best African best safari beach on the multiple occasions, there are various world-class beach resorts on Diani Beach that provides the best services to the tourists on a beach safari which makes the tourists life stunning in Kenya, Diani beach is so incredible with the white sand where you soak your feet and enjoy your beach safari in Kenya as well there are most of the resorts that are set in the amazing tropical gardens where the guests do get the chance of observing some of the nature creatures like the monkeys, bird species and among others.

Mombasa Beaches
Diani Beach

Tiwi Beach.

Tiwi beach in the south coast is so welcoming in fact this is the beach that accepts everyone in general the beach is more ideal for vacations as they are less crowded which gives travelers enough time and good environment to concentrate on a beach, Tiwi beach is situated away from the city center which ensures the travelers with the most clean and ocean water in its friendly pristine conditions which makes the beach to be the most selective in Mombasa.

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