Mikumi national park is located near the Morogoro, in south Tanzania it covers an area of 3,230km2 which is the fourth largest national park in the country, it was established in 1964, the park is crossed by the Tanzanian A-7 highway, Mikumi national park was established with the aim of conserving the rare of the Antelopes that were found in the area. The scenic landscape of hardwood trees, savanna dotted with acacia and grassy plains dotted with iconic baobab trees, tamarinds, and some rare palm harbors quite a number of wildlife species. Mikumi is in of the one most reliable places in Tanzania for animal sightings especially during the dry season.

Attractions in Mikumi national park.


Mikumi national park is blessed with a variety of animal species including the elephants, buffalos, zebras, wildebeest, hyenas, leopards, lions, rare African wild dogs, sable antelopes, great kudu and many more. Most animals in the park are found in the central part of the park along the Mkata plains that is cut off to the North West by the main highway that crosses through the park, while the shy kudu and sable antelopes are easily seen along the dotted Miombo woodlands which are located in the south east of the park near the Vuma hills.

Bird species.

 Mikumi national park has both the permanent and migratory birds, the species of the birds in the park are over 400 species, in the park the most larger numbers of the bird species are mostly found in the southern part of Tanzania, the bird species found in the park includes the Black billed stork, Yellow throated long claw, secretary bird, Guinea fowl, Ox peckers, Bateleur eagles, cattle egret, Open billed stork, Zanzibar red bishop, Lilac breasted roller, Martial eagle, Superb starling any many others, in the park the European migratory birds are usually their,  then visit the park for a birding safari during the rainy season.

Mikumi national park
Zanzibar red bishop


Mikumi national park is situated in between the mountains hence making the park more attractive the scenic views of the mountain have the unique formation system which attracts more tourists especially the researchers, writers, photographers in the park. In the park the most attractive mountain is the Uluguru mountain in that the mountain is so attractive where by every tourist would wish to hike during the tour, other mountain in the park includes the Udzugwa, Uvidunda Malundwe mountains, then Malundwe mountain consists of three peaks with the highest peak found on the southern part peaching up to 1290 meters.

Kinole waterfalls.

Kinole waterfalls is not found inside the park but it’s  one of the key attraction in Mikumi national park, the Kinole waterfalls is found in Morogoro few kilometers away from the town, the Kinole waterfalls are located in Uluguru mountains in the village of Kinole, the waterfall was named after the village where its located, with the great scenic views, where you can swim below the waterfall or hike to the top of the falls where the local guides are available from Morogoro town who drives you deep in the village until the point where you start the hike from.


The cultural visits in Mikumi national park are the locals were they are organized under their umbrella Chilunga Cultural tourism with knowledgeable guides who they are, their history and they have their offices near around the Morogoro near the park’s gate. The tourists meet and chat with locals moving with them where the locals show them their cultural dances, cooking and many more activities. The cultural tourism is one of the ways of promoting sustainable tourism since the locals are actively involved in the tourism management while the various different villages and cultures found around the park are the Choma, Maasai, Kinole, Madole and any others.

Activities done in Mikumi national park.

Game Driving.

Mikumu national park offers the tourists a chance to view various animal species in their natural habitat, as some of the animal species in the park includes the elephants, giraffes, elands, zebras, hippos, antelopes and many more in the park, as well if you’re lucky you can come across the lions on a hunt making killings.

Mikumi national park
Game drives

Bird watching.

Mikumi national park has over 400 bird species ranging from the migratory, savanna, water birds and many more in the park, the tourists in the park while be able to view various bird species in the park like the yellow, throated long claw, Secretary birds, lilac breasted roller, bateleurs eagle, Zanzibar red bishop and many more in the park, the birder will be able to view and modify the most of the birds in the park.


Mikumi national park offers camping activity to the tourists who come to visit the park that is the park has both public and private camping sites, though in different arrangements.  The guests enjoy the great wilderness nature of the Mikumi national park. The best time of camping in the park is during the dry season in the months of June and  November, the private campsite is in Vuma hills as well-known Campsite 5, while the public campsite is at Nkata plains known as 1,3.

Nature walks.

Guests in Mikumi national park get exposure to the park premises in that the nature walks help the tourists to explore the surroundings of the park the features, wildlife, birds and many other surroundings.


Mikumi national park favors picnics to the tourists as this is where the tourists spend much of their time in their picnic sites inside the park as they are notifying many features of the park this is done while they are enjoying their packed lunch with them.

Entrance fees of Mikumi national park.

  EA(Tshs) Non EA Citizen (USD) Expatriate/ residents(USD)
Of above the age of 16 years 5000 30 15
Between the age of 5 and 15 years. 2000 10 5
Children below the age of 5 years. Free Free Free

Best time to visit Mikumi national park.

The best time to visit the park is during June to October that’s during the dry season, when the wildlife concentrate around waterholes and rivers thus making the tourists to easily spot the various animal species in the park.

Where to stay in Mikumi national park.

Mikumi national park has various accommodation facilities for the guests in that the park has camping sites both  the private and public sites like the Stanely’s Kopje camp, Mikumi Wildlife Camp, Angalia Tents camp,  not only that the park has other accommodations like Tan- Swiss Lodge, Vuma Hill Tented Lodge,  Voyage village, Mikumi Faru Tented and many others, the  accommodation facilities in the park provides the guests with the best and comfortable beddings plus the best services and facilities.


How to get Mikumi national park.

Mikumi national park can be accessed by air, road, and train from Dar es Salaam to the park.

By Road means.

Mikumi National Park can be accessed by direct highway that starts from Dar es Salaam through Mikumi national park, through using the public means which takes you like 4 to 5 hours as well as the private means, the park is a few kilometers away from Mikumi town or their largest town Morogoro town.

By Flight means.

There are no direct flights that fly to the Mikumi national park but you can use available option of the flights to Iringa airport then drive picks your, or you can take a flight to the Ruaha national park or Selous and then reach the park.

By Train means.

Mukimi national park can be accessed by the use of train, the train passes the interior of the park, due to the fact that the train with its speed makes it the best way to explore the region through game viewing the various animal species in the park. The train operates from Dar es Salaam to the Zambia in south of Africa. From Dar es Salaam to Man’gula and from Man’gula using the road to reach the park.

Mikumi national park is so amazing park in that the park is the best birding safari destination in Tanzania with the most attractive and colorful species of birds which are over 400 species the notable residents of the park includes the colorful lilac-breasted roller, yellow-throated long claw, bateleur eagle, joined by a host of European migratory birds from November to April.

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