Masai Mara Reserve Entry Fees & Park Rules 2021 & 2022 : Masai Mara national reserve is the most popular safari destination in Kenya famously known for being a home to the huge population of wildlife including the Big 5 and the annual wildebeest migration.

Masai Mara national reserve is one of the most visited destinations in Kenya under the management of Tans-Mara County and Narok County, this organization is tasked with drafting and enforcing entry fees and rules of Maasai Mara national reserve.


Entry fees to Masai Mara national reserve is charged basing on the location of the accommodation facility (camp or safari lodge) you are staying at during your safari.

Adult USD 70
Child/student USD 40

  • If you are staying at the accommodation located outside Masai Mara national reserve, the entrance fee is as follows
Adult USD 80
Child/student USD 45

The fees also apply to the Narok side of the main reserve as well as Mara conservancy situated in the western corridor of Masai Mara national reserve.


  • These fees are valid for 24 years and paid by one person
  • Persons under the age of 18 are considered children and they pay the children rate


  • Payments in Masai Mara national reserve in form of US Dollars and Kenya shillings are accepted, more cashless modes are accepted using Visa, MasterCard  and the local Kenyan Mpesa phone payment.
  • While making payments, Citizen and Residents of Kenya are required to carry identification and proof of resident. Non Foreign residents are also required to carry valid passports as proof of identification.
  • Pre-payment methods are also accepted (obtaining tickets in advance), these tickets are got through the KAPS company located in the Kato Office, along Longonot Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi.


ADULT US$ 70 US$ 80 Ksh 1,200 Ksh 1,000
CHILD US$ 40 US$ 45 Ksh 500 Ksh 300
STUDENT US$ 40   Ksh 500 Ksh 300

Some of the famous accommodation facilities (lodges and camps) serving tourists visiting Masai Mara national reserve are located inside the reserve and they are best accessed using Sekenani Gate. These accommodation Facilities include Sarova Mara Camp, Keekorok Lodge, Governors Camp (main), Ol Moran Camp, Mara Explorer Camp, Mara Leisure camp, Fig Tree camp, Mara Intrepids Camp, Mara Simba Lodge and Sand River Masai Mara Camp.


  • Resident rates are applicable to residents of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Visitors who are residents in above countries are required to present the National ID for Kenyan citizens or valid passport. For resident who are not citizens of Kenya require to present valid passport, work permits or appropriate Visas as proof to their resident status upon entrance in the reserve. Tourists without a valid passport or National ID are required to pay the non-resident rates.
Masai Mara Reserve Entry Fees & Park Rules 2021 & 2022
Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Child rates are applicable to person from the age of 3 to 11 years old, persons below the age of 3 are free of charge.
  • Student rates are applicable only to persons aged up to 23 years old and are only a trip sponsored by a recognized learn institution and possess a valid student Id, students have to be visiting the reserve on a pre arranged school-organized trip or for research authorized by the ticketing office of the Masai Mara reserve situated in Narok. Students must obtain a permission from the reserve’s authorities at least two weeks in advance of their visit so as to use the student special rates 

Camping Fees

CATEGORY Non-Residents East African Residents East African Citizens
Public campsite Private campsite Public campsite Private campsite Public campsite Private campsite
Adult US$ 30 US$ 40 KES 1,000 KES 1,500 KES 1000 KES 1,000
Children US$20 US$ 20 KES 200 KES 500 KES 200 KES 200
Student US$20 US$ 20 KES 200 KES 500 KES 200 KES 200

Campsites in Masai Mara national reserve are categorized as private campsites and public campsites and they include

            Public campsite include Eluai, Iseiya and Oloololo campsites.

            Private campsite include Ndovu, Dirisha, Kijito, Kishanga, Kiboko among others

For campers, you can either book you’re the campsite directly through or through your tour operator more preferably Focus East Africa tours.

Note: For tourists wishing to stay in a private campsite, a booking Fee of Ksh 10,000 is required.

Masai Mara Vehicle Entry fees

Less Than 6 Seats Ksh 400
6 – 12 Seats Ksh 1,000
13 – 24 Seats Ksh 3,000
24 – 44 Seats Ksh 4,000
45 Seats And Above Ksh 5,000
1 – 3 Tons Ksh 700
4 – 7 Tons Ksh 2,500
8 Tons And Above Ksh 3,500

Ranger Fees

For campers at the private campsites, it is a mandatory to hire two rangers for the purposes of night-time security, rangers are transported to and from your campsite. Food and accommodation for the rangers is not required.

Game Drive (+6hrs) Ksh 3,000
Game Drive (-6hrs) Ksh 1,500
Full Night Camp Security Ksh 4,000

Aircraft Single Landing Fees

Each and every aircraft landing in Masai Mara is charged a fee depending on the carrying capacity, the land fees can be paid at the KAPS Office in Nairobi with cheques made payable to Mara Conservancy.

Up To 3 Seats Ksh 300
3 – 6 Seats Ksh 500
7 – 14 Seats Ksh 1,000
15 – 20 Seats Ksh 2,000
21 Seats And Above Ksh 3,000

Other Fees

Ballooning Landing Fee (Per Person Per Landing) US$ 50 US$ 20
Horse Riding Fee (Per Horse Per Day) Ksh 1,500
Annual Research Permits (Non-Resident) US$ 400

Entrance fees to other conservancies and Game ranches bordering Masai Mara national reserve such as Masai Mara National Reserve Such As Mara North Conservancy, Mara Naboisho, Olare Motorogi, Ol Kinyei & Enonkishu Conservancies

Adult US$ 80 -120 Ksh 1,000 – 2000 Ksh 1,000 – 2000
Child*** US$ 45 -75 Ksh 500-1500 Ksh 300-1000

Park Rules

Rules governing in Masai Mara national reserve were put in place to make sure that the visitors have an amazing safari experience without endangering the wildlife in the reserve as well as themselves. During your visit in Masai Mara national reserve, please respect the rules and instructions for the reserve’s rangers who are there to protect the visitors, wildlife and the environment. These rules include

  • Please keep a distance of 50km/hr while driving on graded roads and 30 on other roads in the reserve
  • Always slow down for animals
  • Do not drive off-road in High Use and River Zones
  • Keep to graded roads and cut tracks in above zones
  • Off-roading in the Low use zone is allowed for viewing big cats
  • Unnecessary actions such as clapping, shouting and cheering are not allowed in the reserve
  • Lighting from the vehicle is not allowed at the river crossing points
  • While in the reserve, do not sit nor stand on vehicles
  • Do not cross to the Tanzanian border
  • Do not chase, follow or harass animals
  • Littering is not allowed in the reserve
  • No more than 5 vehicles at wildlife sightings
  • Leave the reserve or be in camp or lodge by 7:00 pm.

In case you do not follow do not follow the reserve’s rules, regulations or the rangers who are placed to ensure the protection of wildlife and environment of the reserve. Rangers have a legal right to

  • Impose an on-the spot fine of Ksh 10,000
  • Have the vehicle and the people in it removed from the park immediately
  • Have a vehicle or people banned from the reserve immediately

Default On Payment Or Park Entry Fee A) Motor Vehicle = Ksh 2,000 Per Entry
B) Driver = Ksh 2,000
C) Repeat Default = Ksh 4,000
Possesion Of Invalid Ticket Ksh 3,000 Per Person
Pff-Road Driving Ksh 10,000
Animal Harassment Ksh 10,000
Littering Inside The Park Ksh 500
Illegal Grazing A) Cattle = Ksh 2,000 Each
B) Sheep/Goats = Ksh 50 Each

Note: Fines must be paid at the rangers office before departing from the reserve and ensure that you obtain a receipt of payment. Failing to pay for the fines can result into banishment from Masai Mara national reserve for a period of 6 months depending on the offense.

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