Mara serena safari lodge is the thrilling accommodation in Mara triangle inside Maasai Mara National Reserve which has got the best spectacular landscape and the amazing grasslands that makes the guests to easily spot the natural wonders that are located in the reserve, Mara serena lodge is a luxury accommodation that is such convenient to the luxury guests who come to visit Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Accommodation at Mara Serena safari lodge.

It has got 74 rooms that includes the suite that are constructed inform of the Maasai heritage surrounded by the natural splendor, the rooms are such incredible and they are arranged with one slightly in front of its neighbor and this gives the guests the natural experience for the sweeping river and savannah views.

Mara serena safari lodge
Mara serena safari lodge

The rooms have got the attractive moving swirling patterns that do reflect the colors and formation of the shapes of the bush, the rooms feature Maasai-inspired designs, with the king, or twin beds, lavish and the marble bathrooms with the presence of the walk-in showers for the guests to use. Mara Serena Safari lodge offers the guests with the most quality serves like the complimentary internet, television with the satellite channels, the rooms are well established with the cool ceiling fans to provide the guest’s best safari experience.

Dining/ Restaurant

Mara Serena safari lodge has got the most incredible and charming dining where the guests are served with the delicious food prepared with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, the food that you take from the dining takes you on a culinary journey that gives you the best definition and richness and the untamed spirit of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

In the main restaurant  offers open plain eating both inside and outside and a relaxed atmosphere, connected to the dining room with a bar it also offers camping during the night, then the guests are served with breakfast and lunch inform of buffets and offering wide range of the international choices that is English breakfast and European options. All the meals consist of the various options like meat, chicken, fish as well as vegetarian dishes. The menus in the restaurant has got different course on the menus options that is international options, ranging from pasta to BBQ to authentic Kenyan specialties like Nyama choma that is roasted meat, Sukuma and posho which gives guests the best stay at the lodge with the various options of meals.

Tourists  do experience the best meals either from their restaurant or dining with unique horizons from the direct sunrise and the breakfast by the hippo-filled Mara River, and guests can be survived with the several foods and drinks of their right choice like the cocktails, canapes from the bush which gives them the best time safari experience of enjoying their meals while enjoying the various sounds of the bird species and animal species as they are taking their meals in the Maasai Mara National Reserve this is where the tourists gets the unforgettable dining experience with the meal enjoyed from the bush.’

Mara serena safari lodge
Mara serena safari lodge

When you are lucky during your safari at Mara Serena safari lodge the meals that are always served three times in a week it can be escorted by the traditional Maasai dance performance which gives the guests great accompaniment as they are enjoying their meals.

Activities at Mara Serena safari lodge.

Guests who visit Mara Serena safari lodge get and enjoys the favorable Kenya safari activities that includes nightly entertainment like the local musicians, Maasai dances, wildlife films and talks that makes the guests to feel amazed about the Maasai tribe, the guests as well enjoys the game drives and bird watching from the Maasai Mara National reserve, without forgetting the spectacular dawn hot air balloon safaris followed by the champagne breakfast which makes the guests to have the unforgettable safari memories.

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