Location of Tsavo national park : The closer location of Tsavo National park to the coastal region of Kenya made it one of the top visited national park in Kenya especially by tourists who wish to enjoy short wildlife safaris in Kenya from Mombasa making it the best gateway escapade for those looking for a Kenya wildlife safari that combines wildlife Kenya safari with beach adventure. Tsavo national park is divided into two comprising of both Tsavo west and Tsavo East that both offer great views of different fauna and flora species.   Tsavo National Park was gazette in 1948 making it the oldest of all parks in Kenya and yet the largest covering an area of about 23,000Square Kilometers combining both the Tsavo West & Tsavo East National park. The park is famous as the home to the Man Eaters “Lions” thus during your safari, you will be able to spot lots of these lions in their natural habitats.

Back to the major concern of where Tsavo national park is located;

Well, Tsavo national park is situated in the far southeastern Kenya near to the coast with in the former Taru Desert near Voi town one of the closest towns to the park.

The location of Tsavo national park makes it possible to be visited either from Nairobi or Mombasa as well as from other neighboring parks like Amboseli national park. This entirely all depends of the location of the tourist on the start of the safari.

Location of Tsavo national park Kenya
Tsavo East National Park

There are various gates used to access Tsavo national park depending on where one is starting the safari from. However, the major used gates are in the southern and northern side of the park. The distance to get to each of these gates differ but from Nairobi, Tsavo national park is located about 250Kilometers which takes about 5-6 hours’ drive while from Mombasa it takes about 3-4 hours to get to the Tsavo national park depending on which part of the park one intends to visit since the park is divided into 2 (Tsavo West & Tsavo East national parks).

Here are the gates used to access Tsavo national park and they include; Chyulu entrance gate, Man Eater’s entrance gate, Manyani entrance gate, Voi entrance gate, Buchuma entrance gate, Sala entrance gate, and Mtito Gate.

Tsavo national park is strategically located in that it can be accessed either by road, by rail and by air. However, whichever way you choose to gate to the park, at the end of the day, you will have an overwhelming experience.

Since the park is crossed by both the Nairobi- Mombasa highway and the railway line, tourists can easily use cheap public means to get to the park both by train and by public vehicles. With a train, tourists get an opportunity to escape the toxic traffic along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway as the train takes you through the remote areas in Kenya. However, using a trusted tour operator is always the best way to enjoy your Kenya safari in Tsavo national park and any other safari destination in Kenya and the surrounding African countries. This enables tourists to sit back and let the entire safari be planned by a local trusted operator.

For tourists who wish to get to Tsavo national park by air, there are a good number of airstrips within Tsavo national park thus tourists need to book domestic flight either from Nairobi at Wilson airport, from Mombasa or from other connecting national parks in Kenya to any of the airstrips. Some of the airstrips in Tsavo national park include Jipe airstrip, Voi airstrip, Sala airstrip, Kasigau airstrip, Satao airstrip, Aruba airstrip to mention but a few. These airstrips are distributed within Tsavo east national park and Tsavo west national park.

The location of Tsavo national park makes it one of the easiest national park to access while on a Kenya safari and as well offers abundant of attractions to see during your safari ranging from Man eating lions to many other fauna and flora species of the park. Tsavo national park can be visited all year round though I would obviously recommend visiting in dry season. Check out some of our top selling packages to Tsavo national park and other safari destinations within Kenya.

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