List of Waterfalls in Kenya : Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife and breath-taking waterfalls and photography. The Kenyan waterfalls are most scenic during the rainy seasons.

1:Karuru Falls in Aberdares

Karuru waterfalls is the tallest waterfalls in Kenya pouring  down 273 metres. It is divided into three; The first falls down 117 metres, second falls in 26 metres and the third falls to 130 metres. The waterfall is found deep within Aberdare National Park. The park is found at an elevation of 2,971 metres and it is surrounded by  a forest of tall indigenous trees, making it an amazing place to visit.

2:Tigoni Falls in Waterfall Inn Tigoni

Waterfalls Inn Tigoni is a picnic site too found in Tigoni ,Limuru in Kiambu county. Tigoni is found at an elevation of 2,500 metres above sea level ,it is approximately 45 minutes drive by road from Nairobi’s CBD. It is known for its picturesque  landscapes of tea plantations that it is so flat and green that it looks like a carpet. From the picnic site you can view Nairobi and Limuru Highlands. They charge an entry fee of ksh 450 for adults and ksh200 for children. In case you decide to com with your own drinks, you will have to pay corkage fees.

It takes approximately 5 minutes walk down the hill to the waterfall. What makes the waterfall so therapeutic is the chirping of birds and the sound of the flowing water. The surrounding environment is made up of tall trees and lush green  vegetation. It is made up of wooden benches and dead stumps near the waterfall.

3:Sheldrick Falls in Shimba Hills

 There are several waterfalls deep in Shimba Hills National Reserve which have an impressive 21 metre drop of  fresh springs and a natural plunge pool at the bottom. The park Shimba Hills National Reserve is home to abundant wildlife such as Elephants, Antelope, Giraffes, Leopard, Genet cats, Civet cats, Waterbuck, Bush pig, Buffalo, African Bush Baby, Bushbuck, Red Duiker, Colobus monkeys ,Blue Duiker, Greater Galago, Black-faced vervet monkey, Sykes monkey, serval cat among many more. To reach the water fall ,visit Shimba Hills National Park and take a two hour walk in the forest. The Sheldrick waterfall is a popular tourist attractions to both the local and foreign tourists. As you walk down the falls ,you will see the amazing liana ,beautiful flowers and fauna.

4:Adamson’s Falls in Meru National park.

Adamson’s Falls is found on the rough flowing water of River Tana that runs through Meru National park. It was named after the famous warden George Adamson and his wife Joy, they were well known and famous for raising the famous lion Elsa which they natured from a cub to a grown lioness. Other animals found in Meru National park are lion, African leopard, elephant,  southern white rhino, cheetah,  Grevy’s zebra hippopotamus, Eastern black rhinos among many others.

5:Chepkiit waterfall in Eldoret

Chepkiit waterfall is found on the Kipkaren River,  it has spectacular gushing water and it is an amazing sight to see. It has very steep fall and its view is not for the fainthearted, with different angles of view from upstream and downstream.

6Paradise Lost waterfall in Kiambu ( List of Waterfalls in Kenya )

It is located in Kiambu county in Central Kenya a distance of 14 kilometres from Nairobi.  It is one of the few places which are close to the city but with breath-taking scenery, it is just 10 minutes drive from the city central Business District. It is one of the scenic places with panoramic view ,the waterfall itself and the boats criss-cross the dam below. It is very exotic to the nature lovers because they can explore the diverse species of trees, from the well maintained coffee farms to the indigenous trees.

List of Waterfalls in Kenya
Paradise Lost waterfall in Kiambu.

7:Lugard falls in Tsavo East National Park

Named after the British first proconsul in East Africa, Captain Lugard. It is found in the Tsavo East National Park with stunning landscapes made up of white, pink  and light grey rocks carved by water to form amazing shapes. In the rainy seasons Lugard falls turns into a roaring flush of floods which are incredible to watch.

The tourist have the option to park near the falls or either climb up the eroded Rocks or simply walk down the flooded river to watch to see the rapid flows. The falls pour into a large pool below inhabited by giant crocodiles. There is also a crocodile point which is less than a kilometre away Which is also home to hippopotamuses and Buffaloes grazing around it .

8:Zaina falls in Nyeri ( List of Waterfalls in Kenya )

Zaina falls is found on the outskirts of Aberdare forest, it is one of the underappreciated waterfall. Zaina falls pours 30 metres down the falls and it is swimmable during the dry season. The nature walk guide service to the waterfall is given by Kenya Forest service wardens.

9:Chania falls in Thika

Chania falls is one of the most stunning waterfall near Nairobi City it is the perfect place for visitors looking for a relaxing place away from the city life. It is one hour drive from Nairobi ,taking the A2 Road past Thika town. It pours down 20 metres and it is best viewed from the Strategically placed Blue post Hotel. Chania falls is best place for birding, picnic, camping  and for retreat.

10:Ngare Ndare Falls in Timau ( List of Waterfalls in Kenya )

Ngare Ndare is the smooth beautiful place found in the Northern region of Kenya.  Despite its beautiful waterfalls ,it also has indigenous trees, plenty of wildlife, a hiking trail, and a canopy walk these activities make it your visit here an amazing experience. The entry fee is ksh 2,000 per day ,accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide.

 11:Fourteen Falls in Kilimambogo

As the name suggest ,these are Fourteen consecutive Falls pouring down from an height of 27 meters. On a rainy season the 14 falls combine to form some big roaring waterfall. It is found in Thika 65 kilometres away from Nairobi ,through the Thika-Garissa road which leads to Makutano junction. The best activities available at this place include bird watching, fishing ,Boating, photography.

12:Oloolua Nature Trail Falls in Nairobi( List of Waterfalls in Kenya )

It is located on the upmarket suburbs of Karen, it occupies 250 hectares of a forest which is made up of indigenous trees. It acts as the host of Institute of Primate Research ( IPR). It is one of the best place within the Nairobi city for picnics, camping, hiking and nature walking. The walks pass through the tall indigenous trees,  there is a cave and the stream that makes the waterfall. It is also the best place in the city where one can hike, jog or just visit for relaxation.

13:Thomson’s Falls in Nyahururu

Thomson’s Falls is also referred to as Nyahururu Falls is a waterfall that pours from a 74 meters on the Ewaso Nyiro  river in Laikipia County. It is just three kilometers from Nyahururu Town and approximately four hours drive from Nairobi. There is no better way to enjoy the views of the falls than hiking down to the river. The falls has been featured in a TV movie ,The Man in The Brown Suit a movie that was popular in most theatres in 1988. It is one of the famous waterfalls in Kenya receiving tourist from all over the world. There are traditional dancers at the entrance,  who entertain the visitors at a fee.

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