Lerai safari camp is the suitable and permanent luxury camp safari accommodation in the Olerai conservancy in the greater Maasai Mara ecosystem in the southern Kenya. Lerai safari camp is the amazing area with the vast numbers of the African wildlife including the wildebeest, antelopes, zebras, and among others. The camp is such spectacular that offers the guests the most amazing views of the wildlife as they are roaring in the surroundings, the camp has got the presence of the cluster of the acacia trees that accompanies the animal’s presence in the area.

Accommodation at Lerai safari camp.

Lerai safari camp has got six suites that are so attractive made from the Canvas with the most amazing interiors that expresses and adds the beauty of the suites into the traditional East African safari style. The tents are well designed with the stylish and the super comfort, with the most genuine of the real African safari. The guests who come to stay at Lerai camp can be comforted with the beautiful tents and the natural beauty of camp.

The rooms at Lerai safari camp are well appointed and stylish tents that are spread along the banks of the stream which gives the guests the cool breeze air from the stream that gives them the magical feeling of nature. The tents have got the large bathrooms with the separate showers. The tents have got the all the facilities including the charging facilities, Hairdryers available in the tents, Free Wi-Fi in the lounge, solar lights during the night are their which makes your presence the most humble one.

Restaurant, Dining and the Bar at Lerai safari camp.

Lerai safari camp has got the Bar Lounge and the dining area that overlooks a seasonal river plains. These are among the most beautiful areas that most of the travelers consider while making the right decision on the place to stay on a Kenya safari while witnessing the life in the wilderness while looking at the beautiful place with the presence of the animal and the bird species.

Lerai safari camp offers the guests with the best prepared meals that are such tasty prepared by professional chefs, including breakfast, lunch dinner that can be served by the welcoming staff. The guests are served meals around the various areas in the camp which makes you to enjoy the best moments while enjoying your meal like watching the wildlife from far a distance.

Lerai safari camp
Lerai safari camp

Activities done at Lerai safari camp.

Game drives.

Guests who come to stay at the Lerai safari camp are provided with the number of the safari activities that are done during their time at the lodge like the day game drives. Guests with the presence of the Maasai guides get to explore the most wildlife that includes the lions, buffalos, giraffes, hyena, zebra, antelopes and among others without forgetting the bird species.

Maasai cultural experiences.

Guests get to visit the Maasai in their local manyatta where they get to learn about the entire history, life of the Maasai which has been affected by the modernity, this is where the guests get the better Maasai cultural experiences on a Kenya safari in Lerai camp. And the guests end up through supporting them by buying certain items like the Maasai beads, handcrafts and among others.

Horseback rides.

Guests experience moving around the area while sited on the horse which gives them the best safari moments while getting close to the wild game.

Bird watching.

Guests enjoy bird watching at Lerai camp, where they are taken out Olerai conservancy where the destination is known for the massive bird watching, where the guests get attracted by the beautiful and colorful bird species including the raptors, endangered vultures, be-eaters, kingfishers and among many others.


Guests enjoy sundowners at the Leopard Hill, that’s where they enjoy sipping and drinking sundowner drinks as they are watching sunsets or sun rises in the acacia dotted savannah and the various wildlife that is located in the place during their stay at the camp.

The camp provides the bush breakfasts and the lunches especially on the special occasions as this becomes perfect while sited in the wilderness.

Lerai safari camp
Lerai safari camp

 Night Game drives.

Olarai conservancy provides the guests with night game drives under the darkness with the presence of the well-experienced safari guides and the spotlight torches where the guests get the opportunity to sight the nocturnal spices like the porcupine, bush baby and among others.

Hot air balloon.

There is nothing that beats safari activities like the hot air balloon, this is where the guests leave their camp early in the morning to Maasai Mara national reserve to experience the activity. This is where the guests observe the Maasai Mara plains while using the aerial view, as this is the excellent way of spotting the wildlife in the reserve and among others.

African massage.

African massage is the best experience that takes away the stress of the guests on a safari at the camp and this is where you get the best safari moments.

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