Lake Nakuru National park Accommodation : Lake Nakuru National park is at (188km2, 73 mi2), was created in 1961 around Lake Nakuru, near Nakuru town. It is the best known for its thousands, even some times the millions of the flamingos nesting along the shores. The surface of the shallow lake is often hardly recognizable due to the continually shifting mass of pink. Lake Nakuru National Park hosts both the lesser and the greater flamingos in large flocks, the park is an excellent destination of the game viewing with the 4 members of the Africa big 5 all available those are the Buffalo, Rhinos, Leopards and the lions only missing are the elephants. Lake Nakuru National Park is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Services.

Lake Nakuru National Park Accommodations.

Lake Nakuru National Park accommodations are located both inside the national park and others outside the national park, mostly the ones that are found outside the national park are found in the out skirts of the park. With our experience in tourism we give the most favorable recommendation of Lake Nakuru National Park accommodation for the visitors. There are some lodges, hotels and the camps which we have partly needed with and made formal contract agreements. The contract agreements helps us to evaluate the service delivery to the guests, as well it also gives us rooms to negotiate  the prices on behalf of the travelers. Before signing the agreement our team of reservation goes to the ground to check on the standard of the accommodation. Some of the requirements that the guests need to check are the size of the rooms, the number of the rooms, the location of the accommodation, presence of the hot and the cold water and other possible amenities. These are most of the factors that are considered before agreeing to pay a certain lodge, hotel or camp. As this type of system has simplified the traveler’s choice on the accommodation, our reservation officers will just ask the amenities of choice by the traveler and we are always available to choose for you the best accommodation that you prefer.

Lake Nakuru National park Accommodation
Sarova woodlands Hotel & Spa

The rating of the accommodation in Lake Nakuru National Park includes that the lodges are graded from the Budget, mid-range to Luxury accommodations, as the grading is based on the services and the amenities, rooms and other factors considered. The stars used for rating the lodges that is 1 to 2 star lodges which represent the Budget lodges or Camps, then 3 to 4 which are Mid-range lodges or camps and then finally the 5 and above stars which represent high end or the luxury lodges or camps that are available for the tourists who come to visit Lake Nakuru National Park.

The tourists at the same time are given the chances to review the lodge or camps as they base on some factors like the food, service delivery, location of the lodge, amenities available, laundry, housekeeping, parking and many more, after all these factors are reviewed properly then the lodge can be given the permanent contract, but if the traveler review badly we mostly quite the contract after advising our partner on the cries and the suggestions of the our lovely travelers.

Lake Nakuru National Park Accommodation Categories.

Budget Accommodations.

These are well known as the 1 to 2-star lodges or camps, these are mostly in the tented camps. These have more small rooms, shared bathrooms and no some cases some may not have hot water for showers, mostly these are accompanied by the public camping areas, few tents and the camping fires. These type of the accommodations are mostly preferred by the students and the solo travelers in Budget, as one of the merit of the budget accommodation is that the guests can feel the true wilderness of Kenya during a tour that is sleeping in a tent in the middle of the bush as you hear lions roar, hyenas cry and the birds sing. Some of the budget accommodation in Lake Nakuru National park includes Flamingo Hill Tented Camp, The Cliff Nakuru, Mbweha camp, Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge and many more.

Mid-range accommodations.

Mid-range accommodations, these have the bigger rooms compared to the budget accommodations as they give the best value of money with great service delivery in those accommodations. These are known as the 3 to 4 stars that are close to the luxury accommodation as they share much in common. Most of the visitors who stay in the mid-range accommodations enjoy most of their life time experience in Lake Nakuru national park. The Mid-range accommodations are mostly lodges, safari tents that are permanent, as some of them have swimingpools, large ensuite rooms, private bathrooms, king size beds, quality food, laundry, Wi-Fi, restaurants and many more. The Mid-range accommodations in Lake Nakuru national park includes the Lake Nakuru Lodge, Sleepway cottages, Hotel Bison and among others.

Lake Nakuru National park Accommodation
Lake Nakuru Lodge

Luxury accommodations.

Luxuries are the highest ranked accommodations that are ranked in 5 star lodges, these are mostly located in the wildlife routes or centers at the park, as the accommodations have good private viewing balycons in each cottage. They are built in the international levels with the supper luxury that makes the traveler to feel at home away from home, as they are good for high end spenders. The Luxury accommodation in Lake Nakuru National park includes Eagle Palace Hotel, The Ole-Ken Hotel, SarovaWoodlands Hotel, Botana Hotel and many more.

Lake Nakuru National park Accommodation
Ole-Ken Hotel

Lake Nakuru National Park Accommodation is a great factor that is mostly considered by the traveler during a safari, also making the right decision about the accommodation is always a key factor to determine your dream safari come true. Thats why we are here to guide our beloved guests on the king of the accommodation to occupy while making the plan for the most amazing experience moment in Lake Nakuru National Park.

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